The Time for Presidential Overreach is Over; Stop the Overreach Now!

March 16, 2014

By R.OliverLuce | 03-15-14

“The Constitution is clear: it is the role of Congress to make ‘all laws’, the Judiciary to interpret (straight forwardly) the laws [as stated in the Constitution], and the President to “take care that the laws be [ALWAYS BE] faithfully executed [until 'Congress' changes the laws].”(01)

“The Constitution grants Congress, NOT the president, the power to make legislative decisions!”(01)  And those who give into a liberal mindset in setting up themselves above the law, do so to suit their own interests in ways that  are anti-constitutional through the blocking of congressional bills from reaching congress for a vote and forcing only their bills that are not legal in nature.  These liberal congressmen and senators (both democrats and GOP) have even egged on the President to circumvent congress as a whole, knowing the actions are anti-constitutional and do not have the support of the American people.  They only support a corrupt agenda which does not support the constitution and the American people.

The President is not suppose to refuse the enforcement of the laws he is suppose to execute and he promised through his oath of office to faithfully execute the office of the Presidency, when accepting the office!  For that President must be impeached when he does NOT faithfully execute his role as the President of the United States per the Constitution.  This president has failed willfully on a massive scale and has deceived the American people with his illegal executive actions (E.A.s).

May 16th is coming up very quickly when millions of people are hoping to assemble and demonstrate their displeasure of the evil that is in Washington D.C.  Their plan is to stay until righteousness is restored and selfish controlling interests are removed, impeached, and jailed for high crimes by all parties involved not just the President and not just democrats.  It’s a liberal like mindset that has infected our national consciousness.  There is a time of reckoning and pushback perhaps all the way back to the Manifest Destiny days without the slavery. Our nation will not go forward with a negative fearful vision of false-guilt(02) and limitations of the human spirit!

God has given us a destiny of projecting freedom and protection against any evil that is grounded in false-guilt(02) and fear, with a special projection of protect towards Israel a Jewish state who mission is to lead and teach the world how to have a relationship with our Creator God!  Atheists don’t need to fear for their Creator is a gentleman!

(01) Reference:

(02) False-guilt, is an attitude of over-reacting to a condition that is promoted with falsehood with half-truths. Examples: Indians were completely innocent. And a focus on the sins of America instead of focusing on it’s redeeming features such as removing slavery, but not accepting other cultures of world domination such as Islam.

Liberalism Focused on National Sin Rather Than American Redemption; Pretext to Socialism

February 24, 2014

by R.OliverLuce | 02-23-2014

Liberalism through it’s discuss of our cultural values has chosen to focus on our national sins at the expense of America’s redemptive nature & it’s Manifest Destiny to spread freedom through righteousness, that through education and the Christian Religion(s) America’s vision might be fullfilled; Matthew 24:14.

In reiterating by explaining, liberalism has corrupted the American people with obsessive false-guilt and sin. All this by one of their focuses on the nation’s national sins rather than America’s redemptive Manifest Destiny as it was coined later in 1835. However the vision of this destiny was originated with President Washington to educate and redeem the Indians that we might continue to live together in peace. But, liberalism’s focus on our national sins covers up and takes us away from America’s ability to continue as an exceptional country on this earth. An exceptional-ism that transcends our differences but unites us to move into the future with great hopes and expectations for us to overcome our various and numerous national sins which we have.

Manifest Destiny is/was the miracle-attitude because it was an inspiration from God by it’s very nature, to eventually redeem an American national culture and thereby spread it to the Indians and around the world.
I say, it’s on the level of God’s original plan to raise up Israel through redemption and spread and teach it to all the other nations around the world. God still has that plan for Israel. God has always wanted to bless the nations of the world through the Jews whom He has shown His love. His love that can be had by all the nations of the world!!

In summing up, liberalism is very bad for our hopes and expectations to say the least! By focusing on our national sins of the past and present we only get more of the same! Even in daily life we all know in a marriage when a spouse continues to focus on the negative, she or he will ONLY get more of the same with no relief either. Bitterness in liberal blacks with an attitude towards white people will only bring out the worst of those they hate, for obvious reasons, and they will only have themselves to blame. Liberalism must be exposed and contained on the ash heap of history to save our liberal-black friends and families who are stuck in the bondage of spiritual dependency.

A Warning for President Obama & Fellow Americans Who Walk in Self-Deception

February 18, 2014

A warning for those who walk in national self-deception, whether progressive or conservative!

An address to President @BarackObama and everyone else who have been self-deceived in believing America is not exceptional, but is willingly redeemable and searching the ever continuing revelation of righteousness that releases us from our sins that God brings to the surface. In God we believe we can always overcome our sins and bring real freedom to our country! An exceptional country redeemable even in the face of those who hate her, but willing to show other nations and their own personal cultures they too can have freedoms without self incrimination and perversion.

A prophecy to an America Leader who has choosen, through self-deception, to walk away from the God of his forefathers who began this great American republic even as a flawed nation with sin, but a nation redeemable through it’s spirit of willingly given to the God of creation. There is a difference between a people’s spirit who sin and those who sin but are redeemable without bitterness and unforgiveness.

2Ch 7:17-22 “As for you(Obama), if you walk before Me as your father David(Washington) walked, even to do according to all that I have commanded you(Obama), and will keep My statutes and My ordinances(God’s), (18) then I will establish your royal throne(Obama’s heritage) as I covenanted with your father David(Washington and his fellow men), saying, ‘You shall not lack a man to be ruler in Israel(America).’ (19) “But if you turn away and forsake My statutes and My commandments(righteousness over death) which I have set before you(Obama and your fellow men), and go and serve other gods(perversions and false guilt) and worship them(by doing & obsessing them), (20) then I will uproot you(Obama and your fellow associates) from My land(America) which I have given you(Obama and fellow Americans), and this house(leadership) which I have consecrated(blessed and directed) for My name(God and His Covenant of love) I will cast out(reject your self-righteousness) of My sight and I will make it a proverb and a byword among all peoples(of the world). (21) “As for this house(leadership), which was exalted(to the presidency), everyone who passes by it will be astonished and say, ‘Why has the LORD done thus to this land(America) and to this house(leadership)?’ (22) “And they will say, ‘Because they(Obama and fellow associates) forsook the LORD, the God of their forefathers who brought them(America) from the land of Egypt(rulership of [English] tyranny), and they adopted other gods(tyranny self-deceptions) and worshiped them and served them(under deceptive bondages); therefore He(God) has brought all this adversity(results of sin & perversion) on them(leadership and those who did nothing or followed).'” {NASB bible version ~ROliverLuce}

Syria: Russia’s Growing Mature Leadership in World Affairs

September 1, 2013

by R Oliver Luce | 09-01-2013

Let us do the right thing!  For the first time Russia is showing more maturity and leadership in the world than America can ever hope to show with Liberal-progressive leadership in control at almost every level of government.   [However, 2010 changes a lot of this dictatorial climate with many conservative governors and state legislators being elected overwhelmingly.]

LETS AT LEAST acknowledge that the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad of Syria, though he is not an American ally, “has protected Christians for a number of decades.**” And yet our President immature is asking Americans to support Islamic rebels who by their very religion is not a religion of peace and are murdering Christians who are like us, Christians who began these United States of America.

**Ran Paul

Jobs & Lawlessness Which Leads To Less

August 1, 2013

Summary of some topics:

(1) Increasing jobs through less government and here’s how!
(2) Enforce our laws and execute our current LEGAL immigration system.
(3) Keep government out of the private sector as much as possible.
(4) Encourage the real Christian churches to lead the rest of the nation in reducing the national debt.
(5) Control increased government regulation to a minimum based on measures.

Preamble or introduction:

This statement is not here for the sake of simply being heard with no intentions of doing anything from anyone about these input entries. It is not here so you will feel good and report back to us that we all agree with your agenda. It is not here so bolster your agenda. It is not here so you can implement something else while reporting to us you had millions of Americans having their say in the process.


Growing jobs is important. Not that we should only be interested in our pocket-books. But it’s a start in the right direction to heal this land.

Growing the private sector (in capitalism) is the best way for job  increases.  Capitalism is the best system. For both communism and eventual-communism (socialism) will not change people’s hearts nor will force.  So it’s imperative real Christianity comes back again as in the 1700’s 1800’s early 1900’s!  It’s IMPERATIVE THIS HAPPENS!   Encouraging Christianity to grow through humility, graciousness , love will reduce vices without yelling hell about it and helping the poor will change people and make the best system on earth great again, i.e. capitalism.  But adding to this the current “real” Christian churches (most of them) could forsake willingly their 501c3 IRS code and lead the way for the rest of the country by example in reducing our national debt.  This must be done willingly and not by force or it will only bring about more evil even in the churches.

As for gaysex and gay marriage the church could tone down saying it’s a sin at the level of what they say about intercourse outside of marriage. This should be acceptable to a non-Christian President Obama and homosexuals as well. So we should be able to move forward in encouraging the real Christian churches in a 3rd national reformation which would benefit our economy and an increase in jobs, will it not?

I am betting the value of our currency will increase over the long run when this happens at the same time government quits interfering as much as possible. There has to be a certain measure probably in justifying an invention of government. What I mean by that is a justification of new regulation. It should be expected that there will always be harm and unfairness, and accidents in life. The principle to adhere to is LIFE WAS NEVER MEANT TO BE FAIR, but justice is!

Getting the government out of the private sector will also mean higher wages in the long run if government does not entice large companies to beg for a flood of foreign workers in their respective industries. Searching and training Americans is always the best way in the long run. We also get to keep our own culture too!

More importantly, job growth will occur when we enforce our laws and execute our current LEGAL immigration system. This means deporting law-abiding illegals (who may say they are) in order to help them stay that way. If they still want to come back to America they can get in line with those who are waiting LEGALLY.
The LEGAL Immigration job is to screen for character/behavior, educate immigrants the culture and language of our country. And also to educate how important American law is to the individual.

Allowing illegals into the country either by not enforcing, by a weak border, by enticing with benefits will only serve to increase lawlessness for us all. As the leadership goes, so goes the people of any country whether communist or capitalist. Evil spreads from leadership and what they allow.
To allow or entice illegals will always open the floodgates.

Finally, when illegals are gone, Americans will take up the slack in picking fruit and veggies as it was in President Eisenhower’s era where wages were good and competition was great for the family farmer.
The time for slave wages is now OVER!
Even the children of illegals must be deported or it will not work in staving off illegal flooding.
Left was never meant to be fair, but justice is. Let us enforce our laws and keep our integrity.

~R. Oliver Luce
To allow or entice illegals will always open the floodgates.

** Reference:

Legalizing Illegals Is NOT the Way to Save Our Economy. ‘Legal’ is the American Way

July 19, 2013

By R.Oliver Luce | 07-18-2013 | Edited 08-12-13

[Illegal immigration is NOT legal immigration. Let America help these people stay law-abiding in sending them back, that they might be a help to their own country, or a help to America through legal means.]

Senator John McCain, senator Marco Rubio, life was never meant to be fair, only justice is! Americans can pick fruit and veggies again with American wages, given a “Presidential Ike environment” once again!! Not as racism, but as in American wages. Keep this in your pipe and smoke it if you disagree.

We have ALL become a lawless people, a lawless land where foreigners will soon be flooding our land (in chain like fashion) and we will be no more. Economic success can still be achieved without illegal slave wages and labor! Don’t believe this lie, our God has helped our forefathers before us! Stop this madness today senators and representatives! Economic success isn’t the only factor to be considered. In fact a country can achieve economic success without always having to have a “growing” population!  A stable balanced population yes!

Where is our legal immigration system that screens and educates our culture to those aliens who want in LEGALLY? Where is the controls so our country may even help and inspire other nations to aspire to greatness? Stop this madness!

Asking 25+million aliens into our nation illegally “IS” like asking another person to run over you without recourse! Why are we hell-bent on rushing and encouraging lawlessness. We are pushing illegal people into lawlessness by our own lawless deeds. They aren’t even screened! They are taking jobs! They are lowering pay scales! They are bringing in their own language & to hell with English (I see this!!). They are flooding in and more will follow until we CAN NO LONGER HELP OTHERS…  A Republic for which we can no longer help other nations reach their full potential through substance and spiritual inspiration & assistance!!

Simply letting in illegal aliens as it stands is going to further endanger our country!

The Law, what it is, and what is its function:

(1) As creatures of habit, the law was created to help humans do right habitually.
(2) The law is meant to keep honest men honest, punish those given to lawlessness, and to shut the mouths of gainsayers. In all 3 cases we are failing nationally and we are in danger of failing as an organized society. It’s no wonder Obama may be planning marshal law perhaps.
(3) If we all obey the law today, there is hope we all shall obey the law tomorrow. Grace is [only] for empowerment to do what is right, to encourage the wise to stay wise, and punish the “lawless” who practice lawlessness habitually.

[Illegal immigration is NOT legal immigration. Let America help these people stay law-abiding in sending them back, that they might be a help to their own country, or a help to America through legal means.]

America’s Current Legal Immigration System. Use it, Kill the Illegal Immigration Bill

June 25, 2013

America’s Current Legal Immigration System. Use it, Kill the Illegal Immigration Bill:

Enforce the CURRENT Legal Immigration System with TEETH. The system Obama forgot about.
Use it and forget the Senate Immigration Bill. Just kill it please!
FORCE the Government to do it or be in contempt with congress with teeth to show!

The LAWS currently waiting to be enforced:

(1) Finish building border fence & defend it like President Dwight D. Eisenhower (Ike)did with 1075 agents alone. If Israel is able to build and stop 95% of illegals from running amuck. We can be sure of success for ourselves. We even went to the moon as the dishonorable Algore has referred to, as well. Yes indeed [digressing into another subject here] we went to the moon but Manmade Global Climate Change is a lie, end of story.

(2) Permanently STOP all FED & State handouts & services to illegals & enforce it with real impunity.

(3) Support a system for checks on who is (and) who is not legal to work. And enforce real fines, in dollars, for firms who does sneak-hiring of illegal slaves. This will assist in bringing back Americans to the farms. Why? Wages will return, if THIS IS ENFORCE consistently. Wages will not go up until there is consistency. A Liberal-Government will preempt this and shut it down stating wages are going up. This is an attack on America by liberal control.

(A commentary): Liberalism could be outlawed as was communism in days of old, if enough people could see that we have enough freedom of thought to debate on, without the evils of liberalism per say. But it may be wise not to outlaw liberalism as we know it today. But at the least we must educate and allow them to reveal themselves for who they are and what they do to the country. But of course it can only occur when good people keep on seeking righteousness in a godly manner and not as self centered individuals. American individualism is not what I’m talking about here! That is a different animal!

(4) After the above 3 items are in effect re-initiate on-going deportations [Not to be confused with the honorable John McCain's characterization of 'MASS DEPORTATIONS ARE IMPOSSIBLE'] for all illegals and foreign entrants who accidently let their temporary-tickets expire and decided to hide out. When deporting we do it with customer service at all times. Tough love never hurts a well meaning illegal. For he will love you when you deport him. In doing so, you assist them to stay a law abiding person. Political reasons for ‘sneaking in’ should be investigated for sure. Deportations will bring back the normal America family farm wages from which it fell more than 50% due to illegal slave wages in our country.

(5) Finally but not least of all. Let us give support to Mexico and other countries to the south that need assistance from a national position of strength. We can not survive as a lawless nation if we continue to break our own laws, move the boundaries of our laws around and not enforce our laws as well.

(A commentary): This also means sending troops to our southern nations in quelling the drug war without giving any of these drug enemies any weapons! Our current president should go to prison on this matter alone!  Of course we’ve already helped Columbia with their drug terrorists.

Lawlessness in WH: Time To Save The Republic & Enforce Our Laws

June 22, 2013

Lawlessness in the Whitehouse: Time is Now To Save The Republic & Enforce Our Laws

Something has to be done about illegal immigration! Liberal-Whitehouse lawlessness is NOT the answer. If President Dwight D. Eisenhower (Ike) with 1,075 border agents could deport a couple of million illegals in a couple of years and closing the border for all other illegals pouring in around 1956, so can we as well. What we have here is leadership obsessed and given to the politics of convenience and false GUILT!
In addition these leaders are also motivated from the real possibility of a strict agenda of pushing the nation into an unreasonable over-regulated utopian communist state for which I’ll treat in another article later.

Project “Wetback” saved American farm family wages (1950’s) when this happen. It was discovered illegals were being paid HALF of what Americans were getting in TEXAS alone! Those were SLAVE wages. Re-start DEPORTATION for ALL evil & nice illegals to assist them in staying that way; STAYING LEGAL. When a Government gives out candy to illegals MORE WILL COME; Yes Mr. Obama, if you build it they will come. But as you go to jail someday for not doing your job with an evil intent your actions will become a byword. You promised to defend our laws and our constitution, but you chose not. If our leadership will deport illegals consistently, even evil people will RESPECT our Republic, much less good people who will benefit obeying. For the wise [people] will love you when thy are corrected!

[A thought: However it is possible a nation can be so deprived that it may be impossible to find any wise in that country!]

Illegal aliens will appreciate American culture much more so if they have to wait in line, as anyone else including their own Latino peers. There are many Latinos who DO appreciate what lawlessness does to all of us. We are ALL creatures of habit; We’re either slowly ‘slippery-sliding’ into a seemingly innocent-evil, or we are working and encouraging & inspiring each other to climb higher to do what is good which is our destiny; A destiny to glorify God, not our egos! We cannot afford to relent to what is convenient. Convenience is only for the mundane experiences in life or for certain safety situations. Wisdom is the guide here!!

We can not survive as a nation when we believe we can let laws slide and simply wink so as to take advantage of situations for ourselves, as for mere votes or profit, much less against others. It will come back to BITE and bite HARD on the national level; An eventual-lawless nation looking much more evil than today’s Mexican Drug Republic!! Where the leaders go, so goes the people diving into lawlessness and a careless national attitude. Are we there NOW? It will get worse!

Any nation will always have ONE culture, ONE language, and ONE society. America is no different if it’s to survive long term. As for illegals appreciating our national culture, I’m seeing it now, almost all illegals do NOT appreciate our American ‘Melting-Pot’ culture. Instead they are telling each other how to beat the system and lie between themselves. I hear it!! Are these nice illegal law abiding people who might be citizens soon without proper vetting and without proper education? And oh yeah, they’ll tell you, “they do love American culture”. Right!! Actions speak louder than words!! They bring their own culture and their own language and their own perceived morals.
[An old proverb: When in Rome do as the Romans do, and remember all cultures are not equal]
Also our English language is fast becoming a nuisance to them! They sit around the TV and watch and listen to Spanish/Mexican languages and do not show any interest in speaking English with their other Latino friends who do.

America is NOT the United States of Mexico. :) And we are NOT going to be, God help us! As for helping Mexico. We do it from a position of STRENGTH, financial and moral strength. We will NOT give weapons to any one drug gang for INTEL. If we need too, we send troops to end it all with Mexico’s troops. Period, we can not ignore Mexico when successfully dealing with illegals. It can be done. If not, then we are a miserable group with wicked leaders! God help us!

Knowing the Difference Between Helping & Enabling People in Homosexual Behavior

April 30, 2013

Knowing the difference between helping and enabling people given to homosexual behavior.


It’s plain and simple! Homosexuals have been humiliated and despised instead being shown the love of God in a reasonable matter! The gay behavior of sex must instead be despised as reprobate behavior and NOT the person!

For these people (even if they despise the love) need to know they are still loved by the Lord, and specially through Christians who seriously know GOD and HIS character. Not only is God the God of love, as HE has shown through sending HIS “arm of love (Jesus)” to seal the deal on HIS covenant of love. HE is also the God of justice for sure! How else would HE ever judge the world if HE were NOT?

Our problem as humans is we HATE accountability and justice when it’s directed at us! But if we embrace justice for ourselves with HIS power, then we LOVE wisdom and from wisdom we will prosper in everything we do.

The person given to the obsession of homosexualism must be shown love and when acceptable be willing to enable them back to health. The darkness of homosexual behavior can not be enabled in the name of helping people to health and acceptance. It will only lead to further deprivation and darkness to the core. Assisting & accepting them where they are is a good start on the road to complete recovery. God is great in empowering us to victory towards Holiness (completeness in God).

Finally: One of the results of allowing and enabling homosexual behavior in our society is the excuse why not allow homosexuals to re-define the word “marriage?” After all, almost everyone is getting divorced! This line of logic should tell us we are all knowingly “missing the mark” in the face of God as if “we can care less!”  America is headed for doom someday if we can’t stop this and help each other now!

Financially speaking society can not survive when morals decay. History shows this and if a society fails to see the wisdom in helping people, instead of enabling them in their VICES, trouble is yet to come, for it will come as a robber in the night suddenly. To redefine marriage (for the first time in the history of the world) is enabling this behavior causing more harm to themselves and society! The robber will appear suddenly in the night (so to speak). Our great country and even it’s financial empire with all of its corporations and stock values, will suffer greatly in due season if we do not respond to this threat of “our” sin and lawlessness in our land!


This inadvertent Motley Fool contributor RobOliverLuce has no position in any stocks mentioned.

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Venture Capital: Israel is Amazing the World with Enemies All Around [v3]

April 26, 2013

Venture Capital: Israel is Amazing the World with Enemies All Around  [Version 3]
By R.OliverLuce | April 26, 2013

For years Israel has been known for being the most innovative & creative country on earth and spitting out many inventions.

One invention one can easily think of, is their portable “Iron Dome” anti-missile system to render Islamic terrorist’s wild eyed rockets almost harmless! Wild eyed, because they would always yell and scream “god is great” when attempting to kill any non-Muslims like their most hated enemy, the Jews of the land of Israel! And of course the Jews are well known for their desire to do and create. For the Jews are for the most part a God fearing nation!


But what’s this? American companies and investors are tripping over themselves in grabbing a piece of Israel’s so-called startup success?

According to an article in Yahoo Business Insider there are at least 24 startup programs taking advantage of the hot Tel Aviv business environment! Some even by Microsoft and Google as reported, wow! Yikes, it LQQKs like every American Venture Capitalist has at least one Israeli startup it it’s portfolio or so it’s reported by Yahoo Business Insider writer Julie Bort! Is this right? Someone investigate! Israel can’t be this exciting. After all, Obama love Muslims and detests Israel, right, lol?

But wait, do we need an investigation? With 4,800 startups showing and 700 being venture capitalized out without any bootstrapping.  Israel is being labeled the “Startup Country” of the world.

Well, Julie Bort along with Mr. Weisfeld breaks down the startups like this:

* Israel culture breeds business people to take risks. Maybe a God has something to do with this. It isn’t low taxes for sure. Just think what would happen if taxes were LOW in Israel!

* Israelis speak their mind? What’s this? Maybe it’s that they all know each other and able to communicate with each other. Not here in America, lol, where we spend a lot of time walking in guilt.

* Israel has many world classic engineering schools. Ok, this is good. What’s wrong with America? Ah, we’ve thrown out God and now no one has the desire to excel except to complain! Oh God(help us)!

* Ah, military service! Everyone has to serve and it puts the fear of God into you. America doesn’t do that anymore. Too bad for us.

* Israel is a big attraction for research and development in the semiconductor world! Ok, that’s great. Israel is attracting somebody for good reason. Or maybe it’s simply America loosing it’s luster and pushing research & development overseas as Israel the primary target.

This country of Israel is a good bet for business and investment. It’s a land of people who are still in love with their country and are firmly united. Yes, they have their flaws which don’t seem to be fatal as what’s happening in America today! This is good soil for business. America would be better off to take notice and take another hard look at their “Godly heritage” for real; Divided we fall!

So, can we afford to gut this golden goose [Israel] just to appease the likes of Islam? Israel seems to be a good bet for the future! Who cares if there are one and one half billion Muslims. Love & assist the people but hate the behavior for the long run. Let’s not enable Islam to continue to attack Israel as is, but let us educate with the God of real logic and truth.

Business is good for families everywhere! REWARD what God has brought; Throw money at great potential and help those who are given to destruction, and NEVER enable evil to destroy what is successful. Israel seems to be a wonder for the future!

“Why US Companies Are Drooling Over Israel’s Amazing Startup Scene” -Julie Bort:

Referenced Industry links:

Israeli Startup Map of whoseWho and whose hiring:

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Myth of the Moderate Muslim & the Effect On Finances?

April 23, 2013

The Myth of the Moderate Muslim & the Effect On Finances?
By R.OliverLuce | April 23, 2013

It is said that Islam is a religion of peace.  And first off, it must be said, that there are those who will disagree with what I’m about to reveal in this article.  What I have written is contradicted by those who cheer for Islam and the moderate Muslim!  Mainly it’s those on the LEFT who believe and do openly support the leadership of Islam and the Moderate Muslim in America & in the West overall.  For Islam does keep on stating their desire to live in peace and never ever want to take over a country like the United States and deny the people their rights and freedoms!  Well, there you have it.  Will the Moderate Muslim really rule the day and recant the teachings of the Quran and Sharia? Will they truly show the way to true Muslim love and peace without following the Quran and Sharia?  Time will tell whether or not we might need to deport and defend our liberties in the future!

Find out how’s Intel doing financially:

Moderate Muslims are people who follow & obey the teachings from the Quran and Sharia Law.  If Sharia Law has not been instituted yet in the foreign country the Moderate Muslim might find himself in, they are expected to push, shove, & use the host country’s laws against it, in order to install Sharia.

This is the beginning of one of their prong attacks (so-called peace method of attack of their 3-prongs) in taking over the host country.  The United States will not be the financial leader in the world any longer when Islam begins their slow take-over using American freedoms to institute their sharia law and ultimately their culture.  Islamic culture will tear the constitution apart, and it will prevent people to NOT freely and morally to develop financially again as we know it.  Islam by it’s very nature is evil and destructive centering on dictates from their religion of hate.  Women for one will not be allowed to become entrepreneurs.  And Islam does not have any interest in American financial institutions as such.  Islam by it’s very nature is a political system supported by a religion that is against financial businesses as we know in the West.  Financial success in the West is based on Christian morals which Islam will never sustain.  For one, it’s a dictatorship by it’s, yes, very nature!

The free-financial capitalist dream America has enjoyed was a direct result of Christianity in America during the 1700’s and the 1800’s.  It was also the reason why South Korea surged so dramatically from the 1970’s until today. It was the overwhelming surge in people becoming Christians which allowed the fantastic financial development that has occurred in that country!  Look at all the high technology & car companies in South Korea!

Usually the Moderate Muslim will have no inclination for violence at all, and will not claim it’s (the violence) righteousness in public to non-Muslims.   But they are instructed to embrace the full-truth from the Quran and Sharia, especially in taking over the country they are residing in, and to lie to their non-Muslim hosts.  But of course, it’s a sin to lie to another Muslim.  At any rate, it is written, that once a single Muslim happens to step onto a foreign nations soil, it now and must belong to Allah in due time. Along with this teaching, all non-Muslims must be converted to Islam with no exceptions in the long run.

Find out how’s Intel doing financially:

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Rubio says We won’t Deport nor Give Amnesty. It’s Wrong, Here’s Why!

August 29, 2012

America must deport over the next 15 years with good reason.

At the National Republican Convention, Rubio reports Romney will not deport illegals nor will he give amnesty either.
THIS is not fair to millions of LEGAL immigrants who also happen to be Mexicans and Chinese as well.

We are NOT a lawless nation. We must STOP slave wages in America now! This is where government is at it’s best when they deal with encouraging competition in the economy, but this time in the arena of farming and producing.

Americans again will work for American farmers and producers for the first time in 60 years with legal and living wages that can support American families.

Americans are more than able to absorb the increase costs from legal living wages! However, American competition (NOT from illegal immigrant labor camps) will place prices where they should be from the American farmers and producers who will be competing! This is America, this is NOT Mexico. America is a competing nation making the nation’s economy stronger than socialism will ever be able to do.

Illegal is as illegal as a socialist (eventual communist) is Obama, it’s WRONG!


Again, It’s NOT about the Children, Obama! But There is a Better Solution to Illegal Children

June 19, 2012

To Fox News, to our congressmen, to our President, and to those who care about saving our Republic. I am writing to explain why we must not support this most recent illegal action by the president!!

1. False passions dealing with illegals.
2. Upholding the Constitution and our Laws.
3. Motives for action in what is good for America.
4. Assisting other countries from a position of strength.
5. The deportation of illegals.
6. Turning children into political marbles.
7. Marco Rubio’s good faith solution for children of illegals.

We will soon, in the very near future, be unable to help any country from a position of strength. We are throwing our brains to the winds through guilt-ridden passions of the day being push by a liberal-guilt of sorts! Please, allow this American to explain!! I may not be the best writer in this era of cultural instability. But I have something to say with great passion that comes from my Creator whether you believe in Him or not!!

What has happen to law in this country? My immediate question is why do we have to SAY we ‘HAVE TO’ help 800k illegal children when, after all, it wasn’t their fault in coming to America? Wakeup, allow me to say this. It isn’t the fault of children worldwide to go hungry and not live in America, as if America were heaven, right? So why not LET the rest of THEM into America, why not?
But wait, don’t we have LEGAL immigration that controls how America grows with new immigrants coming into this country? Why can’t we continue on a lawful path of LEGAL IMMIGRATION? This also allows America to continue to help other nations from a position of strength! And may we do even MORE!

This is exactly how liberal-guilt works, it eats at the very fabric of our society and our laws. Liberal-guilt comes from attempting to solve problems from our own self centered interests, instead of from godly wisdom which usually comes from a Creator we once knew!! Liberal-guilt comes from a lawless nature where a people try to do righteous deeds in their own sight & strength instead of what might be the wise and good to do from a godly way [something higher than ourselves!]. Are we choosing life or are we choosing a life of self reliance that leads to this horrific liberal-guilt we see infecting America that’s ruining our culture of friendliness and godliness! This Liberal-Guilt called many things in other cultures but its basic problem is sin (missing the mark).

Finally, there is reason to control the flow of people into a nation. There is a reason why we protect our culture even from well meaning illegals for that matter. We are a nation of laws, so we can live in peace & prosperity and also (again) helping other countries from a real position of strength and power through our private & public institutions, missionaries, and churches.

What Obama has really done is to let in 800,000 illegal children into America as eventual-citizens which is nothing more than a political exercise for him and giving these poor children false hopes. This lawless president has again shown his inability to uphold the Constitution and the laws of our country.

And yes, America is able to deport 24 million illegals who can come back through legal means. That enablement is called time. Something like 3 to 10 years of time with fines to corporations who hire illegals for example. Americans is more than willing to work in the fields when growers give ‘living wages’ but not slave wages. And prosperous Americans are also more willing to pay for ‘American market’ prices for picked fruit. Oh yes we can!! The deportation of illegals is a very real reality given TIME, our digital age, and rapid ways of moving among other things thousands of TROOPS for example! But did I say, time. Time is everything when deporting illegals and law breakers. I have seen for myself these young illegals who are scamming in breaking laws with the help from some of our liberal elements of our society. To enforce will bring the fear of God into our laws. We are a nation of laws that we might survive.

This President is doing all of us a disfavor. He is not defending the Constitution and the laws of this nation. We truly have a revolution on our hands with many people still believing in a President who leads by guilt, division, and dependency. This evil has infected our land!!

Marco Rubio’s Real Solution to Immigration Reform Re: Illegal Children:

Marco Rubio’s Compromise is a Real Solution to Immigration Reform Re: Illegal Children!

June 3, 2012

For the first time I believe Marco Rubio is communicating a sane compromise for our overall immigration problem particularly dealing with the illegals in this country. For minor children only (who were minors when they came with their illegal parents), who to no fault of their own, will be given a certain legal break in a certain fashion after graduating from a high school so they can continue their studies.

The legal break for only these children will enable them to later go through the system for a green card as everyone else!! This is great. But it’s obvious in the article the Democrats want these illegals as voters and will OPPOSE Rubio’s compromising solution.

Rubio’s solution is a sane solution to an insane problem. We do not want illegals being used as voters for the Democratic Party to retain BIG-GOVERNMENT power nor continue our downward spiral towards lawlessness in our country!! Lawlessness and not enforcing our laws is a serious issue in our country today!!


Dems Teaching Illegals How To Circumvent The Law To Vote

May 20, 2012

[ LET IT BE KNOWN FROM NOW ON: No more slave labor prices from Liberal-inspired farmers. They should start paying living wages to living Americans & the rest of us should be willing to pay American-market prices for long range prosperity for all of us ]

It’s true we can’t prove Dems are outright showing illegals how to vote, but everyone knows their actions & agenda does aid in helping illegals to vote!
Nevertheless, the Democrats are teaching illegals to VOTE under guise of helping those who can’t afford a picture-ID to vote with.
The GOP and the Tea Party do want voter-ID so there is NO fraud, and forcing illegals to go to the back of the line behind their fellow Mexican ‘legals’!! Let it be known from now on Liberal-inspired American farmers must pay ‘living wages’ to Americans in picking fruit & etc., and the rest of us will be willing to pay American market driven prices for fruit & etc. as we should without justifying the current slave labor wages!! Slave labor wages ARE CRIMINAL!!

Yes it’s true; Liberals / Democrats do NOT want voter-ID so there is fraud in a round-about-way. And these same Liberals wish to continue slave labor wages which again are CRIMINAL!

For crying out loud, the [Liberal] Government gives goodies away every day! So why not give FREE picture-IDs to the so-called poor too, liberals? Why not, you justifying giving the STORE away to everyone else who are stuck on these handouts without any reasons for it! Come on, FREE picture-IDs for those who can PROVE they are Americans who can VOTE.

Now THINK people, THINK!! Those of you who love your BIG Evil Government god who you believe will save you from a coming judgment. Oh yeah, the jig is coming! And we are NOT talking global warming either.

In perspective: We have gone from preventing Black people from voting to the other extreme of allowing illegal people to vote under the guise of “Let everyone who is poor vote.” This is a cover-up lie to allow Demo-voters who are illegals from China & Mexico and beyond! It’s called a win-fall vote for Democrats who keep yelling in the media LOOK what we are doing for you illegals. The Media has become the STATE MEDIA. It’s time will come soon enough to be outlawed  (legally) for sure in due season.


A Discussion on Islam with an Egyptian Student

May 13, 2012

Yesterday I had the chance to discuss Islam with an exchange student from Egypt who himself is Muslim. Yep, the children of Islam are brainwashed in believing Islam wants to leave Christians & Americans alone to their own devices, thinking, & religion. Muslims do not want to take over the earth & make everyone a Muslim. This poor high school kid from Egypt is telling American kids in our schools he and his religion are very peaceful and don’t want to even ask or persuade people to become Muslims!

Gosh, this poor kid is just that, a poor ignorant teenager :-(. And he’s telling me everything is wonderful in Egypt now!! Oh gosh again, the poor kid :-(.

Well, I got a wonderful chance to explain to him who and how Jesus comes from the Father God, our creator without much of a wrestling match between us. He was open to listening! But, his eyes did grow to became rather huge. He didn’t know. I really believe he thinks Jesus was only a wise human being who was ‘called’ God’s son. After all, most Muslims believe that and therefore say God has NO son! But our creator did create us and HE loves us so much HE sent His spoken Word, His arm of LOVE to earth in the form of flesh to show us the way and more importantly to SEAL a DEAL on HIS everlasting Covenant HE made with Abraham and all his descendants! That’s US, we are his spiritual & blood descendants, that’s ALL OF US in planet Earth!!! A Covenant God will never break!! Our very nature is sending ourselves to hell but we have a ticket where the righteous OVERLOOKS our sick sins and loves us through HIS Word(Jesus)!!

Rubio’s Illegals: Paying Off Hispanics Instead of Educating Why LAW is Crucial To A Nation’s Health & Survival

May 5, 2012

We must ONLY assist people like illegal immigrants from a ‘National Position of Strength’ instead. We cannot afford to caving in and setting a precedence of forgoing our national laws over our land! We set laws for good reasons and if we continue to be DOUBLE MINDED on this matter, it does spell doom for us eventually. We are but humans who live and breathe by habit in everything we do.

Rubio’s ‘DREAM’ amnesty for illegals is still illegal as it will eventually destroy a nation! This will yet again lead to more and more amnesties in the near future with millions and millions crowding out what are LEGAL immigration.

What we need to do is educate the rest of our LEGAL Hispanics the NEED to enforce the LAW (illegal is illegal) to save the respect for the LAW and save a nation from eventual destruction from lawlessness! Most Hispanics who are legal or citizens, KNOW the meaning of enforcing the LAW already!

Therefore, instead of yet another amnesty program for illegal law breakers, we need to help LEGAL immigration and educate illegals on how to get in line for legal immigration for them! And more importantly, let our nation assist in our missionaries and churches everywhere in helping such countries as Mexico who does need assistance. Additionally, to assist even the private institutions who send in help into countries such as Mexico!  For starters our Government could send in troops to finish off the Drug War that is forcing illegals into our country even by design in the Whitehouse!

If we do this, it will spell the doom to law-abiding Americans everywhere. We are a nation of laws. To allow this is to open the floodgates of excuses to a flood of lawlessness in our nation; we all at times have little excuses in wishing to get out of a fix when dealing with the LAW! We all would bend and ignore the law that is so full of injustice to our inconvenience! Oh gosh, oh the injustice? It’s already happening where we are losing respect for the law. When a President refuses to enforce the laws of the land, as he is currently doing it, it is a stark example of where we are headed NOW. This does affect the rest of the country. As the leaders go, so goes the people of any group or nation! Where does it STOP?? The slope is slippery when we are dealing with people and law.

Fox: EPA Spills the Agenda, Obama is Attempting to Crash American Energy

April 26, 2012

EPA apologies notwithstanding, the great Obama and the Liberal boys in congress ARE attempting to crash not only American energy but also the STATE itself! Just what is the Objective here? Obama told us he was going to fundamentally remake America! Remaking America into an eventual RED COMMUNIST STATE from a financial cliff that’s yet to happen? Is this it? Yeah, what’s Obama doing to CUT the debt spending, huh?

Well, what did we THINK when the White House agent, Van Jones, came out screaming I’m a COMMUNIST and Mr. Bush did the 9/11 deal? Oh brother! Oh, wait, I suppose Van Jones didn’t really scream he’s a communist, but we all got the point after he was let go from the pressure on Obama! He’s a self-proclaimed communist for real!

BUT what gives? What must happen next for ALL AMERICANS to wake up to this madness? Is there something we can do NOW, to arrest this illegal anti-America action on the part of Obama and the LIB-boys?? This is serious! This is not a time for hyperbolas in making a point, I’m making!!


Salvation through a hard taskmaster who inspires us to never fear

August 21, 2014

~R.OliverLuce | 08-21-14

If salvation is by grace then it’s no longer by works (of the flesh).
For grace is God’s inspiration that He loves us as SONs & DAUGHTERs with no respecter of persons or who we are. He wants all those He has chosen in birth to come to salvation and wisdom in HIS living Word Christ Jesus! But as it is, few come forward with the right fruit for righteousness and not bitterness and FAITHless, scared to trust His who is a hard taskmaster.

So our WORKS are now from the ‘Spirit of revelation’ & NOT of the flesh (our self centered worldview without Christ’s influence), Rom.11:6 and 1Cor.15:10.
Therefore as followers of the Father’s Covenant of grace (love) we are IN THE world but NOT OF THE world, John 17:14,15.

So without our works from the spirit of trust (faith) in God there will be no salvation. For even obedience must come from trust (faith) in the one who gives the warning or the command. Hebrews 11:17 {NASB} This makes our God a tough taskmaster who inspires us to TRUST and not give in to fear nor bitterness! Matt.25:24 & Luke 5:5.

Arrest Mr. Al Sharpton on the Rico Act for Inflaming Black Lawlessness @FoxNews

August 21, 2014

~R.OliverLuce | 08-21-14

Arrest of Mr. Al Sharpton for blatant conspiracy, inflaming attitudes against the rule of law and fair trial whether it goes against our wishes or not. WE GROW UP.

The facts of arrests & shootings SHOW Blacks are NOT institutionally being singled out! And the liberal charlatans knows it!

Should we demand the immediate arrest of Al Sharpton a riot instigator?

This man stands with his misplaced pride and inflames liberal thinking Blacks into rushing to judgment. These poor bitter people, liberal Blacks, are taken advantage of their poor self-esteem {that leads to poor judgment} to rush into rioting and looting! Rioting and looting has nothing to do with the law and judgment in any case!

This action of rioting/looting seems to be a tool for Mr. Sharpton to deliver intimidation-al power against reason and law to keep the Liberal Democrats in as much power as possible. It does look that way and I know if great men would stand up against this evil, they would be much more proof than we can handle in stopping this national sin. It is a national sin with conservatives, democrats, and liberals NOT stepping up to STOP THIS EVIL.

Remember the Rico Act and use it properly. Can we do it and still not be intimidated by lawless threats of stinking rioting? Do it anyway. We are on this Earth for spiritual warfare to stop evil and the evil within us. But when people give them selves over to evil, then the war goes to them in stopping them! It’s a sad day in America!



PS: Facts tell there is NO, I repeat, NO institutional racism and that poor beaten up cop (yes, beaten up) has his rights whether he’s white or black. BACK OFF please!

To the household of Calvin, and other households who trust in the Messiah

August 20, 2014

~R.OliverLuce | 08-20-14


Now there is hope for those of us who believe and take responsibility in Christ for our actions. And our actions are inspired and empowered by the helper from the Father, the Holy Spirit! And also hope for those who believe in the household of CALVIN. Who also believe in the responsibility they have in Christ as well:

First Christians as in faith:

It’s true, God knows the future for us all, despite our actions. HE knows us and who we are in a very personal way:
As far as I’m concern there is no fault in believing in Calvinism. No fault at all when we BELIEVE that God is and is a reward-er of those who seek Him and find Him by trust (faith). By trust as those who trusted and believed that the Messiah would come in the first place, being ‘like’ the first Christians, if you will, as Abraham did when the Father GOD officially made HIS covenant of love with him in Gen.15:17.  By this action the Father and the Holy Spirit passed through the pieces of the sacrifice (Messiah). This action of covenant making also included Abram’s action of circumcision prior to Gen. 15:17.  In this action Abram demonstrated his trust he had in God’s promises!

Looking forward to the cross in trust (faith):

Now, Abraham and the remnants through ancient Israeli times were saved by their trust. It was their trust (faith) in what they were looking forward too for their salvation; Believing in The FIRST COMING of the SACRIFICE, THE MESSIAH who would take the HIT for their/our sins. This would cover them from the righteous justice of the Father, because of their sins! The others (who did not believe nor were looking for the Messiah) who were dead and buried from ancient Israeli times would be shown the Messiah Himself during those three days Christ would be dead. These people would be reconciled if they believed!

Looking back at the cross in trust (faith):

NOW we, in modern times, all LQQK back at that event; Looking at the event of the cross and believing by accepting the dealer who sealed the deal! By believing we ask the Messiah Jesus into our hearts to be Lord of our lives instead of ourselves being lord of our hearts. We then usually accept baptism by a command from Jesus the Messiah to be buried in water to symbolize publically we are burying, and dying to our old man. Thus we are rising out of the water to living and growing our spiritual man instead to glorify God and His living Word, the Messiah! Thus we are accepting the Father’s Covenant of love with it’s terms and conditions such as repentance and bearing fruit towards righteousness and doing the acts of covenant that God’s Covenant demands. For Covenant of old has always been a contract with terms and conditions that must be met that bears fruit towards that contract that the Father will never delete.

Covenant terms & conditions with benefits and terrible consequences:

We thereby join and agree with the Father’s Covenant with it’s terms and conditions. From this we draw our hope from and we receive power to live, do miracles, and do expoits for the Kingdom. We do this as His Word did so, the Messiah who also promised greater things we will do! This Messiah is the one who is the second Adam who begets righteousness to the many of us, whom the first Adam did not but begat unrighteousness to the many of us instead, Romans 5:15.  But we have Christ for our HOPE!!!

One Covenant:

There is but one covenant in all of the Old Testament and the New Testament with many other supporting covenants as in revelations, do make up for the one covenant. For example, the Law of Moses came to show the Jews their NEED for God’s loving grace in Gen. 15:17 in the face of their great disobedience because HE graciously gave us a way out from His righteous judgment.

Act 24:14-16
(14) “But this I admit to you, that according to the Way which they call a sect I do serve the God of our fathers, believing everything that is in accordance with the Law and that is written in the Prophets;
(15) having a hope in God, which these men cherish themselves, that there shall certainly be a resurrection of both the righteous and the wicked.
(16) “In view of this, I also do my best to maintain always a blameless conscience both before God and before men.

Inheritors of Salvation & Freewill Trust in Covenant

August 13, 2014

~R.OliverLuce | 08-13-14

The inheritors of salvation are those who accept the Father’s gracious Covenant of love.  GOD’s own demonstration of HIS love that inspires us (inspiration from God) to join with Him in death to our selves (a covenant action) to control the appetites of the flesh and resist evil (devil) in our lives created to originally glorify God.

God is NOT in the business of creating anymore angels!  Instead He’s creating more inheritors of salvation & freedom with a free moral will to all those whosoever will (John 3:16).

To understand free will and Covenant, is to understand God’s relationship to us and learning to trust (faith) Him. And it also means understanding our freedoms in that relationship, our discernment, and how wisely we reach others for the Kingdom!

Moreover! To understand our freewill is to understand God’s character in the world around us and in the Universe!  God’s character can be clearly seen in the Universe such as, an example, even the trinity is shown and revealed in the Universe!

It’s true, a wise man may know inherently how to interact and reach others effectively for Christ and live wisely with the knowledge of freewill subconsciously.  But at the same time not knowing or believing in freewill as revealed in scripture and the world around us, throughout his life.  So he will articulate a theology that’s not consistent with his life and living his life of freewill in Christ, with the notion there is no freewill in Christ! But, as always, knowing the Word of life within the whole counsel of God spells spiritual freedom and power and clear discernment in living the life as Christ would, however imperfect we are!
[Freewill implies respect for others when interacting with others and/or reaching out to them for Christ in wisdom.  If free will is all around us, so is freewill in salvation with the help of inspiration from God.]

// Example of Free will:
Note how God treated and interacted with the Egyptian Pharaoh with Moses:
~Exodus 10:1 And the LORD said to Moses, Go in to Pharaoh: for I have hardened his heart, and the heart of his servants; that I might show these my signs before him:
{The Lord God had hardened Pharaoh’s heart, after Pharaoh already had chosen his attitude; Had chosen his way. For God had to awaken the apathy out of the Children of Israel as was [also] revealed in the desert.
As in the proverb: You might take the Jews out of Egypt but it’s very difficult to take Egypt out of the Jews!}
~Please note 1Samuel 6:6 regarding the questioning and the EXPLANATION of the word “hardening” in Exodus 10:1.

God has put us in CHARGE of our hearts and He knows when we get mixed up when feelings get in the way. HE’s Holy intelligent! He’s a wonderful God for every moment and decision in our lives!  He inspires us to GREATNESS!


Creatures of Habit: Nixon’s Impending Impeachment was Product of us. Now we have Obama!

August 10, 2014

~R.OliverLuce | 08-10-14

First came our fright of prayer & righteous living under Christ because of our ever increasing misplaced-pride for the most part. Then came the murder of innocent babies in the womb in the “worship” of convenience, followed by destroying personal dignity with government free handouts and dependency (instead of encouraging a climate of jobs) from a government that corrupted millions and most of our spiritually-rich Black people whom ‘both Black & White’ became murderously close to becoming demanding creatures, whom demanded more and flat-out shunning work as a sin without high wages to start with or else! Attitudes that corrupt absolutely.

We are all at fault for leaving our innocence behind as we left our God in the name of His Word Jesus the Christ! How dare we demand our rights with evil attitudes and intent which come only from bitterness at GOD! Let us be true to who we are in our demands and our fists RAISED at God. God still likes us and if we choose to repent He will heal our land, first the Christians (that’s us) and then everyone else gets the temporal benefits!

What happen with Richard Nixon was long coming as we took the convenient road to lawlessness. What destroys a nation within is allowing a little fox to dig under the fence of personal & national protections that come from personal and national-institutional righteousness, howbeit imperfect in our natures as sinners. Yes, we use to use slaves. TODAY they are not except for our bitterness. Yes, we are sinners, ALL OF US including our slaves of yesteryear whom we either cared about or abused beyond listening to God! Are we to become bitter that we shoot ourselves in the face so slavery will go away and our past sins as well. Destroy the Republic just because we are ALL sinners?

Our nation was a godly nation in principle and we NOW have become WORSE than the devil with our incriminations inspired even by wicked AGENDAs from false-guilt and “moral-vanity” a quote from a news source!

The following news clip is just an ordinary proof of our evil fruit, of how our nation increasingly winks at more and more lawlessness not just in government but also in the populous, the American people! That’s you and me, no one else!!! Yes, even we the people have followed evil government actions when dealing with truthfulness in purchasing our houses for instance; It’s no wonder, America experienced a HOUSING BUBBLE that exploded through government ‘agendic’ greed [if that's a word] begetting corporate greed begetting realitor greed begetting the rest of us! Just one example of how we the people are as evil as the government we put into power. We put those politicians into power that act evil with great misleading intentions like ourselves! That’s goes for atheists as well. No one comes out of this smelling pretty! Ok, so how do we fix this mess without always just blaming someone else OTHER than ourselves and repenting. That’s right, we can’t stop this mess unless our nation repents and the nation can’t repent unless WE REPENT. The attitudes don’t stop until there is a REPENT which is the only RESET BUTTON there is. Oh yes, the other reset is outright war where we all lose everything and death comes to many! Which will it be America? Where is our brains and our God?

The following is a good look at our historical trend of growing national habitual sin since 1974:
Quote: “What has happened in the last 40 years is that we’ve grown immune to the abuse of power. The outrage that fueled the Watergate era is gone; we’ve become so used to corrupt politicians, we hardly raise an eyebrow.”

PS: Humans are creatures of habit regarding lawlessness or righteousness; A lawless president encouraging illegals to break law only corrupts them and the President further. It is a law of nature.

Original Principal Effect Endorsing Religion is a Stable Republic Whether Be Islamic or Christian State

August 10, 2014

~R.OliverLuce | 08-09-14

The original principal of endorsing religion is to support the general assumptions of the group of those Christian religions supporting Jesus as God & the Jewish religions supporting the 10 commandments & 1 God, Jehovah

To the errant Federal judge I say: The constitution does not endorse any 1 particular religion, rather it endorses the assumptions of the group of several Christian religions that support a stable culture as beginning in the years of the 1770’s.

Again, the constitution will not endorse any 1 particular religion whether it be Baptist or Presbyterian or, now, today Islamic Sunni or Islamic Shiites, but instead had and must support the overall assumptions of all the Christian Religions or all of the Islamic Religions which have 2 main and several others.

The real question the errant Federal Judge must ask himself is what kind of society do we want? An American Islamic Sharia society where his wife must cover up or else (or) to continue with our overall American Judean-Christian society. Nations need a single stable culture in order to survive as a nation with borders. We can’t afford to allow a Islamic Sharia Law to corrupt our Christian based Constitutional based culture. He must dispense with the Sharia Law from the halls of government buildings instead of the 10 commandments or the like. Those 10 commandments are actually the 10 instructions in detail (not just commandments to obey) for any society to live free and righteously. The judge must understand the differences here and to not make law. It’s the people who DECIDE whether we wish to enslave ourselves with Islam or live under sound laws that even reasonable atheists use to understand!

Fed. judge rules 10 commandments must go under pressure from the A.C.L.U.

Islamic ISIS & Hamas must be totally wiped out for Freedom

August 8, 2014

~R.OliverLuce | 08-08-14

Summary: Islamic ISIS & Islamic Hamas will in time be utterly destroyed with the outlawing of liberalism encouraging evil

Islamic ISIS cutting off children’s heads, killing 100’s of Christians is hideous as Islamic Hamas using women & children as shields AS Hamas BOMBs Israeli civilians except for life saving Iron-Dome anti-missiles.

Let Israel crush evil BAD ENOUGH so evil will STOP coming back for more & more hate in the name of Islamic peace!

WW2 is an example of stopping evil for good; As there are NO more evil Japanese NOR evil Germans to fight, unless, unless we allow liberalism to resurrect the evil with false guilt and moral vanity again and again. Both Quranic-Sharia loving Islam and American-style liberalism should be outlawed one day when the whole world wakes up. That day will only come when Matthew 24:14 is completed and the jig is up for the whole world.


The History of the Theologian John Locke ‘Author’ of The Constitution

July 4, 2014

The history of John Locke! A man with a huge political influence. John Locke today is called a deist by most liberal elites who know better. He never was that kind of man, but a Christian.

Not only was Mr. Locke considered a ‘theologian’ in his day and by previous generations prior to the twentieth century, he wrote a commentary on Paul’s epistles and compiled a topical bible, which he called a common place–book to the holy bible. He listed the verses in the bible, subject by subject. And further, when anti-Christians attacked his stance on Christianity, he wrote and published a book entitled, “The Reasonableness of Christianity.” And finally when he was attacked for defending Christianity, he wrote another book entitled, “A Vindication of the Reasonableness of Christianity.” And again writing yet another book in defense of Christianity with a published work, entitled, “A Second Vindication of the Reasonableness of Christianity.” And it shouldn’t be a ‘no wonder’ that previous generations considered him a theologian and never a deist.

But more importantly the founders’ philosophy in the ‘Declaration of Independence’ was profoundly influenced and practically came straight from John Locke’s work entitled, “The Two Treatises of Civil Government.”

And in fact, Richard Henry Lee declared that, “‘The Declaration of Independence’ itself was copied from John Locke’s own treatise on government.” This treatise on government actually refers to the Bible some 1,500 times!

From a 10 year research project of some 15,000 writings analyzed it was found that 34% of all documented quotes in all the founding constitutional documents were taken directly from the Bible. For example! The ‘Separation of Powers’ itself was taken from Jeremiah 17:9 in the Old Testament of the Bible! Now consider where our immigration laws came from for our Republic in the Constitution in Article 1, Section 8, entitled, ‘Uniform Immigration Laws.’ It was taken from Leviticus 19:34 of the Old Testament of the Bible! Moreover, regarding the qualification of the President of the United States in Article 2, Section 1 the President must be a natural-born citizen as taken from Deuteronomy 17:15 in the Old Testament. What is the status of our President today on this regard. A people will rise up and right a wrong that will restore this Republic.
And finally the three branches of our American government for purposes of checks and balances that actually came from Isaiah 33:22 of the Old Testament in the Bible!

“The Pulpit of the American Revolution” 1860
“The Patriot Preachers of the American Revolution,” 1860.
“The chaplains and clergy of the American Revolution,” 1861.
“Role of Pastors & Christians in Civil Government,” by David Barton.
Hundreds of published sermons supporting actual events of the Revolution.
John Locke’s published books and works.

Appealing to @iSupremeCourt to save ‘marriage’ that allows everyone to covenant w/the OPPOSITE sex

June 27, 2014

Appealing to the @iSupremeCourt to give homosexuals their own legal TERM that identifies gay unions for homosexual behavior.  The world knows that the word ‘marriage’ has always been forever.  To add homosexuals into marriage is changing the very definition and the very foundation of what marriage does and produces, i.e. opposite sex love and children.

Marriage has always been about A-man with A-woman. Equality in marriage is reached when ANY man and ANY woman joined together as 1 man with 1 woman have access to be in covenant with each other in the terms of “marriage.”
Marriage is about the opposite sexes joining together in covenant and having, almost all the time, fruit that produces children. Homosexuals do not produce this fruit nor do they qualify as opposite sexes joining together to enter the marriage covenant bond.

Long held century old definitions for terms that also may be LEGAL are important to maintain for any sane society that wants to maintain order and reasonable equality for all in varying moral situations through the years. So, another term must be used or invented (to bring equality and legal union status) for those who wish to indulge in aberrant sex. Therefore, we must allow these people ‘to gay unionize’ their commitments to each other in this wayward sexual behavior. Because of their outspoken voices and their false sense in believing that they are born gay, we do appease them in prayer and hopes that one day many will come to their senses through the power of God’s wisdom, BUT without harshness nor abuse towards them! We all need care in coming to our collective senses to eventually live the truth and never the lie which always have consequences in due season.

Now I wish to state an example why we must separate the two kinds of commitments, i.e. “Marriage” and “Gay Union”:  In Malaysia, Christians can not use the word “Allah” for their God. They must use another term, a different word perhaps the term, “God” for the purposes of communicating.

So, I ask the Supreme Court why are we changing the definition of the word, “marriage” for the first time in WORLD HISTORY?  Everyone knows what marriage means for both Christians and non-Christians alike. But these homosexual men and women who refuse to join with an opposite sex are NOT WITHIN the definition of “marriage” but are in a far different definition of another KIND of union, or commitment, or covenant.

May I purpose the word, ‘gay union’ or whatever term the people who differentiate themselves from the rest of us only through a different kind of sexual behavior which does not produce any fruit (children) biologically speaking.  Any people could adopt I suppose which is another issue.


Terrible News for John Kerry/Obama’s Islamic terror dictates for Egypt

June 23, 2014

Egypt destroys Obama’s poor Kerry who was trying to bribe Egypt with Apache choppers for Barack’s agenda! “Egypt’s military-dominated government has delivered a humiliating, [but] public slap in the face [and rightly so] to John Kerry, the US secretary of state, by sentencing three Al-Jazeera journalists to long prison terms only hours after Kerry personally expressed his deep concern about the case.”(1) Aww, this is bad news for Obama’s Islamic plans for the world!! But it’s more than THAT!

The Obama government is a liberal guilt machine delivering and believing their issuing guilt dictates in working with Islamic intentions for world dictatorship. Why? The “Obama liberal anti-Americans” actually believe they will soften Islam’s aims and meanness so that Islam might succumb to the liberal way of thinking for world domination, lol!! It’s Obama’s feeling that loving each other through false guilt (human understanding & human dictates without relying on the intelligence & wisdom of God) will create their liberal utopian heaven on earth, as the communists once tried. However, Obama and the true liberals believe it’ll happen this time around by just throwing money at everything with true utopian dictates that shall make everyone happen without evil ambitions or direction for their lives. A state must be worshipped I suppose.

LOL, so, John Kerry was caught shouting draconian sentences such as, “Today’s conviction is obviously a chilling and draconian sentence…”(1) said Kerry. I ask why is it a draconian, Mr. Kerry? We are in a 100-year war with Islam, John, and you’re being used as a useful idiot, as Islamic Muslims would put it.

The even presented in the article that slapped Kerry silly follows here:
“Three Al Jazeera journalists were sentenced to seven years in jail by an Egyptian judge on Monday for aiding a “terrorist organization”, drawing criticism from Western governments who said the verdict undermined freedom of expression.”(1)

Therefore, I predict Egypt may declare both Obama and Vietnam-Kerry wicked criminals who could be slammed into prison if they set foot on Egyptian soil sometime in the near future. It may come to this.



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