Saving America from Deceit and the Lies

Saving America from Deceit and the Lies

[America asking God to be rescued from those who are full of lies and deceit.
Calling on Adonai to rescue America from the deceit of Communism! Saving our President!]
[A Psalm from the Hebrew Bible!]

“I called to Adonai[01] in my distress,
and he answered me.
Rescue me, Adonai, from lips that tell lies,
from a tongue full of deceit.

What has he in store for you, deceitful tongue?
What more will he do to you?
A warrior’s sharp arrows,
with red-hot coals from a broom tree.

How wretched I am, that I’m an alien in Meshekh[02],
that I must live among the tents of Keidar[03]!
I have had to live far too long
with those who hate peace.
I am all for peace;
but when I speak, they are for war[04].”

~From the Psalms 120 {Complete Jewish Bible pg. 920} A song of ascents:

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
[01] Adonai
Adonai, a Hebrew name for God.[02] Meshekh a son of Japheth
A country perhaps! In the Bible, Meshech or Mosoch (Hebrew: מֶ֫שֶׁך‎ Mešeḵ “price” or “precious”) is named as a son of Japheth in Genesis 10:2 and 1 Chronicles 1:5.
[03] Keidar
In Biblical Names the meaning of the name Kedar is: Blackness, sorrow.
Keidar, dark-skinned, the second son of Ishmael ( Genesis 25:13 ). … To “dwell in the tents of Kedar” was to be cut off from the worship of the true God ( Psalms 120:5

[04] War!
A cultural war within the nation!


BREAKING NEWS: Obama the sneak jihadi: Here’s the proof!

[ BREAKING NEWS: Obama the sneak jihadi:  Here’s the proof! ]

Proof Obama Admin Wiretapped Trump Tower

Lieutenant Colonel on Trump Tower taps: This is worse than Watergate!

President Obama went to British intelligence to spy on Trump for him! – Judge Napolitano

Proof Obama Admin Wiretapped Trump Tower | Secretary Bennet On Fox News


The Constitution is Not a Suicide Pact!

WithOUT Sharia there IS NO Islam! …as they SLOW BOIL liberal & conservative frogs!

Dumping previous NATIONAL immigrant Muslim registries by Liberals (Obama) and
blocking further invasions of Muslim refugees into America by liberal minded Federal Judges
is an offense against defending these United States of America!

Remember Islamic countries are NOT taking in ANY Muslim refugees!

Remember the Barbary (Muslim) Pirates and our founding fathers creating the MARINES!
Remember Europe falling to the exploding Sharia invasion!
Remember the Muslim barbarians invading Rome!

America must remove all elements of Islam from our country!
America is not heaven nor is it a Constitutional Republic destine for NATIONAL suicide!

~@ROliverLuce | 02-07-17


Federal Judge insanely blocks President’s action by creating LAW!

Evil is Knocking at the Door: Keeps-Doing-it-Again Alinsky Liberal Media

~@ROliverLuce | 01-22-17

Liberal Media Calls for Trump to Stop Griping About Crowd Counts & Stop Angering the CIA? What?

Liberal Media is at it Again with their N.W.O. Alinsky-Communist agenda, saying, Trump praises the CIA in an awful light offending CIA Director Brennon once again. And then Trump, supposedly, bristles over inaugural crowd counts. Let’s ask, who cares about the count at the Capital or how large the numbers might be with the Soros-backed pro-abortionist demonstrators? It’s what Liberal Media is trying to extort with lies of comparing the counts between Linda Sarsour’s, Soros led women protesters on Friday and Saturday. And with the inaugural crowd numbers on Friday. However, we do know now from exposure to the 2016 election that the Liberal Media’s interest is in tearing down the Constitution along with the new president!

Here’s an example of media lies that continue and are occurring this weekend: The pro-abortionists, pro-gay’isms, the pro-BLMs against all police, the anti-Constitutionalists women who will be and are now demonstrating against President Trump. Miss Linda Sarsour is the primary person with Mr. Soros who are making these protests happen. And Linda Sarsour happens to support Islamic Sharia over the Constitution on Americans! And most people, most of those women have no idea this woman had escaped a Muslim country supposedly to get away from Sharia is supporting Sharia on Americans.
THE TRUTH IS the Liberal Media is still distorting the news with bits and pieces of taken out of the context of the following video of Trump as you can see in the video. The gaps in the video are there! The Media is supposed to be pro-American. We are all Americans, and thus we do not favor Alinsky Communism with an Islamic flavor.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with addressing the Alinsky-Communist motivated Media in what their motives are! The Liberal Media has been increasingly lying to the American People since the days of President LBJ!
And today we are still faced with the Liberal Media dividing America even after finally being totally exposed during the 2016 election.

[The Media is supposed to be American. It should not be favoring Alinsky Communism with an Islamic ‘flavor.’]

News Article Reference:
Trump praises the CIA, bristles over inaugural crowd counts. ~by Julie Pace and Jill Colvin, Associated Press,
[The Associated Press represents and supports the Alinsky-Communist doctrine of changing America and it’s Constitution. That change was coming with the use of Islamic Sharia without the consent of the American people.]–politics.html

The Distortion of Christian Truth? & Understanding the Seal of Our Salvation

~@ROliverLuce | 07-05-16

Michael Horton, a Baptist, wrote of Charles Finney as a great distorter of Christian theology for his time. Perhaps the Calvinist (the writer) was simply promoting his own theology over Mr. Charles Finney. However, may I also say something about Mr. Finney’s own writing in the article in question!

If one does read THIS article of what Mr. Finney had said (being quoted in the article) does show the limited but growing understanding of the Christian’s position in their salvation through Jesus, yet still with a growing understanding the difference between a believer’s sin and when a believer sin as unto death as in rejecting God’s secured salvation which is through Jesus.

But for those who “willfully continue” to grow in sin and rejecting God’s love and inspiration (H.S.) are running after other false gods with wounds and pride refusing to give to god to their own destruction. For whoever rejects the Spirit of Truth can not receive forgiveness and healing. These people must be receptive to the Spirit in order to see and receive the author of the Spirit of Truth that they might be healed!

Charles Finney was a great man led of the Holy Spirit, for his time, but was unable to articulate the Word (in this particular article) with his limited understanding of the believer’s security in salvation for free moral agents that we all are!  His understanding did not describe the condition of the believer in the face of yet daily sin that even us believers are faced every day and yet we have a seal of the Spirit of Truth that confirms we are saved.  And we are different in the world.  I see the words Mr. Finney wrote here, but it does not clarify what he was experiencing perhaps!

We have been set apart from the world (by God’s Spirit) with a renewed mind in Christ yet we are still being perfected every day.  We are sinners with a seal on our soul because we have willfully received the Spirit of Truth, the Author Yeshua Himself!!

We have been set apart from the world (by God’s Spirit) with a renewed mind in Christ yet we are still being perfected every day. We are sinners with a seal on our soul because we have willfully received the Spirit of Truth, the Author Yeshua Himself!!

Let the Southern Baptists blast Mr. Finney of old. WE understand their theology of error. But let us ALSO seek the Holy Spirit that we ALL may be able to articulate the whole Gospel of the Lord Yeshua, that many will understand with clarity their relationship with their God and His Covenant of salvation!!

Article reference:

Illegal WH operations: Texas Fed Ct orders U.S. to explain violation of immigration injunction

~ROliverLuce | 03-10-15

“…extensions to 100,000 illegal aliens, while prior to the [FED COURT] injunction, may be in violation of the injunction because the [WhiteHouse] deferral continues. That is why the U.S.[WhiteHouse-DOJ] filed the advisory in the first place, to get ahead of the issue and appear to volunteer the information before it was discovered.”**

This is how liberal-progressive’s evil (perversion), GAINSAYS to fool the public and the courts in gaining favor and expected preference toward their [WhiteHouse-DOJ] side of legal issue at hand.

The final FED Court outcome must be prison for lawless U.S. officials and deportation (eventually) of all lawless foreigners and children who can come under the rightful care of the original foreign countries, i.e. Mexico, etc. Then comes the security of American borders and the struggle to place TRUE JEB LOVE into ensuring our LEGAL IMMIGRATION SYSTEM is used and in some operations UPGRADED in securing the American labor market!

America does not need to ensure a labor market of global labor market proportions no matter how much, certain corporate entities might scream bloody murder for dirt poor labor to be rushed in our country! The American culture is much more important than to add greedy corporations into the MIX who worship at the altar of lib-progressive communism for the sake of contaminating the AMERICAN LABOR POOL with too much legal immigration and the illegals who will come for any labor rate.


The Law, what it is, and what is its function, America!!

By R. Oliver Luce | 07-19-2013

(1) As creatures of habit, the law was created to help humans do right habitually.
(2) The law is meant to keep honest men honest, punish those given to lawlessness, and to shut the mouths of gainsayers. In all 3 cases we are failing nationally and we are in danger of failing as an organized society. It’s no wonder Obama may be planning marshal law perhaps.
(3) If we all obey the law today, there is hope we all shall obey the law tomorrow. Grace is [only] for empowerment to do what is right, to encourage the wise to stay wise, and punish the “lawless” who practice lawlessness habitually.

[Illegal immigration is NOT legal immigration. Let America help these people stay law-abiding in sending them back, that they might be a help to their own country, or a help to America through legal means.]

America will experience sudden destruction if we do not reverse our downward fall in ever increasing lawlessness & allowing our borders and screening to fall to the ground, we will cease as a country as we know it and we will be the beggers in spirit and in finances; Especially our leaders who are lawless so goes the people of any nation. We are doomed if we continue on this liberal political course!!


Rubio says We won’t Deport nor Give Amnesty. It’s Wrong, Here’s Why!

America must deport over the next 15 years with good reason.

At the National Republican Convention, Rubio reports Romney will not deport illegals nor will he give amnesty either.
THIS is not fair to millions of LEGAL immigrants who also happen to be Mexicans and Chinese as well.

We are NOT a lawless nation. We must STOP slave wages in America now! This is where government is at it’s best when they deal with encouraging competition in the economy, but this time in the arena of farming and producing.

Americans again will work for American farmers and producers for the first time in 60 years with legal and living wages that can support American families.

Americans are more than able to absorb the increase costs from legal living wages! However, American competition (NOT from illegal immigrant labor camps) will place prices where they should be from the American farmers and producers who will be competing! This is America, this is NOT Mexico. America is a competing nation making the nation’s economy stronger than socialism will ever be able to do.

Illegal is as illegal as a socialist (eventual communist) is Obama, it’s WRONG!