Jobs & Lawlessness Which Leads To Less

Summary of some topics:

(1) Increasing jobs through less government and here’s how!
(2) Enforce our laws and execute our current LEGAL immigration system.
(3) Keep government out of the private sector as much as possible.
(4) Encourage the real Christian churches to lead the rest of the nation in reducing the national debt.
(5) Control increased government regulation to a minimum based on measures.

Preamble or introduction:

This statement is not here for the sake of simply being heard with no intentions of doing anything from anyone about these input entries. It is not here so you will feel good and report back to us that we all agree with your agenda. It is not here so bolster your agenda. It is not here so you can implement something else while reporting to us you had millions of Americans having their say in the process.


Growing jobs is important. Not that we should only be interested in our pocket-books. But it’s a start in the right direction to heal this land.

Growing the private sector (in capitalism) is the best way for job  increases.  Capitalism is the best system. For both communism and eventual-communism (socialism) will not change people’s hearts nor will force.  So it’s imperative real Christianity comes back again as in the 1700’s 1800’s early 1900’s!  It’s IMPERATIVE THIS HAPPENS!   Encouraging Christianity to grow through humility, graciousness , love will reduce vices without yelling hell about it and helping the poor will change people and make the best system on earth great again, i.e. capitalism.  But adding to this the current “real” Christian churches (most of them) could forsake willingly their 501c3 IRS code and lead the way for the rest of the country by example in reducing our national debt.  This must be done willingly and not by force or it will only bring about more evil even in the churches.

As for gaysex and gay marriage the church could tone down saying it’s a sin at the level of what they say about intercourse outside of marriage. This should be acceptable to a non-Christian President Obama and homosexuals as well. So we should be able to move forward in encouraging the real Christian churches in a 3rd national reformation which would benefit our economy and an increase in jobs, will it not?

I am betting the value of our currency will increase over the long run when this happens at the same time government quits interfering as much as possible. There has to be a certain measure probably in justifying an invention of government. What I mean by that is a justification of new regulation. It should be expected that there will always be harm and unfairness, and accidents in life. The principle to adhere to is LIFE WAS NEVER MEANT TO BE FAIR, but justice is!

Getting the government out of the private sector will also mean higher wages in the long run if government does not entice large companies to beg for a flood of foreign workers in their respective industries. Searching and training Americans is always the best way in the long run. We also get to keep our own culture too!

More importantly, job growth will occur when we enforce our laws and execute our current LEGAL immigration system. This means deporting law-abiding illegals (who may say they are) in order to help them stay that way. If they still want to come back to America they can get in line with those who are waiting LEGALLY.
The LEGAL Immigration job is to screen for character/behavior, educate immigrants the culture and language of our country. And also to educate how important American law is to the individual.

Allowing illegals into the country either by not enforcing, by a weak border, by enticing with benefits will only serve to increase lawlessness for us all. As the leadership goes, so goes the people of any country whether communist or capitalist. Evil spreads from leadership and what they allow.
To allow or entice illegals will always open the floodgates.

Finally, when illegals are gone, Americans will take up the slack in picking fruit and veggies as it was in President Eisenhower’s era where wages were good and competition was great for the family farmer.
The time for slave wages is now OVER!
Even the children of illegals must be deported or it will not work in staving off illegal flooding.
Left was never meant to be fair, but justice is. Let us enforce our laws and keep our integrity.

~R. Oliver Luce
To allow or entice illegals will always open the floodgates.

** Reference:


Nimrod, World’s First Tyrant & Avoiding Him in Every Nation & Generation

Nimrod, World’s First Tyrant & Avoiding Him in Every Nation & Generation
By R. Oliver Luce | 07-22-2013

In reading the following notes (below):
Read the various biblical scripture [listed at bottom]:

Nimrod of Babylon, the world’s initial (first) tyrant on earth.
A biblical lesson on how and what to see to avoid him in every generation.

Keep in mind “mighty man” means charismatic and/or man or leader.
He’s referred too as “A great hunter before the Lord” which really means in the Hebrew, a seducer of people.
After all, everyone in those days were hunters!

But more importantly he’s the world’s first tyrant (a biblical warning of such).
For Nimrod (whose  meaning is ‘get down’) had the first idea of subdueing the earth without God.

If you read the entire text (all the bible verses in context) you’ll find an interesting topic on making “bricks” as well.
But that’s another addition to the story later in an article I am thinking of writing (about this topic).

Partial scriptural reference:
Gen. 10:8,9; 1Chronicles 1:10; Micah 5:6.

There are four ways a person or people can develop into a Nimrod, into tyranny:
By design & purpose which is primary;
By inadvertent needs and a self centered society;
By harmful wants/vices in society;
By greed & coveting by society and/or the leader or leaders.

A Quick List of Impeachable Offenses, Against The People of The United States

A Quick List of impeachable offenses, against the people of the United States those who know their rights, their responsibilities, and holding those accountable without being labeled racist in doing so.

A growing, quick, list of evil-agenda actions and policy, initiated by President Obama, is enough for impeachment proceedings.
And with this list it’s enough to place this presidential domestic enemy in prison without TV nor Internet watching (lol) for years to come:

01 Illegal aliens flood in taking jobs
02 Deleting border security & denying it
03 Lawless Illegal benefits
04 Not enforcing laws
05 Breaking Law at will
06 Benghazi conspiracy
07 IRS Attacks on GOP/TeaParty
08 DOJ Attacks on Americans
09 Fast & Furious conspiracy
10 Seal Team 6 chopper dead
11 No job focus
12 Perjury in court & congress
13 Forcing ObamaCare on Americans
14 ObamaCare crashing
15 Inciting Liberal-Black riots on Zimmerman
16 Force double jeopardy on Zimmerman
17 Eventually legalizing illegal aliens unlawfully
18 Obama attempting secretly & openly to work w/o congress
19 Directing our navy/marines to attack our friends in Egypt
20 Directing our navy/marines to defend our enemies: Stealthic Islam.
21 Defending Islamic law over the Constitution in America

This growing list is enough to impeach & JAIL our presidential domestic enemy.

Never mind Obama’s Powerful Bitter Civil Riot Army who is as powerful (as in screaming & stealing TVs) as our Military? Who? Nevertheless, we do not care when it’s time to destroy our domestic enemies given to bitterness and being sold to a NIMROD. Enough is enough!! Communism is wicked so is liberalism; No more liberalism in America.

Anarchy will Not Prevail: ‘Stand Your Ground’ is as Righteous as ‘Profiling’ is to Catching a Thief; Sanity Will Return

Anarchy will Not Prevail: ‘Stand Your Ground’ and ‘Profiling’. Sanity Will Remain the Law of the Land.
By R. Oliver Luce | 07-14-2013

Profiling and Stand your ground are wise tools. Personal racism is another problem, which has NOTHING to do with their using PROFILING or STANDING YOUR GROUND. Reasonable people will use their BRAINS to know the difference!

“Stand your ground” is common sense! Even if bitter liberals outlaw it, it stands to reason to STILL defend yourself or the evil will kill you. American law is becoming more & more about Mob-rule law pushed by liberal-racist-blacks and their Lib-white co-ops! Sin has a way of beginning as an innocent thing,  developing into full blown evil consequential fruit, that will eventually explode in the face of the  perpetrators who are doing the behavioral sin. It’s a law of sin and death which sinners continue to deny to their deaths wondering where is God when foolishly rejecting HIM and His ways!  Everyone will FACE God  no matter how much one might sneer and reject the idea.  God is a fact embedded in all creation as a pointer to HIS glory.  And we wonder why we are in a HOT CULTURE WAR?  All of us have walked away from our GOD!

But getting back to “Standing your ground” it does stands to reason why liberal-blacks hate the idea of defending yourself. Liberalism will always goad their Liberal-black’s attitude of bitterness and un-forgiveness. For the goal is control over the rest of the country. It’s seems the liberal-black-rage IS OBAMA’s so-called Civilian Army as strong as the military. Very scary only to those who do not wish to defend their country against such dictators, real dictators given to rage and bitterness. God help them to repent, but nevertheless let us push back in the name of our forefathers and our beloved wise but so-called Uncle-Toms! These are the true Americans who may be Black :-).

Why? They make for a great Lib-Civil-Army to scare all Americans into following their dictates or else: EXAMPLE, you had better never impeach the Rev. Obama or else we riot & destroy!” Well, many of us DON’T CARE. We are coming for our country to re-establish righteousness and the constitution meaning LAW will prevail once again. Go ahead, riot, destroy. WE DON’T CARE, WE ARE COMING FOR YOU AND YOUR EVIL WAYS, in the name of Jesus who died for your(yep, liberals too) and my sins, if we repent from our sins and bitterness.

Finally, Mr. Holder, Zimmerman is innocent. Please stop your lawless deeds. Mr. Zimmerman has ALREADY BEEN TRIED. Stop enabling and encouraging lawless Liberal-Inspired-Blacks who are full of bitterness for which you have encourage all the more! Remember where a nation’s leaders go, so goes the country. YOU will be held accountable for THIS DEADLY period in our history.



Destruction of America as DEMs & GOPs Fight Over Foreign Cultures Destroying Melting Pot

By R. Oliver Luce | 07-11-2013

The FALL of Rome! Reading just like the FALL of America with illegal aliens flooding in without any assimilation or catching up with assimilation!

The destruction of America will be laid at the feet of stupid men who threw away their wisdom for a mere pot of hot soup, political soup, men who called themselves democrats for freedom when in fact their “manufactured [godless] righteousness”, otherwise known as “false guilt”, led them into agendas made of subtle white-lies that became their downfall for them and their entire country.

For our Liberal countrymen believed the lie that the U.S. Constitution of the United States was no longer appropriate and this was the end as the hordes flooded in from the Middle East and the South of the border with their own cultures and laws that eventually created GREAT mayhem!

The Republic of Rome of North America has fallen!!  Islam with it’s horrific Sharia and Hispanics with their own self culture made in Mexico without regard to an American Melting Pot!


History in the making; Watch Evolution Actually Work

Watch Evolution Actually Move Through Time

Want to watch how the process of evolution moves through time? Watch Karl Rove go from being kinda conservative with “poor RINO but sure fire Christian Bush” to evil Rove calling all conservatives LIBERALS, wow!


Ooops, I guess he’s only calling this guy a LIB and a few others but not ALL.  I am very sorry 🙂

Yahoo News Pushes Soft/Hard Porn in Advancing the Liberal Agendas

By R OliverLuce | 07-10-2013

Has anyone notice, hummm. YahooNews, Inc. is obsessed with softy and hardy porn so much so, you get the feeling they ARE pushing hard to hook you. I mean after all, sex sells huh? Actually it’s a time tested way to corrupt and destroy a nice nation. Check it out. One could say 5 out of 10 stories or pictures or more on YahooNews.com are all about sex, porn, & sneak previews of you know what. On second thought don’t. Porn does affect us all. Stop listening to the creeps who goat you on, and by teasing you. They are the fools of nature! It is a well known notion that if you push sex/porn you can capture a nation. It is also well known that YahooNews is obsessed with liberal thoughts,i.e. their own stories tell the sweet truth.

As for myself, I refrain from these “Yahoo News’s” porn pushing stories with pictures included to drive people further into marriage breaking PORN whether it be SOFT or HARD. Porn effects us ALL. That is WHY & HOW God created SEX to be beautiful between a MAN & a WOMAN in their bedroom in a covenant contract for life. WHEN WILL WE RETURN TO WISDOM & CONTRAINTS? We are ruined, we have un-done ourselves!!

I still have HOPE we will FORSAKE OUR miss-placed PRIDE and return to our CREATOR Jesus who sealed THE DEAL on the Father’s COVENANT of LOVE w/ tough GRACE. In HIS covenant there is wonderful benefits and terrible consequences as well….. as we can see in a NATION drowning in it’s own national sins of obsession.

WE are all called to “salvation from ourselves” but not ALL accept our Creator’s LOVE & acceptance to grow in wisdom and knowledge and self control. Love? What’s that? Some say love is sex-lust or they think they love when they don’t know love, and how sad that is.

Homosexuality; An Intrinsic Evil

Homosexuality, An Intrinsic Evil
By R OliverLuce | 07-08-2013

It’s all about evil attempting to PROVE God approves of their gaysex BEHAVIOR in re-defining the centuries old Marriage between 1 man and 1 woman, I repeat, 1 man & 1 woman.

The excuse that marriages are falling apart is an excuse to re-define marriage? The spread of soft/hard porn by liberal elements of our society has brought about the increase in divorces. Why not fix our problems instead of pushing perversion?

If these people who are obsessed with a god of lust for the same sex are so obsessed in wanting a UNION, then it’s a MUST to invent a new TERM identifying EXACTLY what it is, a UNION-NAME giving the same gaysex people a UNION so they too can have their tax credits and HAND OUTS from our HUGE evil American Government.

The Supreme Court MUST take notice (wakeup) before their time is up!! What goes around DOES come around in every AGE!


Explaining George W Bush’s Stance on Gaysex Marriage

By R Oliver Luce | 07-07-2013

While George Bush is cautioning Americans and Conservatives against criticizing gaysex couples.

It must be understood there is a huge difference between criticizing homosexual sin in a person’s life and contesting, with reason, their desire to prove their gaysex is normal by using **marriage, and standing for justice and the truth in the public square without being labeled a hateful person, in this context directed at homosexuals.

When George was asked, whether gaysex marriage conflicts with Christian values, Mr. Bush responded along with, ‘taking the speck in the eye out when he has the log in his own eye’.

Either the former President does not understand God’s view and creation as it’s mentioned in the Bible or George doesn’t know how to respond without looking like he’s a hateful man because of the unrelenting P.C. that’s shoved on Americans.
It couldn’t be, George is all for gaysex redefining the centuries old understanding of marriage, I’m sure.
After all, intelligent people know how to invent another term that identifies a new idea for a different kind of union how be a kind of perversion.
Incidentally, the former President does confess to be a Christian who says he is born again into HIS Covenant of Love.


**If homosexuals are not attempting to prove to everyone and God that their gaysex behavior is normal why then destroy the centuries old definition of marriage in the first place with such vigor?

Explaining George W Bush’s Stance on Gaysex Marriage


America’s Current Legal Immigration System. Use it, Kill the Illegal Immigration Bill

America’s Current Legal Immigration System. Use it, Kill the Illegal Immigration Bill:

Enforce the CURRENT Legal Immigration System with TEETH. The system Obama forgot about.
Use it and forget the Senate Immigration Bill. Just kill it please!
FORCE the Government to do it or be in contempt with congress with teeth to show!

The LAWS currently waiting to be enforced:

(1) Finish building border fence & defend it like President Dwight D. Eisenhower (Ike)did with 1075 agents alone. If Israel is able to build and stop 95% of illegals from running amuck. We can be sure of success for ourselves. We even went to the moon as the dishonorable Algore has referred to, as well. Yes indeed [digressing into another subject here] we went to the moon but Manmade Global Climate Change is a lie, end of story.

(2) Permanently STOP all FED & State handouts & services to illegals & enforce it with real impunity.

(3) Support a system for checks on who is (and) who is not legal to work. And enforce real fines, in dollars, for firms who does sneak-hiring of illegal slaves. This will assist in bringing back Americans to the farms. Why? Wages will return, if THIS IS ENFORCE consistently. Wages will not go up until there is consistency. A Liberal-Government will preempt this and shut it down stating wages are going up. This is an attack on America by liberal control.

(A commentary): Liberalism could be outlawed as was communism in days of old, if enough people could see that we have enough freedom of thought to debate on, without the evils of liberalism per say. But it may be wise not to outlaw liberalism as we know it today. But at the least we must educate and allow them to reveal themselves for who they are and what they do to the country. But of course it can only occur when good people keep on seeking righteousness in a godly manner and not as self centered individuals. American individualism is not what I’m talking about here! That is a different animal!

(4) After the above 3 items are in effect re-initiate on-going deportations [Not to be confused with the honorable John McCain’s characterization of ‘MASS DEPORTATIONS ARE IMPOSSIBLE’] for all illegals and foreign entrants who accidently let their temporary-tickets expire and decided to hide out. When deporting we do it with customer service at all times. Tough love never hurts a well meaning illegal. For he will love you when you deport him. In doing so, you assist them to stay a law abiding person. Political reasons for ‘sneaking in’ should be investigated for sure. Deportations will bring back the normal America family farm wages from which it fell more than 50% due to illegal slave wages in our country.

(5) Finally but not least of all. Let us give support to Mexico and other countries to the south that need assistance from a national position of strength. We can not survive as a lawless nation if we continue to break our own laws, move the boundaries of our laws around and not enforce our laws as well.

(A commentary): This also means sending troops to our southern nations in quelling the drug war without giving any of these drug enemies any weapons! Our current president should go to prison on this matter alone!  Of course we’ve already helped Columbia with their drug terrorists.