Stop Suing & Get To Work! Apple Scores Billion Dollar Win Over Samsung

Apple, Inc. Scores Billion Dollar Win Over Samsung
By R.OliverLuce | 05-21-2013

Last week in a court battle, Apple (AAPL) was awarded a billion dollar decision over the ever increasing winner, Samsung of South Korea for infringing on poor Apple’s cellphone technology. Of course Samsung shouldn’t be infringing on other corporate toes! But really, Apple is spending too much focusing on battling Samsung in the courts when it could get back to work doing nice things like getting a nice screen display with friendly stylist writing with a nice sharp stylist without having to blowup the screen to do the same thing by manipulating pixels. But I’m digressing due to a pet-peeve I have.

Yes, Samsung was found guilty of knowingly copying Apple’s “trade dress” which is it’s exterior appearance and all three of Apple’s iOS disputed patents. It’s great when evil corporations are kept honest who are doing great things for customers of the likes of you and I.

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Yep, Samsung was apparently infringing on Apple’s patents with it’s vast array of it’s smartphone products. I say apparently because I’m not persuaded, since I’m in the dark about the details of Apple’s actual patents and how Super Samsung actually infringed.

Nevertheless, all this means, Samsung owes Apple a real cool billion, as in dollars. And for a moment here I want to say, isn’t a cool billion sort-of high? How about, say 600 millions at the most? It’s not like Apple got any revenues from it’s customer base. In fact it’s losing customer base, and losing IT to Samsung!!

I’m saying this because Samsung is winning the smartphone wars and will eventually destroy Apple in the eventual future. Apple’s market billions are FALLING, while Samsung is gaining it’s billions in SALES from customers [‘billions’ so to speak]. So what if Apple got a billion from Samsung. Samsung is the future, I hate to say. After all, you and I do have to ADMIT, their “Samsung Galaxy s4” and the “Samsung Note 2 & 4” devices are impressive! Oh yea, impressive! Uh, yes, much better than Apple’s latest iphone and ipad, which Samsung’s great products have great screen space and imaging when writing with a ‘SHARP’ stylist! I say again, ‘sharp’ stylist! With that said, I say go-Samsung-go! Apple has got to stop focusing on suing everybody and get back to work and to save American jobs too, lol. I want to root for Apple, but NOT TODAY 🙂 !

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Now with everything I’ve just said, of course, this usually could translate into a great stock performance for Samsung, but perhaps for the future. But whose listening to me or watching the above mention court case for that matter, to lunge at [to grab at] Samsung stock! Let’s roll no matter, things are looking up for Samsung! So it seems.


The author does not, repeat does not have any stock in Samsung nor the downward trending Apple who could do better in the future, for the future!

This inadvertent Motley Fool contributor RobOliverLuce has no position in any stocks mentioned.  You can follow him on Twitter @ROliverLuce and by NO means is he associated or works for Motley Fool Financial.


Taking Shock of Investment Opportunities {cpywrt 5-16-13}

Shocking ‘excerpts’ for possible future investment ideas!

Article Title:  China Air Traffic Congestion Worsened by Military Control
By Jasmine Wang | May 16, 2013

Segment excerpts for foolishly-wise investment thoughts;  A few thoughts:

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What’s happening to Chinese air travel:

Air China Ltd. (601111), China Eastern Airlines Corp. and China Southern Airlines Co. (1055) have expanded their fleet as economic growth spurs air travel demand in the world’s most populous nation. The country is expected to have 4,200 commercial aircraft in 2020, compared with the current fleet size of 2,001 with 46 airlines, CAAC’s Li said.

Increase in Chinese air travel hopes are dependent on a breakthrough:

“People are hoping that the country’s new leadership can have a breakthrough in getting more airspace released to accommodate the rapid growth,” said Kelvin Lau, a Hong Kong-based analyst at Daiwa Securities Group Inc. “Otherwise, delays will persist and hurt the airlines’ long term growth prospects.”

Chinese air travel growth is running into serious delays caused by the Military:

Still, the pace isn’t quick enough to catch up with the airlines’ growth as the number of annual passengers has more than doubled in the past seven years, said David Wei, an aerospace analyst with Shanghai Securities Co.

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Taking Shock of Investment Opportunities
{cpywrte 5-16-13}


Venture Capital: Israel is Amazing the World with Enemies All Around [v3]

Venture Capital: Israel is Amazing the World with Enemies All Around  [Version 3]
By R.OliverLuce | April 26, 2013

For years Israel has been known for being the most innovative & creative country on earth and spitting out many inventions.

One invention one can easily think of, is their portable “Iron Dome” anti-missile system to render Islamic terrorist’s wild eyed rockets almost harmless! Wild eyed, because they would always yell and scream “god is great” when attempting to kill any non-Muslims like their most hated enemy, the Jews of the land of Israel! And of course the Jews are well known for their desire to do and create. For the Jews are for the most part a God fearing nation!


But what’s this? American companies and investors are tripping over themselves in grabbing a piece of Israel’s so-called startup success?

According to an article in Yahoo Business Insider there are at least 24 startup programs taking advantage of the hot Tel Aviv business environment! Some even by Microsoft and Google as reported, wow! Yikes, it LQQKs like every American Venture Capitalist has at least one Israeli startup it it’s portfolio or so it’s reported by Yahoo Business Insider writer Julie Bort! Is this right? Someone investigate! Israel can’t be this exciting. After all, Obama love Muslims and detests Israel, right, lol?

But wait, do we need an investigation? With 4,800 startups showing and 700 being venture capitalized out without any bootstrapping.  Israel is being labeled the “Startup Country” of the world.

Well, Julie Bort along with Mr. Weisfeld breaks down the startups like this:

* Israel culture breeds business people to take risks. Maybe a God has something to do with this. It isn’t low taxes for sure. Just think what would happen if taxes were LOW in Israel!

* Israelis speak their mind? What’s this? Maybe it’s that they all know each other and able to communicate with each other. Not here in America, lol, where we spend a lot of time walking in guilt.

* Israel has many world classic engineering schools. Ok, this is good. What’s wrong with America? Ah, we’ve thrown out God and now no one has the desire to excel except to complain! Oh God(help us)!

* Ah, military service! Everyone has to serve and it puts the fear of God into you. America doesn’t do that anymore. Too bad for us.

* Israel is a big attraction for research and development in the semiconductor world! Ok, that’s great. Israel is attracting somebody for good reason. Or maybe it’s simply America loosing it’s luster and pushing research & development overseas as Israel the primary target.

This country of Israel is a good bet for business and investment. It’s a land of people who are still in love with their country and are firmly united. Yes, they have their flaws which don’t seem to be fatal as what’s happening in America today! This is good soil for business. America would be better off to take notice and take another hard look at their “Godly heritage” for real; Divided we fall!

So, can we afford to gut this golden goose [Israel] just to appease the likes of Islam? Israel seems to be a good bet for the future! Who cares if there are one and one half billion Muslims. Love & assist the people but hate the behavior for the long run. Let’s not enable Islam to continue to attack Israel as is, but let us educate with the God of real logic and truth.

Business is good for families everywhere! REWARD what God has brought; Throw money at great potential and help those who are given to destruction, and NEVER enable evil to destroy what is successful. Israel seems to be a wonder for the future!

“Why US Companies Are Drooling Over Israel’s Amazing Startup Scene” -Julie Bort:

Referenced Industry links:

Israeli Startup Map of whoseWho and whose hiring:

Battery Ventures:


Microsoft [MSFT]:

Google [GOOG]:


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Myth of the Moderate Muslim & the Effect On Finances?

The Myth of the Moderate Muslim & the Effect On Finances?
By R.OliverLuce | April 23, 2013

It is said that Islam is a religion of peace.  And first off, it must be said, that there are those who will disagree with what I’m about to reveal in this article.  What I have written is contradicted by those who cheer for Islam and the moderate Muslim!  Mainly it’s those on the LEFT who believe and do openly support the leadership of Islam and the Moderate Muslim in America & in the West overall.  For Islam does keep on stating their desire to live in peace and never ever want to take over a country like the United States and deny the people their rights and freedoms!  Well, there you have it.  Will the Moderate Muslim really rule the day and recant the teachings of the Quran and Sharia? Will they truly show the way to true Muslim love and peace without following the Quran and Sharia?  Time will tell whether or not we might need to deport and defend our liberties in the future!

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Moderate Muslims are people who follow & obey the teachings from the Quran and Sharia Law.  If Sharia Law has not been instituted yet in the foreign country the Moderate Muslim might find himself in, they are expected to push, shove, & use the host country’s laws against it, in order to install Sharia.

This is the beginning of one of their prong attacks (so-called peace method of attack of their 3-prongs) in taking over the host country.  The United States will not be the financial leader in the world any longer when Islam begins their slow take-over using American freedoms to institute their sharia law and ultimately their culture.  Islamic culture will tear the constitution apart, and it will prevent people to NOT freely and morally to develop financially again as we know it.  Islam by it’s very nature is evil and destructive centering on dictates from their religion of hate.  Women for one will not be allowed to become entrepreneurs.  And Islam does not have any interest in American financial institutions as such.  Islam by it’s very nature is a political system supported by a religion that is against financial businesses as we know in the West.  Financial success in the West is based on Christian morals which Islam will never sustain.  For one, it’s a dictatorship by it’s, yes, very nature!

The free-financial capitalist dream America has enjoyed was a direct result of Christianity in America during the 1700’s and the 1800’s.  It was also the reason why South Korea surged so dramatically from the 1970’s until today. It was the overwhelming surge in people becoming Christians which allowed the fantastic financial development that has occurred in that country!  Look at all the high technology & car companies in South Korea!

Usually the Moderate Muslim will have no inclination for violence at all, and will not claim it’s (the violence) righteousness in public to non-Muslims.   But they are instructed to embrace the full-truth from the Quran and Sharia, especially in taking over the country they are residing in, and to lie to their non-Muslim hosts.  But of course, it’s a sin to lie to another Muslim.  At any rate, it is written, that once a single Muslim happens to step onto a foreign nations soil, it now and must belong to Allah in due time. Along with this teaching, all non-Muslims must be converted to Islam with no exceptions in the long run.

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This inadvertent Motley Fool contributor RobOliverLuce has no position in any stocks mentioned.  You can follow him on Twitter @ROliverLuce and by NO means is he associated or works for Motley Fool Financial.