Liberalism: From American Freedom to Wandering in Communist Deceit

“What share does God give from above?
What is the heritage from Shaddai [Lord] on high?
Isn’t it calamity to the unrighteous?
disaster to those who do evil [deceit]?
Doesn’t he see my ways
and count all my steps?

If I have gone along with falsehood [fake news],
if my feet have hurried to deceit;
then let me be weighed on an honest scale [truth],
so that God will know my integrity [or not].

If my steps have wandered from the way [godliness & honesty],
if my heart has followed my eyes,
if the least dirt [deceit] has stuck to my hands;
then let me sow and someone else eat,
let what grows from my fields be uprooted [removed from office].”

Reference: Job 31:2-8 {CJB version}


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