Making the Overthrow of Communism in Chile an Evil

~R.OliverLuce | 12-31-14

An article has been written by Brittany Vincent and published through Rosetta Books, Inc. depicting the over throw of Communism in Chile as an evil. But as history shows America and the free world has been and continues to be at WAR with worldwide Communism to this day.

Overthrowing Communists in Chile in 1973 was the right! Vietnam was wrong with an evil President LBJ, and later throwing Vietnam to the communists with guilt-lies from Mr. Kerry and the liberal Democrats of that era! The communists are simply the enemies of freedom then and today!

Today in 2014 Communism is attempting gradually to destroy the America through the lawless Obama, the Communist Answer Coalition, the Quran-Hadith Muslims, & lawless liberal Blacks who have failed to bring up sons and daughters in the tradition of true love, respect, and honor:


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