Social Media May Be Dangerous To Your Freedoms! Or is it Something Else?

@ROliverLuce | 01-19-17

Social Media ‘could be’ dangerous to your freedoms if we continue to believe everything ‘we feel’ is not fake news. Or even that we retain our own echo chamber kicking out those ‘we feel’ have the lies and half-truths. The real issue I contend instead is ‘we the people’ slowly leaving the basis of all truth!

[What is ‘gaslighting?’ The ZDNet Article I’m writing about (herein) is attempting to describe a social reaction to a new term.]

With the advent of many American people leaving ‘the basis of truth’ found in the Bible, the Republic has gone astray leaving open the possibility of a vacuum that brings in chaos! This author is advocating that ‘Social Media’ encourages the absence of truth by its nature of allowing anything posted as news for example! However, I contend it’s all about leaving our first love, of the Bible, that held Americans together. Of course, Americans are not perfect from any perspective.

Of course, an absence of foundational truth does bring in destructive elements, like Alinsky-liberalism in filling the vacuum we see today in our Republic. For example a President and a party filled with Alinsky-communist liberals with their Muslim cohorts and their Islamic Sharia (laws) that stand against the values of the American Constitution.

People who believe in government control with a religious (like Islam) wing that drives and supports control can never understand the Biblical basis of the American social system. It’s also the basis from which we get the American Constitution.

The following quote[1] I’m providing from this ZDNet Article is simply common sense from which I have alliterated above. And from what I have written at the beginning of this article of mine, the real issue is walking away and losing our sense of the truth from the Hebrew-Christian Old Covenant and the Jewish-Christian New Covenant books. We are now venturing into uncharted territory. America based on lies and hearsay and candy coated news articles. The fake news and the lies will lead to the fall of the United States of America as we know it. America enslaved in the end.

Quoting the ZDNet Article [1]:

“We need to read beyond the first 200 words and all become critical thinkers, question every single thing we read on social media, read the story from as many sources as possible, and learn to recognize which sources to disregard and classify as the enemies of American journalistic values, which are dividing and lying to us.” {From the ZDNet Article.}

And as the author, of the ZDNet Article, says in particular:

“I will refuse to be ‘gaslighted’[2] through social media. And I hope my readers will as well.” {From the ZDNet Article.}
[He is saying to become free thinkers, thinking out of the box (Social Media). Yes, if you need too. But the REAL QUESTION is, what is your basis of thinking? The only way a free Republic can endure is by embracing the God who created this entire world. This God has his laws and common sense that promises a better society that encourages people who are self-restrained and civil with each other.]

[2] The definition of gaslighting described:

The description of the author’s definition of ‘gaslighting’ follows:
“We need to go old school [like]. As American citizens, we need to shed our Technology Augmented Autism [meaning] to become free thinkers and to choose our sources wisely.” {From the ZDNet Article.}
[Sue we can do this!  Again, the real problem is leaving the basis of truth, from the Bible, and believing anything that ‘sounds’ right.]

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[1] ZDNet Article Title & Link Reference:
Article title:
“How social media is crippling democracy, and why we seem powerless to stop it”

“Tech-assisted gaslighting is destroying truth, justice, and the American way. Can anything be done?”

ZDNet Article Link:


Making the Overthrow of Communism in Chile an Evil

~R.OliverLuce | 12-31-14

An article has been written by Brittany Vincent and published through Rosetta Books, Inc. depicting the over throw of Communism in Chile as an evil. But as history shows America and the free world has been and continues to be at WAR with worldwide Communism to this day.

Overthrowing Communists in Chile in 1973 was the right! Vietnam was wrong with an evil President LBJ, and later throwing Vietnam to the communists with guilt-lies from Mr. Kerry and the liberal Democrats of that era! The communists are simply the enemies of freedom then and today!

Today in 2014 Communism is attempting gradually to destroy the America through the lawless Obama, the Communist Answer Coalition, the Quran-Hadith Muslims, & lawless liberal Blacks who have failed to bring up sons and daughters in the tradition of true love, respect, and honor:


Liberalism Using Progressivism to Fool Progressive Conservative Americans

~R.OliverLuce | 10-15-14

The article: “A progressive majority in America? Why a Conservative America is a Myth?” Oh please! But please do read the following liberal article on their re-labeling directive (article).

After READING the article below, think about this:
I dare say most Americans are conservative (of which many don’t think about it at all) and they ALSO want to be progressive in terms of improving their lives within the Constitution of the United States without lawlessness. A Constitution that protects us from lawless legal-precedents too often used by and from Liberals who now think they can hoodwink Americans with a NEW term, “progressive” as if they have changed their WORLDVIEW back to believing in the Constitution!

What liberalism is doing is covering up their communist heritage by STEALING the term “progressive.” Let it be known Liberals are Liberal progressive wannabes as the rest of us are for the most part American Conservative-Progressives already.  So much for the WAR over terminology in fooling most of us who might be too busy to be wise.

Moreover, Liberal-progressivism is all about utopian-communism that results in forcing people and driving natural human incentives away bringing down self worth. Forced communist re-education never works. Communist mentality does not know the way of human nature nor does it know how to inspire and develop creativity. And this is because it’s enemy is freedom! Liberalism is [LIB]progressivism is utopianism is communism is… the way of death… as in the death panels… or as in Islamic beliefs… or as in a fool’s wise to deceive.

The reference to the Liberal re-labeling article and how you and I are really liberals:

Nice to receive a handwritten letter from Obama telling it’s the right thing to do; Fudging our freedoms away!

It’s very nice to receive a contrite handwritten letter from Mr. Obama & a helping check or two for hapless Americans. And yet taking actions with Mr. Harry Reid how to limit and control Americans in the name of “it’s the right thing to do”.

Yes!! Liberals, Progressives, Communists (what ever they want to be called) they all believe they know better and there lies the trouble.

These people have a “worldview of perfect peace and balance” to push a controlling agenda through lies and deception and telling us “we can have our freedoms and keep them”, but conveniently planning to come back again to gainsay over our freedoms in wearing us the American people down!

They do believe you and I are weak and stupid and willing to be worn down. Well, they are recorded as saying so in liberal-media teleconferences! Ok, do we want a controlling nanny state where our freewill visions are limited if not dammed by elite people who believe they are the righteous above their creator? Gosh people!! Communism has killed more people in history than any other worldview!

Eventually the slow boiling of the frog will kill and then the hell begins. Let real men and women forget about their lives and take a stand with courage!


Republic in Danger Day1: Progressive’s Anti-Americanism, The Filibuster, & Breaking Law

Today it’s open revelations for everyone who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear!

The Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, has led the democrats in taking away the filibuster from the minority element in the senate for the first time in history.

This is cause for concern! This only crushes dissent and would allow communist inspired democrats to ram through their progressive minded court appointees without real clear vetting. This can only mean a real tilt towards eventual communism in the courts; This would reorder our laws and regulations in doing away with the founding father’s constitution as we know it.

This can only be the beginning of changing America fundamentally (As Obama stated) towards eventual stealth communism (Progressivism) with it’s own political correctness with biting repercussions stifling dissent in America! A huge example of this are the new hate crimes being instituted and promoted, instead of simply enforcing our laws. After all, killing a people who may be weird such as so-called gays is wrong; killing is killing period. But it’s one of many excuses in advancing the Progressive’s anti-American agenda.  But I must digress to add Benghazi which is about to explode!  We must take the country back from Mr. Obama and  these Progressives who are seemingly communists in hiding!

The Republic (a republican form of democracy) is in danger! Our Republic if we should keep it, as Ben Franklin reportedly have said in the year 1787, is in real trouble as of this 2013! With this event of removing the filibuster doing damage and endangering the senate, there are other developments doing damage to the country.

We have a President as well who is breaking the law**, not enforcing our laws, and circumventing Congress with presidential dictates, all by Barack Obama with the excuse of congressional gridlock! Gridlock? Of course gridlock! America is in the middle of a culture war for our nation’s SOUL with people who want change and are tired of our Christian moral anchors that have kept balance. Our national sins should not and never should damn our entire heritage. We must instead continue to confront our national sins with our Christian moral base to rid institutional racism for example. But instead our national sins have become an excuse to bring about these on-going anti-American laws, regulations, and political correctness, we now see, damaging our society in many harsh ways. For example porn has been allowed to run amuck increasingly since the 1950’s destroying the family and creating the excuse for allowing the promotion of homo-sex and forcing Americans never to dissent against it or allowing gay-marriage [seemingly to prove to God their gay-sex is godly], i.e. we are not allowed to have an opinion on this issue (this is tyranny)!

So, yes it’s true. America is a land of laws; it’s founded on law. A country with moral Judeo-Christian anchors and a way of life that inspires the human spirit to achieve and invent with freedoms! The more this communist element (progressive democrats) forces porn and other vices on the American electorate our freedoms will cease and America will be fully transformed as the Progressive President Obama has stated in 2008. The American experiment will be over.

But if the American people DO rediscover The Father-God’s Covenant of Love as an intimate Lord and Savior in their personal lives, saving them from their selves(sin), AND to reinstate our social morals and attitudes, with GRACE and LOVE for each other despite our vices which we all want to overcome someday, we will prevail;
A third national spiritual reformation!!


**Our President and Democrats are allowing the diluting of our national heritage with foreigners who are not Americans who are illegals being encouraged and allowed to sneak in and even vote and receive American benefits. The corrupting of American wages are being allowed as well with low wages by both Republican and Progressive corporations! But all this on purpose for political gain for more voters?
Legal immigration is the law and the word immigrant means a new legalized American who use to be a foreigner; illegal immigrant is a contradiction in terms!

GOP Gloating Over A CommunistCare Strikedown ONLY Enboldens the Evil to Continue


Regarding overturning Obama’s CommunistCare, of course conservatives & the GOP must NOT gloat as to profane the truth in the eyes of unbelievers (liberals & anti-Christians). Why? Because unbelievers have a sheep like focus on the attitude at hand and will continue to move against the truth with all diligence. This explains why in many cases, why so many people turn away from the truth only because of focusing on the behavior & attitude of those who support the truth. Its even unseemly to watch Christians who ‘support’ the truth act unbecomingly in an attitude that is not of Christ for example!    [There is a big difference between gloating-over (and) cheering that truth is overcoming what leads to eventual-evil!! ]

Let us not gloat but continue to spread the truth in saving the Republic from a financial ruin!!


Obama Suspends Deportation of Thousands of Illegals by Dictate; & Ignoring Congress

Obama Suspends Yet Another American Law!

Obama suspends deportation for thousands of illegals, and tells the GOP to pass DREAM Act and wants it on his desk without delay. The president says, “These are young people who study in our schools and play on our playgrounds,” as the president said. “They are Americans in every single way but one – on paper.” What!! This kind of logic and the his statement of a focus on play grounds allows us to forget something along the way! Oh yeah, with all this ‘playground focus’ we start to skip our way through the tulips into a sense of eventual lawlessness. Yes, lawlessness for the sake of political gain, i.e. illegal votes as before [see ACORN]. Yes, it sounds like, it’s all for the children again. It’s all for political gain instead of doing what is constitutional! Same ‘old focus’ for more votes as before. Their public actions prove it!! I mean, gosh, voter ID. Why do we contend with all kinds of other ID-stuff in our daily lives especially with the Feds? It’s plain to see the evil in their focus, hiding behind their so-called ‘fair voting’.

But more importantly Obama will not talk nor compromise with Marco Rubio’s compromise [yes compromise] on the children of illegals with democrats in congress. Obama is ignoring congress but is attempting to dictate to congress! Obama’s compromise is for the GOP accept only his deal on the far-left of the battleground for the soul of this country! The far-left is anti-constitutional in the long run!! The president says his position is not amnesty, nor immunity, nor a path to citizenship. But it is. It’s the agenda to do just that in sidestepping our laws in gaining some kind of political advantage.

The published article, listed in a link below, spells out in a nutshell Representative Marco Rubio’s compromise on the children of illegals for which Obama refuses to deal. Again, the President who keeps telling us it’s ‘HIS WHITEHOUSE’, wants to dictate to congress only HIS position which dovetails his/their idea of ‘fair voting’ with the prevention of voter ID, which if prevented, will allow illegals to vote as before [yes as before]. This is a sinister president who sits in ‘OUR WHITEHOUSE’. Can we vote for the ‘Other Guys’ [President Romney] instead without always voting automatically for the incumbent just because our wallets might/could be full? Danger ‘is’ coming when we hit that CLIFF!!! And it’s COMING!!! And with the crash comes the ‘new fundamental change’ that Obama has been stating!!! Yep the Obama change.

• The Marco Rubio compromise on the children of illegals:
Marco Rubio’s compromise is a real solution to immigration reform regarding illegal children:

We are in a battle for who will control our country. It will either be liberalism with control through eventual-communism by progressive-regulative dictates [read the ObamaCare law] leading eventually to hardcore communism (or) it will be by our constitutional process and enforcing our laws and removing excess regulation [the dictates] on all Americans.

• Referenced article (6-15-12) on Obama’s announcement regarding illegal amnesty:
{Title of the article: “Obama suspends deportation for thousands of illegals, tells GOP to pass DREAM Act”}

Liberal Fed Judges Creating LAW in pushing Pseudo-Communism!

Federal judge blocks Texas from cutting off Planned Parenthood; IT’S UN-CONSTITUTIONAL? IT’S ONLY ABOUT THE FUNDING MR. JUDGE, THE FUNDING, THE FUNDING of murdering babies!!  WE DO NOT FUND THE NAZI KILLING OF BABIES!!  Tell this LIBERAL law creating judge TO STOP! Texas has the right to run its own STATE. The Texas action is unconstitutional? GET OUT OF HERE!! Someone, please tell this judge to please BACK OFF!! This is creating a lawless and confusing nation with Federal Judges creating new liberal-style laws in advancing a LIBERAL CONTROL AGENDA (pseudo-communism):


Christianity is the Foundation of America; Let the Atheists be Separated Instead

Christianity is made up of MANY religions; Separation of Church and State has never applied except when 1 Christian religion is promoted by a Government.

Atheists are stealing the cross off a 91 year old soldier’s grave claiming it violates separation of church and state!  Here we go again, with an evil agenda as if it was all true!

But as for the “separation of church & state” being in the Constitution or being the under pinning of America, it is not true and never has been! Christianity is made up of MANY RELIGIONS within Christianity!! However, Christian America** has backslidden from its time tested morality for ugly self-centeredness and sensuality, sending America down a sewer hole! America needs to realize what it’s doing to its self. She believes the lies that are pushing her into the sewer. However, what the Atheists are doing is nothing more than Obama style [eventual] communism that is being advanced upon America.

Soft or hard tyranny of any kind will not and does not play any part in so-called Christian America**! American needs to humble its self and return to its God where people again will treat each other with respect and honor. Where wonderful White, wonderful Hispanic, and wonderful Negro people everywhere will love each other without DEMANDING but letting go and letting God!

**Christian America does not mean everyone or almost everyone are Christians. But what it does mean America is a Christian based society in ensuring that liberty will be ensured. Real liberty can never last without a society that is self-restrained!! Without a moral majority there will be tyranny in due season. This is a time tested truth from history. There is a God and we are more than able to know Him as well.

Liberalism Pushing Utopia Through Forcing Your Life into Poverty

America’s Liberalism uses the cause of the poor for control and regulation in pushing for an elusive Utopian dream. But this dream always ends up enriching Liberalism’s own leaders and bankrupting America. After all, someone has to enjoy the wealth and lead the useful people who gladly follow. These glad-followers are blind because of the evil agenda that must be promoted with the ends always justifying the means. Therefore evil is in its nature!

Now when Government or communism tells us about needing to feed the poor and help the children! You know it’s all about control & regulation and telling you NOT to vote for the other guys who aren’t really for freedom. When they tell you this they are attempting to grab control or keeping it!!

If the Liberal eventual communists really are concerned about the poor and the needy, then they must do their part NOW on a personal level, if they really mean business. Why wait to join a cause that takes away other’s freedoms in the name of freedom to push a stupid Utopian dream with a lie that the poor will no longer exist. It’s all a lie! Read the Bible IF the spirit of high-minded pride will let you.
Even Jesus has said, “You will always have the poor.” Otherwise, yes, it’s always been a ploy by evil peeps to control people and promote the wealth of control freaks; the control freaks who are the leaders of these communist and fascist movements. The American Liberal regulation & control movement can be included here. By its very nature is eventual-communism as well.