Does the Deceptive Arabic Quran/Hadith Own FoxNews or Not?

~R.OliverLuce | 01-04-15

Can it be true certain Muslim elements, such as Dubai for example, have bought shares of FoxNews STOCK that may be putting a muzzle on Fox for conveying the truth of Islam and the Arabic Quran and the Hadith?

Muslim ownership of Fox could possibly put a muzzle on FoxNews in reporting factual details about Islam in general.
And it also could prevent reporting of the truth in particular about the peaceful Muslims as such.

Because here it is! The peaceful Muslims are peaceful for only as long as Allah says it peaceful in the beginning when Allah see the numbers of Muslims are few and ineffectual.
Let us be clear! Today’s peaceful Muslims do support the defense and the promotion of SHARIA that is defined in the Quran (and further explained in the Hadith). They do this through claiming victimization over so-called religious and trivial matters on the host schools and on the host businesses. Of course they do become offended at all the Christian and Jewish symbols that may be in and around the host nation’s government buildings as well. In addition to the above peaceful jihad measures they will use political and religious legal means on the host’s legal statutes; Islam does use the host country’s own legal system and laws against them in breaking down the will of the host that could or might begin to pushback.

What follows is a more violent aspect of their increasing level of all kinds of jihads in showing the host nation who might be in charge. But it’s them who are becoming in charge! This is only after their numbers increase and they begin to get the upper hand in convincing the host leaders of their deception, using a form of false guilt that plays on the host nation.

Of course there is a third stage of jihad that is waged by all Muslims whether they be the peaceful Muslims or the Islamic terror military force many Muslims start and join, what we in the host nation call radical terrorists. Violence attacks are now started and continued because now Muslims believe they are in control of the host nation. They are now the ones who direct what direction the country will go! Never mind the previous government, Allah now rules. Muslims are now truly peaceful because they OWN the host nation and those who are NOT Muslims will be forced to leave, die, and/or pay a heavy tax to stay. But everyone must and will obey Sharia.  Everyone!


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