Whose is right? McCain says it’s a bad day for democracy; The American People say it’s a great day for the Republic!

Whose is right? McCain says it’s a bad day for democracy; The American People say it’s a great day for the Republic!

Who is Right? McCain says it’s a Bad Day for Democracy; The American People Say It’s a Great Day for the Republic!
@ROliverLuce | 04-06-17

McCain on filibuster change: ‘It’s a bad day for democracy?’ It’s a great day in saving a republic which is NOT a democracy but, again, a Republic! A great Judge can now join the Supremes!

We have saved this Republic from the party [both political parties] elite’s desire to bring about lawlessness to bring about their idea of an anti-Constitutional N.W.O. agenda of globalism with an Islamic Sharia enforcement.

“The Republicans nuke [the] Supreme Court filibuster to squeeze through Gorsuch?
“To squeeze through,” YOU SAY? You are saying, WHAT, Mr. McCain? Yes, of course! To squeeze through the ‘clean’ judge is to RETAIN our constitutional laws!
The American people who support the Constitution and its benefits will never blindly support liberal Democrats, their liberal Republicans, or anyone else for that matter, who will again support anything like N.W.O. globalism with any Islamic enforcement!

Never again, Mr. John McCain will we support your complicity in this WAR over Gorsuch and other conservatives for the bench. You, sir, are one of the reasons why the filibuster is only designed for good men who support the American Constitution in its non-perverse Interpretation.

The filibuster was never meant for people who wish to play games year after year to push for an UN-American Globalist agenda!

Lawlessness ends today with the squeeze on GLOBALISM, and it’s Islamic enforcement!
Sharia will be Deported from the United States! The legal and genuine immigrants of the American people have spoken: We do not want any anti-Constitutional Muslim refugees bringing Sharia into the country, nor any illegal aliens slaves entering these United States so help us, God!

If individual so-called sanctuary states do not comply with the law even in the face of Federal funds being withheld, action must commence.
As Kennedy has done before, President Trump must do again in sending troops into lawless states to put down any lawlessness the should spring forth.

Thus it should be no surprise that this President should act even in the face of bloody fighting to save a more perfect Union.

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McCain on filibuster change: ‘It’s a bad day for democracy’


{Revised} “Robin Husain Hood” in Reverse; A Health Care Crisis?

Breaking News from YahooNews! ‘Robin Hood in reverse’: CBO report on GOP health care plan supports Democrats’ charges? What?

Top Liberal Democrats say 24 million will lose their health insurance if the GOP plan replaces the A.C.A. which is the Liberal-Democrat’s current affordable plan; A Demo-plan with many unrelated hidden laws.

What’s new here?
Obama gave us a broken government-dictated health system that does NOT work! Instead of being affordable it’s NOT! A creepy care system with anti-Constitutional laws embedded. New hidden-laws unrelated to health are placing burdens on the American people and their freedoms.
The GOP goal is to fix and do away with the broken Liberal-Democrat N.W.O. Health system. It will mean a many Americans will be dropped during the interim and those people will simply get into plans that work without government interference!
At the least, the GOP must have THIS as their goal, or we might well have Liberal tyranny once again!

Consider where ALL this BEGAN!
It began with these Liberal-Democrats enacting a plan called ObamaCare that did lead to over 30 plus million losing their healthcare plans! So much for so-called “Cadillac” health plans for factory workers as well.

Oh, and what about that ‘failed’ A.C.A. (ObamaCare) website where no one wanted to risk using it, where hackers were euphoric to join?

AND let the private sector finally allow everyone to get health insurance across state boundaries! Let’s GET THE GOVERNMENT OUT OF THE WAY for good.

~@ROliverLuce | 03-13-17

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After Train Wreck? Trump defends his ban on Muslims amid fierce liberal backlash

@ROliverLuce | 01-29-17

A fierce backlash, from the liberals of the Democrat party who lost the 2016 election. The America people want to be safe!

The only train wreck is those hundreds of protesters and liberal lawyers making a scene in the middle of busy airports over a few Muslims caught coming into the country! We are in another kind of COLD WAR with Islam pushing for Sharia dominance worldwide.

Banning Muslims is Constitutional according to the Muslim Hadith, the Quran, & the Sira in light of The Constitution!
No Matter what slight versions of these three holy books.
All Muslims must serve Allah as the only god. And his servant Mohammad is his prophet whereby all Muslims must emulate in various ways in their lives.

It’s only the liberal elements and other misguided people in our society who are fierce against the new American President who has been elected to stop this present Muslim invasion of North America. Mrs. Hillary’s liberal forces are attempting to STOP the ‘will’ of the people and their States!

President Trump is making good on a plan to SAVE the Republic from lawlessness and the invasion of Sharia. It is good that Muslims are stopped in their tracks and sent back from various airports to their own countries where Sharia is the LAW of the LAND THERE. Not here in America!

It’s all about our laws [Anti-Muslim laws of 1952, the Constitution.],
it’s all about our Constitution [No room for Sharia],
it’s all about WHY the Founding Fathers
initiated the founding of the U.S. Marines to fight the Muslims and quell their dangerous quest for world domination and world commerce.

The problem why Muslims look and sound innocent is due to their simple humanity.  They have feelings as well as other Americans.  But those feelings side with a sinister of a system of belief that is both political and religious.  This system comes from Islam’s holy (in their view) trilogy.  And they do have Imams that preach and teach them how and when to carry out Allah’s will accordingly.  Thus all Muslims must perform those dictates (in various personal ways) from those books that form the basis of Sharia (law).  This they do in pleasing their God, Allah.  When they enter another host country they must adhere to the ‘holy’ scheme of overpowering that host nation but in various stages according to how the will of Allah is best suited.

An example of a cultural jihad is taking over the streets and praying.  Another example would be groups of Muslims attending an American school and telling the school they are offended at a Christian cross or an American flag.  Every sane person should understand this kind of behavior is rude, no matter the religion.  It’s common sense to leave the country they are offended at.  When in Rome do as the Romans do!!

These jihadi stages depend on the Muslim’s growth in numbers.  The Muslim’s jihad activity also depends on how weak and useful the host nation’s population appears to them.  Muslims in each stage will grow progressively bolder with each type of cultural jihads.  Violent jihad is taken up by Muslims who are willing to be the soldiers of Islam for the glory of Allah.  The rest (the citizens of Islam if you will)  are the quiet but willing supporters.  Violent jihad can be used as a distraction from the cultural jihads that are being conducted.  Conducted by the peaceful Muslims who support the terrorist warriors.

Actually the advancement of Sharia depends on how quickly the other Muslim nations can push their numbers into the host country in question as well as how quickly Muslim families can produce babies.  Muslims are known for having 8 or more children per family.  And it also can be referred to as a jihad for the cause of Allah.

It’s all about  Sharia (law) in a creeping fashion in America!

Making the Overthrow of Communism in Chile an Evil

~R.OliverLuce | 12-31-14

An article has been written by Brittany Vincent and published through Rosetta Books, Inc. depicting the over throw of Communism in Chile as an evil. But as history shows America and the free world has been and continues to be at WAR with worldwide Communism to this day.

Overthrowing Communists in Chile in 1973 was the right! Vietnam was wrong with an evil President LBJ, and later throwing Vietnam to the communists with guilt-lies from Mr. Kerry and the liberal Democrats of that era! The communists are simply the enemies of freedom then and today!

Today in 2014 Communism is attempting gradually to destroy the America through the lawless Obama, the Communist Answer Coalition, the Quran-Hadith Muslims, & lawless liberal Blacks who have failed to bring up sons and daughters in the tradition of true love, respect, and honor:



A Broken Constitutional Covenant & Coming Judgment

by R.OliverLuce | 02-27-2014

The nation’s Covenant {constitution} has been broken & judgment is coming, BUT it has begun already!  You who have cast off the restraints of the American Covenant do you think your own ways will bring a better agenda?  It shall be worse for you than had you simply sinned before your forefathers.  No redemption for you because of your attitude!

The difference between those who have had enough of American redemption, and those who know they sin but believe in personal & national redemption is great.  For those who focus on the sins of their country cannot and will not ever see a future of being a blessing to others and themselves.

The individual who despises the sins of the American nation without regard to national grace and redemption has grown cold in their attitude towards righteousness and their trust in the creator.  And other Americans have chosen to believe in their country and does so in focusing on national graciousness and redemption while knowing we have our sins both personally and nationally!

This American life of redemption is based on a spiritual “Manifest Destiny” that was initiated by our first President, George Washington.  A Destiny in educating people groups such as the Indians in developing a righteous society full of hope, perseverance, and civility. This destiny was to be a future based on grace and care in self-restraint and self-responsibility.  Not a Manifest Destiny full of greedy Americans stealing land and killing Indians as liberals would distort it with false guilt and half truths!  But, for a society to avoid certain ills such as homosexuality and porn can only be accomplished through a people willing to hold each other responsible with care and real love in wisdom.  Yes, in this regard it does take a community but not as a communist tyranny but through willing sacrifice and giving of each other, inspired from the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in God our creator.

Man can not afford to have an inflated ego in believing he’s done it all himself.  A successful society is bigger than himself!!  But he can do it through empowerment from the Holy Spirit who is God; Our God is 3 in 1, a God of relationships, The Father, the Son(Word), the Holy Spirit, a model of relationship for us all.

Republic in Danger Day1: Progressive’s Anti-Americanism, The Filibuster, & Breaking Law

Today it’s open revelations for everyone who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear!

The Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, has led the democrats in taking away the filibuster from the minority element in the senate for the first time in history.

This is cause for concern! This only crushes dissent and would allow communist inspired democrats to ram through their progressive minded court appointees without real clear vetting. This can only mean a real tilt towards eventual communism in the courts; This would reorder our laws and regulations in doing away with the founding father’s constitution as we know it.

This can only be the beginning of changing America fundamentally (As Obama stated) towards eventual stealth communism (Progressivism) with it’s own political correctness with biting repercussions stifling dissent in America! A huge example of this are the new hate crimes being instituted and promoted, instead of simply enforcing our laws. After all, killing a people who may be weird such as so-called gays is wrong; killing is killing period. But it’s one of many excuses in advancing the Progressive’s anti-American agenda.  But I must digress to add Benghazi which is about to explode!  We must take the country back from Mr. Obama and  these Progressives who are seemingly communists in hiding!

The Republic (a republican form of democracy) is in danger! Our Republic if we should keep it, as Ben Franklin reportedly have said in the year 1787, is in real trouble as of this 2013! With this event of removing the filibuster doing damage and endangering the senate, there are other developments doing damage to the country.

We have a President as well who is breaking the law**, not enforcing our laws, and circumventing Congress with presidential dictates, all by Barack Obama with the excuse of congressional gridlock! Gridlock? Of course gridlock! America is in the middle of a culture war for our nation’s SOUL with people who want change and are tired of our Christian moral anchors that have kept balance. Our national sins should not and never should damn our entire heritage. We must instead continue to confront our national sins with our Christian moral base to rid institutional racism for example. But instead our national sins have become an excuse to bring about these on-going anti-American laws, regulations, and political correctness, we now see, damaging our society in many harsh ways. For example porn has been allowed to run amuck increasingly since the 1950’s destroying the family and creating the excuse for allowing the promotion of homo-sex and forcing Americans never to dissent against it or allowing gay-marriage [seemingly to prove to God their gay-sex is godly], i.e. we are not allowed to have an opinion on this issue (this is tyranny)!

So, yes it’s true. America is a land of laws; it’s founded on law. A country with moral Judeo-Christian anchors and a way of life that inspires the human spirit to achieve and invent with freedoms! The more this communist element (progressive democrats) forces porn and other vices on the American electorate our freedoms will cease and America will be fully transformed as the Progressive President Obama has stated in 2008. The American experiment will be over.

But if the American people DO rediscover The Father-God’s Covenant of Love as an intimate Lord and Savior in their personal lives, saving them from their selves(sin), AND to reinstate our social morals and attitudes, with GRACE and LOVE for each other despite our vices which we all want to overcome someday, we will prevail;
A third national spiritual reformation!!


**Our President and Democrats are allowing the diluting of our national heritage with foreigners who are not Americans who are illegals being encouraged and allowed to sneak in and even vote and receive American benefits. The corrupting of American wages are being allowed as well with low wages by both Republican and Progressive corporations! But all this on purpose for political gain for more voters?
Legal immigration is the law and the word immigrant means a new legalized American who use to be a foreigner; illegal immigrant is a contradiction in terms!

History in the making; Watch Evolution Actually Work

Watch Evolution Actually Move Through Time

Want to watch how the process of evolution moves through time? Watch Karl Rove go from being kinda conservative with “poor RINO but sure fire Christian Bush” to evil Rove calling all conservatives LIBERALS, wow!


Ooops, I guess he’s only calling this guy a LIB and a few others but not ALL.  I am very sorry 🙂

Yahoo News Pushes Soft/Hard Porn in Advancing the Liberal Agendas

By R OliverLuce | 07-10-2013

Has anyone notice, hummm. YahooNews, Inc. is obsessed with softy and hardy porn so much so, you get the feeling they ARE pushing hard to hook you. I mean after all, sex sells huh? Actually it’s a time tested way to corrupt and destroy a nice nation. Check it out. One could say 5 out of 10 stories or pictures or more on YahooNews.com are all about sex, porn, & sneak previews of you know what. On second thought don’t. Porn does affect us all. Stop listening to the creeps who goat you on, and by teasing you. They are the fools of nature! It is a well known notion that if you push sex/porn you can capture a nation. It is also well known that YahooNews is obsessed with liberal thoughts,i.e. their own stories tell the sweet truth.

As for myself, I refrain from these “Yahoo News’s” porn pushing stories with pictures included to drive people further into marriage breaking PORN whether it be SOFT or HARD. Porn effects us ALL. That is WHY & HOW God created SEX to be beautiful between a MAN & a WOMAN in their bedroom in a covenant contract for life. WHEN WILL WE RETURN TO WISDOM & CONTRAINTS? We are ruined, we have un-done ourselves!!

I still have HOPE we will FORSAKE OUR miss-placed PRIDE and return to our CREATOR Jesus who sealed THE DEAL on the Father’s COVENANT of LOVE w/ tough GRACE. In HIS covenant there is wonderful benefits and terrible consequences as well….. as we can see in a NATION drowning in it’s own national sins of obsession.

WE are all called to “salvation from ourselves” but not ALL accept our Creator’s LOVE & acceptance to grow in wisdom and knowledge and self control. Love? What’s that? Some say love is sex-lust or they think they love when they don’t know love, and how sad that is.

Is It a TAX or Is It a FEE Obama? And Benedict Arnold Defends CommunistCare!

The Supreme Court of the land has proclaimed the ObamaCare mandate is a TAX and is worthy of the people despite how the people feel and despite how the court has now ruined the Constitution!! Roberts himself has violated the Constitution as sure as we can read it! But I digress, this will be taken care on another day AFTER we examine the evils of the Obama factor! There will be impeachment actions against not only all liberal judges who are creating law but Mr. Roberts will likely be impeached as well. Justice Roberts has now become another Benedict Arnold in American history; a traitor to our country!

It’s very interesting to listen to Mr. Obama. Remember what he had told us when he and the Democratic liberals were ramming ObamaCare through congress? HE, Mr. Obama, told us the mandate was NOT a TAX during the time when the American people were screaming at him and the Democrats to stop; the America people wanted to KILL THE BILL!

Oh man, then finally came the judgment call from the Supreme Court! Obama’s lawyers were arguing that the ObamaCare mandate was NOT a TAX, Oh man!! Yes, they were telling poor Justice Roberts, among the other justices, the mandate was never meant to be a FEE but a TAX. Ah but then the Supremes came out with their judgment call. They proclaimed it to be a… TAX!! And that everything was just [im]peachy with them and Justice Roberts in particular [except the constitution doesn’t like it]. A TAX??? We are being forced and shoved down our necks to buy insurance from the Government?? INSANE!! I might not mine if my Grandmother would force me to buy her apple pie. But the Government has no business DOING THIS MUCK!!

So, please President Obama which is it going to be? A TAX? but that would invalidate your whole ramming process, wouldn’t it, in congress! That’s correct, Mr. Obama, your ObamaCare bill had to have originated in the house, lol. But it didn’t!! But hold everything! IF you say it’s NOT a tax and you’re pushing to prove that, then you are in hot water for all to see, brother Obama. This is a STUPID move on your part, sir. The Supreme Court founded the MANDATE to be a TAX, sir lol. How can you push to prove otherwise when YOU told your ‘lawless’ Lawyers that it’s only a TAX.
[Yes, ‘lawless’. Because you are now backtracking trying to prove otherwise you ‘white washed wall’. I and many others do not respect you for your behavior, sir. Sad isn’t it? What is an Obama to do, except scream RACISM huh!!!]

Obama sir!! Your sins have come out into the open for all to see! This is the time for all rational American-liberals everywhere to flee this kind of thinking and my gosh it’s stupid thinking!!! But for me to say all this of course, will only put evil pride into their hearts to call me and other conservatives names instead. Let God be the judge of who will turn away from this crazy behavioral-evil.

And now let it be said, the U.S. Government is being led by ‘worthless fellows’ (hint, see bible). This election of 2012 is important!!

~Read this:
~And realize this:
1 Obama was telling us the mandate was NOT a TAX when he was ramming ObamaCare!
2 Then Obama told his lawyers to tell the Supremes the mandate is only a TAX!
3 The Supreme Justices came out, telling us that the ObamaCare mandate was a TAX!
4 Now Obama is out to PROVE its a fine, a FEE, after telling his lawyers it’s a TAX!!!
5 What a dirty mess!
6 Why would an American-liberal re-elect this guy I will never know!! We thought liberals prided themselves as being very righteous as Jesus was or is or will be or whatever? Liberals tell us that ‘they’ are on the correct side and we’re wrong as evil is wrong lol!! Control of people’s lives must come to save the earth, lol lol lol. Oh Lord!!
Again, what a dirty mess!

[Published 06-27-12]

Global Warming: Liberalism Keeps Using the Hitler Lie Technic

Like Communism and like Hitler, Liberal Control is no different in thinking, scheming, controlling, and lying! Liberalism keeps on subtly conveying and pushing the LIE of global warming and rising seas well after it’s been proven it’s a falsehood. They keep on conveying the lie very subtly in various articles like the one referenced below, and continue to do so until the lie is accepted, unless of course people wake up and educated themselves to the evil that is befalling them! The American people must keep on being vigilant in beating back this LIBERAL EVIL in our land!

Therefore, let us remember to vote out every living liberal out of all levels of STATE & FEDERAL government and replace liberal governmental bureaucratic employees who act as dictators (EPA for example) for the elected liberal officials who are in congress!

The Hitler lie technic is to keep on telling the lie until people accept it as the truth.