A Prelimiary Formula for Solving America’s Illegal Foreigner System

~by R.OliverLuce | 06-11-14

Serious comments between the usual reacting congress and excited ranchers dealing with a possible destruction of a nation through the flooding of billions of illegals rushing our borders for Obama’s candy advertised on Mexican billboards in Mexico City!

# Conversation follows:

A friendly but excited exchange of words between American congressmen and very excited American ranchers whom most of Americans support follows:

// Typical congressman: “Listen, I understand that you’re frustrated,” the Congressman tells his constituents after a brutal slaying by the drug cartels. “I’m frustrated too, but most of these people are good, law-abiding folks—“

// Excited rancher: “And nobody blames them,” a citizen shoots back. “We blame you – for not sealing the border.”

My answer to the above usual congressman’s answer IS, being “good, nice, and law-abiding folks” is NOT an excuse to be illegal and breaking the law and circumventing everyone else who are inline legally to enter our country! These nice law-abiding people ARE NOT; They are NOT law-abiding as they say they are!! They know it and so does congress and the White House!  A solution to this mess follows below:

Begin here:

Here is an easy list to follow in shutting off the flood of foreigners supplying easy & cheap criminal labor for both conservative and liberal businesses who cheat the American way of life! It must and will stop even if there is blood!  Evil never rests.

(1) Stop advertising in Mexico in egging Mexican citizens and other foreigners to run our borders for free goods and services.  Force the Mexican government to service their own citizens and add to this American foreigner aid AFTER they prove they are doing well with their resources!

(2) Seal the border with supreme Israeli advise and assistance!

(3) Send in American troops to assist Mexico in ending (not promoting) the drug war once and for all, with no games.

(4) Search out & destroy drug lords and assist in helping Mexican fathers become meaningful moral leaders of their families. If Bill Gates can throw money and resources into India to end human manure in public with putting the loo in the poo then we are more than able to do THIS in both Mexico and our country with a strong gracious Christianity that’s NOT STUPIDLY-religious but focused on LIFE!

(5) Stop and enforce the cheating of American businesses (both conservative & liberal) who hire cheap illegal labor instead of hiring Americans with reasonable wages even for the areas of farming that Americans once worked as recently as the 1950’s up until around 1960.

(6) Strengthen the legal immigration system only allowing those who can support themselves or may have strong support from friends. There must be placed a limit on all legal immigration to allow natural birth to take over and to control our economy and labor force without flooding to lower wages unreasonably.

(7) Let it be heard that we must not listen to liberal forces that would want to destroy our way of life and to be a strong help to other nations from a position of STRENGTH and never from a weak position.  This also means maintaining a strong military.



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