@iSupremeCourt nor Any Judge Shall NOT Abridge nor Annul the People’s Vote

~by R.OliverLuce | 06-10-14

The Supreme Court nor any court judge shall NOT abridge nor annul the people’s vote.


True! The Constitution recognizes only one authority, “We the people.”
Not congress, not the president, not our courts. They are subordinate to the people of any state or the entire nation when it relates to voting. Never shall a court over rule the people’s VOTE, never. Those who do will in time from here after will be judged themselves by the people and their true court system.

Dictators notwithstanding! Every culture has it’s perceived freedoms and securities they value and want. It also includes what is destructive and injurious to their culture. The same holds true with the American Republic if we can keep it!

However, if the people vote to ensure a destructive behavior stays out of the culture, it stays out. The courts have no business cutting off the people’s vote even if it’s a behavior that causes people to walk naked or behaving as gays (homosexual activity).

If a society wants to destroy themselves then they must only appeal to the constitution through the people for a change so that a society might remain orderly. If we want a righteous nation we must ensure it’s stays with our original Christian culture that honors our forefathers!

Information and Data that is misused by government or any other group to gainsay against the people shall be judged as well.

For example: Consulting doctors regarding homosex actions are injurious to the human body and then is twisted and even told humans who are homosexuals are born actually born homosexual is way beyond common sense shall be judge and must be, to save society. This does not annul the fact we still treat humans who are warped, with care and love. Tough love is the word without abuse.


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