Relationships in Wisdom: All Have been Called Unto Wisdom But Few of Us Will Chose His Love

~R.OliverLuce | 06-18-14

For all of us are called to know the character of God and be in relationship with Him, but not all of us want to choose Him over our hurts, our bitterness, our business, our busyness, our flesh, or from our obsessive gods whether they be tech toys or a Hindus life with the flesh! We are all loved and offered a way of escape from our continual spiritual war against our flesh with a demon egging us on, 1Cor.10:13. Let us

James 4:8 Your free will in reading His word and knowing of His truth/character and acting FIRST on belief/faith in obedience to His Holy Spirit/Word then HE will draw close to you. For without faith there is no righteousness before God, Heb.11:6.
[This is not to say He will never draw near to you FIRST on certain occasions in your need by His foresight, Rom.3:3. After all, we ‘are’ in a dynamic relationship with The Heavenly Father!]

As we all know His love elects us all. For all have been called but few are chosen (Matt.22:14) in the sense they have turn their hearts toward God first in faith that righteousness may be fulfilled. Rom.9:7 Abraham’s seed: “…in Isaac thy seed be called.”

Thus, those in ‘faith’ be called! Therefore, we must have faith as a mustered seed, again, for righteousness to be fulfilled!


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