Liberal Media Creeping Closer to Outright Treason!

LOL, Liberal anti-Americans try to tell us Americans that Sheriffs are saying, Trump wants them to BREAK THE LAW in deporting lawless illegals? lol 🙂   [ Jail Media Now! ]

YahooNews funny reference article:


Liberal Media ABC Pushing to Divide illegal alien families with Fake News

by @ROliverLuce | 07-19-17

America DOES NOT DEPORT an illegal alien (father of 4) without deporting the entire family also.
The reason for deporting entire family? Illegal alien father has a responsibility to his wife and children!
The reason for deporting all illegal aliens? Enforcing American law and preserving the Constitution and the American social structure of one nation, with one language, with one social structure, and with borders for protection and enforcement.

Yet more evidence of Liberal Media supporting anti-American values. Today’s example, ABC News pushing of the UN support for the New World Order (world government) with this account of more anti-American propaganda through fake news!

Of course, President Trump would over-rule if the entire family IS NOT DEPORTED with the illegal father.

ABC Fake News Reference:
ABC News Article: Ohio father of 4 bids farewell before deportation to Mexico–abc-news-topstories.html

Islam is the Problem & Liberal CNN Hosts Continues to Contribute to This Problem!

~@ROliverLuce | 06-05-17

Regarding the London Bridge Attack: CNN Host Calls Trump a ‘Piece of S—‘ for [Trump’s] Response to Terror Incident?  But Islam “IS” the problem!

Let us remember CNN and their News Hosts are liars given to the Democrats and elite Republican’s project of stealing the 2016 election from the American people by registering millions of illegals!

Let’s remember CNN and other so-called “mainstream media” were lying to the American people for decades in advancing their New World Order by destroying American’s borders, culture, and society for a borderless world with a worldwide Islamic dictatorship!

How can a CNN host be allowed to trash the President of the United States for speaking the truth about Islam?  Calling President Trump a “piece of shit” is outrageous making the host himself look terrible!! The TRUTH does STAND, for the truth is self-evident in this regard!

News Article:
London Bridge Attack: CNN Host Calls Trump a ‘Piece of S—‘ for Response to Terror Incident

@ACLU @TedWheeler The Very Nature of Islam is Why The Constitution Exists!

~@ROliverLuce | 05-30-17

ACLU says: Oregon’s Mayor Ted Wheeler is simply attempting to stop Pro-Trump and Anti-Sharia rallies because the Mayor and the ACLU say they are ‘Unconstitutional.’
The Constitution opposes the very nature of Islam which is why THE CONSTITUTION exists!

Both the ACLU & Mayor are wrong and they KNOW IT!

The Constitution opposes the very nature of Islam and every Muslim who is supposed to practice Mohammad’s life and traditions per the Hadith & the Sira.

For Muslim to BE MUSLIMS is to model Mohammad, and that includes getting rid of people who follow the American Constitution.


News Article:
ACLU Of Oregon: Mayor’s Attempt To Stop Pro-Trump, Anti-Sharia Rallies Is ‘Unconstitutional.’

Mexican woman with 4 US-born children is deported: Trump Should Always Deport the Entire Family with the Guardians & Vise-versa

@ROliverLuce | 04-20-17

The LAW implies children of illegals [not from immigrants] who are born in the U.S. for purposes of automatic citizenship should be voided. By this I mean by previous illegal actions of the foreign parents; We are talking about parents from a foreign country who have illegally entered the U.S. [as in aliens] with the express or later purpose of giving birth to a so-called ‘anchor’ baby.
Thus the children no matter the status in any regard shall always follow the law breaker, the illegal alien back to their country of origin.
Common sense (simple logic) should always rule with the law.

As for children of immigrants, there is always the possibility of becoming citizens of the U.S. Why? Immigrant means a foreigner who comes to the U.S. through a legal pathway and later gives birth to children whom can be considered for citizenship like their parents. The author of this article does not yet know if auto-citizenship for babies CAN ONLY OCCUR with new immigrants who have recently become citizens themselves.

The term ‘illegal alien’ never means immigrant. Immigrant means legally entered foreigner or a new citizen. ‘Undocumented’ is a term used to ‘cover up,’ as in gainsaying against American law for the express purposes of causing chaos.

News Article Reference:
Mexican woman with 4 US-born children is deported

Attorney Kathleen Kersh
of Advocates for Basic Legal Equality
@BasicLegal Equality

National Emergency for Voiding/Deporting Anchor Babies Based on Lawlessness

~@ROliverLuce | 09-11-15

There is a necessary need for a National Emergency for voiding all lawless anchor baby making based on illegal actions of foreigners since the Reagan Amnesty Law with whom Democrats illegally broke. The resisting of all lawless Federal & State Courts attempts at preventing this emergency must also be a high priority.

To ignore American immigration laws and to illegally cross our borders and to OVERSTAY the permitted time is breaking American law. American law does permit anchor babies when it’s based on legal immigration in accordance with law and should never be allowed when such anchor babies are used as tickets by illegal foreigners breaking law in entering illegally into America.

Again, having an illegal baby on top of breaking into our country illegally, crossing our borders to secure so-called rights to stay illegally in America should and must be made void and be deported back with the parents. Lawlessness is NOT the basis for perpetrating anchor babies for the express purpose of getting a ticket to stay in America for all kinds of freebies and jobs after breaking the law in illegally entering the country.

Cost of Not Enforcing Our Constitution Corrupts Any One Especially Alien Foreigner

Pic by R.OliverLuce

~R.OliverLuce | 11-21-14

TODAY WE DRAW THE LINE in saving the Constitution and the nation.
It’s TRUE a few or perhaps more previous LEADERS have broken CONSTITUTION for quiet convenience for farming out American jobs to foreigners in America for example!
BUT as lawlessness DOES, it does evolve over a dangerous slope for the worse, as humans DO as well. We are creatures of habit whether for good or bad, whether we believe it or not!

Impeach a leader and defund this unconstitutional action even in the face of evil political risks. Leaders who are good men will be bold as lions in the face of evil and lawlessness! It’s the unrighteous who keep coming back unrelentingly when good men do not say NO and keep saying NO.

Truth matters more in the long run than holding back because of ‘evil’ political fallout! Trusting in God means to walk in wisdom for the long run as Mr. Wilberforce in England had discovered! He knew his Creator! And he knew it was wrong to mistreat people as terrible slaves despite POLITICAL FALLOUT!

Yes, and even balancing the budget means CUT BACKS where America also will STILL pays it’s DEBT bills without fail!
To say we can’t cut back the budget because of the debt is stupid.
To say any differently is lying to ourselves only, must less to the public.

Amnesty? TODAY, WE DRAW THE LINE. If not we can expect much more of the SAME (lawlessness) in every facet of American life from the White House on down to how we drive and treat our wives.

Deportation is the Cost of Doing a Living Illegally in Any Nation no Matter the Length of Stay

~R.OliverLuce | 11-20-14

Human feelings do not set the course of the law.
If that happen, there would be no law enforcement.  Oops!


To say we can NOT deport illegal foreigners, who’ve been here or even longer than 10 years or more, is simply foolishness.

As it were President Eisenhower deported millions of aliens with only just hundreds of immigration officers, saving American jobs and wages that were plummeting. America today is more than able to do so and with enforced laws against employers that greatly assists in automatic deportation. We are Americans. We are not a one-world-tyranny. Our employers serve us and they do well to know that in the LONG RUN. Greed is not a supporter of the Constitution nor is Communism! Employers must not serve foreigners which leave Americans in the dust and cause an unwillingness to educate Americans for those jobs!

Ignorance nor a lawless president is not a ticket to break the law and feed off our government and our institutions while American citizens struggle.
Human feelings do not set the course of the law. If that happen, there would be no law enforcement!
Therefore illegal aliens must pay the cost of breaking the law. Breaking our laws in mass as such does effect the long term costs of all American citizens who pay for these foreigners who are supported by a lawless president and other lawless people who have no notion of right and wrong.

All illegals know they are foreigners! They know they have broken something no matter the gainsaying, even those who have been living lawlessly for 20 years in our country.

We can only assist them through helping their GOVERNMENTS to help their own. We do not assist foreigners as illegal aliens being called “undocumented.” They are not undocumented. They are foreign aliens.

Hopefully we shall have a replacement PRESIDENT who will assist these aliens through helping governments with their own citizens who have been pushed out upon our country by the egging on of our current lawless President Obama! Let us begin the assistance again of helping foreign governments with their own peoples in their own cultures. Legal immigration ensures they will accept our own culture to be sure.


Circumvent the White House immediately!
NOT to be confused with circumventing CONGRESS by the lawless White House!

~R.OliverLuce | 10-04-14

YES, stay connected with Liberia, with common sense, while BLOCKING ALL TRAVEL

Obama liberals acting out PC-insanity!
Circumvent the stupid WHITEHOUSE, and do SUSPEND ALL FLIGHTS and continue to stay connected to WEST-Africa from a position of strength and safety.

Remind the wayward President we have those troops in Liberia. That is how we stay connected! That is our connection during this crisis, Mr. dear one.  Now, let us go forth and suspend all air travel.

May I add, we must do the same with the ALL illegals, who have NEVER been in line through LEGAL immigration to be screened & learn our ways JUST AS EVERYONE ELSE does.
Deport them back to their own nations and assist those nations in helping them to add their GREAT illegal talents in helping their own countries to prosper UNTIL WHICH TIME their number comes up for entry into the United States.

Add the poor helpless children back to their respect countries as well. But only AFTER we get a chance to adopt many to bring them up as TRUE AMERICANs who know the language, who know the American-culture, who know the laws, and who know the true issues that plague our land!

The great constitutionalist(this is the balance) Dr. O’Reilly speaks:

Interesting post script:
Always circumvent the Whitehouse on matters of enforcing the law and defending the American people, enforcing immigration laws with force when necessary, and securing all borders. Circumvent this Whitehouse as long as it’s not doing it’s legal duties. Everyone seems to be stupid by NOT arresting or impeaching this lawless Whitehouse and everyone in it.