WhiteHouse Blocks Photo-ID in Plot to Encourage Illegal Voting

The @Whitehouse is secretly plotting to stuff voting boxes this November by prevention of photo ID’s thus secretly encouraging illegal voting this November. Common sense spells it out on this assessment. The Whitehouse is again attacking yet another STATE (Texas) and ignoring common sense in an attempt to keep the current party in power! THIS CAN BE READ AS NO OTHER MOTIVE. President Obama cannot be insane on this issue!

Read the following before going off crazy:

“Justice Department Blocks Texas Voter ID Law
DOJ says law requiring Texas residents to present photo ID before voting would restrict Hispanic voters.”

IT DOES NOT, everyone gets/or must get a mug photo. This has to be a ‘veiled’ attempt at gathering votes mostly for Obama, and for the Democrats. THIS is a COMMON SENSE law in preventing any illegals from voting illegally.

This has to be a plot just from the outward appearance, which may well be true. We all know illegals have been secretly encouraged to vote! Can this be proven? The answer is to SIMPLY do the common sense thing, give everyone in Texas a photo ID and ask the President to keep him nose out. It’s a conflict of interest for him to nose in when there is a Presidential election this year. After all, breaking the law as an illegal can lead to further criminal actions such as voting illegally. Again, why the prevention of common sense here then?

It seems this is a very present criminal action where the American people have no choice TO FIGHT THIS until the November elections.

Ref: http://www.foxnews.com/interactive/politics/2012/03/12/justice-department-letter-to-texas-objecting-to-voter-id-law/


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