Brazen Tyranny, Attacks the Supreme Court Today!

White House BACK off ! It’s the Constitution Mr. Obama. These judges are NOT ‘Liberal Judges’ creating LAW right now.
Obama and everyone else knows this. And this FATCAT is getting a big laugh out of this! But of course the FATCAT means business.

040212: Today’s News: “Obama warns ‘unelected’ Supreme Court against striking down health law!” {See how this guy works it!}

GOSH, it’s the constitutionality we’re dealing with here. The judges here are NOT making LAW as Liberals usually do, according to THEIR agenda. But, it’s the CONSTITUTION STUPID! Yes, he knows it. The Secretive Food Stamp President knows it!

With all his actions since Jan, 2009, he’s doing tyranny. This guy has got to be impeached! Not only that, let’s bring in the Marines & walk him out of the Whitehouse for crying out loud. He’s brazenly anti-American with a strutting walk too boot! Pride comes before a FALL. And that’s a GOD THING.

It’s the Chicago way and it’s going to STOP!



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