Assisting Illegals from a Position of Strength

Governor Chris Christy, I am hoping you will be adding to your financial common sense your great duty to support and enforce our immigration Laws. This means we must deport ‘almost all illegal’ immigrants and issue hefty fines to errant firms who hire them. This shall help us gain respect from the rest of our nation that our LAWs do mean something. And can also know we are a nation to be trusted. WE then can go on to assist illegals in their own countries and their countries from a POSITION OF STRENGTH. There are more benefits than this that can be listed.

But notwithstanding, these law-abiding illegals I’m sure will be willing to bless their own countries with their new found education paid for by the American tax payer. Can I go on? Or have I made my point, sir? If you do all of the above I will vote for you for our next President of the United States in 2016. 🙂 Otherwise I cannot sir with all due respect to your financial prowess.  I love the way you speakout and dumb found naysayers with the truth.  Please find the truth in other areas too!!  God bless you in the great and coming Messiah!! 🙂

Yes we can, put Americans back to work picking fruit where the price of produce will be controled by our American market and not by slave labor in this country. Sure, produce will be more expensive, but I am willing to do this that Americans will be at work and not slave Mexican labor!!


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