The Spirit of the Tithe that Makes the Difference in Catching the Vision of Giving

~ROliverLuce | 02-02-16

Why is it God’s people only get excited towards ‘giving’ and ‘tithing’ when they are whipped into an emotional type frenzy.

What seems to be the usual, is that well-meaning pastors usually believe in whipping up emotions that are always seemingly from the Holy Spirit. These pastors would do this by simply emphasizing, too much so, the promises of tithing and giving in their church bodies for the cause to have their members give into the work of the Lord, their churches. This seems to happen worldwide and especially in American churches and fellowships today?

What are we missing when ‘giving’ and ‘tithing’ are only brought up in this particular way in emphasizing the so-called emotional Holy Spirit to move us to give without knowing the Lord and His love and grace?

Instead are we missing the real motivation and how to give from a generous and gracious heart that our God would inspire into our hearts for real action from the Spirit?

We must be motivated by the Word that is the real motivational factor here. This also means the leaders of every church must be walking in obedience and be true prayer warriors for their members who they watch over.

Us believers who follow Yeshua are liable to be destroyed from a lack of vision from not knowing the Word of Truth, the Word of Wisdom, the Word of God! We are destroyed by not being taught the Word, how to intercede in prayer, and how to walk out our salvation from the Word daily.

Thus, if our motivation isn’t to JUST GET BACK BLESSINGS when we give then what shall we say?

Then we can say this: The “give and it shall be given to you” PRINCIPLE is to be our REWARD and not our MOTIVATION then. But in order to do this without doing it from the flesh is to SEEK THE KINGDOM FIRST and all these things that you need will FOLLOW! We do well to remember Luke 6.38 is not the motivation but only the reward of obedience and trust. We must keep our focus always on HIM even when we are poor or rich because HE will always meet our needs.

We also are reminded that the TITHE belongs to God and that everything we have and ourselves belong to God as well. To give back a tenth is to realize we are allowing God to bless the rest (the nine tenths).

Our God wants us to catch the vision of giving and NOT the vision of getting. And without the Word of God’s inspiration of The Holy Spirit, we will not GET IT.

Without the power of the Word and the Holy Spirit, we will not have the natural spiritual inclination and power to be at rest and not fearing for our needs. He will take care of us if we trust! Trust!! And this is our attitude: Deuteronomy 15:10. And attitudes are very spiritual if some of us haven’t noticed that yet. The physical can never be divorced from the spiritual.


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