Paul Ryan Allows Enemies Into America Because He Ignores Islamic Behavior & It’s trilogy of Evil Books

~@ROliverLuce | 05-27-16

The Constitution allows any people to become immigrants (through legal means) EXCEPT those whose beliefs & behavior attacks the Constitution and these United States.

Paul Ryan tells Sean Hannity he will NOT support any CUTS to [current] Muslim immigration because “that’s not who we are?” WHAT? We are WHO WE ARE when we enforce American LAW for NOT allowing Muslims to enter our country at all. Any Muslim who wishes to enter the United States must renounce their affiliation with Islam even at the risk of endangering their own lives in doing so!

The nature of their culture and their trilogy of holy books tells us THEY are our enemy Mr. Ryan. You are simply mimicking the Muslim [his behavior] President Obama who is saying the same exact phrase.

BOTH the Constitution and the 1952 Anti-Islamic law addresses the invasion of the Muslim Sharia culture and it’s associated Islamic political behavior into American society. It is forbidden! Deportation must commence immediately!


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