Jihadi Recruitment What is It! Where it Originates! And Why Jihad!

~ROliverLuce | 12-24-15

“President [B. Hussain] Obama doubled down [on] Friday on his push to shutter the Guantanamo Bay [Base] prison camp, calling it a magnet for “jihadi recruitment” and vowing to present his closure plan to Congress” ~Sources.

“Obama said he’ll present Congress with his plan, and argued that the camp remains one of the ‘key magnets for jihadi recruitment’.” ~Sources.
The recruitment that Mr. B. Hussain Obama talks about is all about Islam spreading and installing Sharia over all the peoples of the EARTH including over the American people of course! And the top 3 or 4 Islamic Mosques are in business (dictating Allah’s wishes) of waking up their masses of Muslims worldwide to do their part in all kinds & types of jihads that include violence (The time of the great “but short” time of Islam’s lull without any jihads IS OVER!)  Throwing bottle-rocks is one that comes to mind for MOST peaceful Muslims that live next door to us everywhere. Another example is a Muslim swearing to His Imam with blessings to go and shoot or bomb Americans at Army bases and places of work. Yet there is another example of JIHAD where nice Muslims conduct cultural-offence jihads in taking down the American culture and plowing the way for SHARIA!

These nice and quiet Muslims are full of peace with their own Sharia kind. But our culture and our way of life they DO HATE whether it’s Christianity, or atheistic living, or sexual lust and homo sex being promoted. Islam will commit offence jihad in forcing our freedoms and constitution AGAINST US.
This is verifiable from the trilogy: The Hadith, the Sira, & the Quran.


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