Old Testament Passages Explained for Godless Gainsayers and The Ignorant

~@ROliverLuce | 03-18-15

The Law of Talion of ancient Babylonian times prevailed in the setting up of Jewish Law with their limited but growing awareness of their God who created even them, the Jewish people; Knowing the Creator was and still is a growing experience as it is with people growing fond of each other:

Talion, Latin lex talionis, principle developed in early Babylonian law and present in both biblical and early Roman law that criminals should receive as punishment precisely those injuries and damages they had inflicted upon their victims**.

Deut. 25:11,12: The genitals of a man was considered critical for a or any family name and any Jewish woman knew exactly thus and why it would be consider worthy for her to assist in many other ways. It also can be considered that only a woman of ill repute would do something that she should not do even for an apparent assistance.

Therefore it was considered that any threats to reproduction was to be protected no matter and all were to refrain from using it as a means of their own self defense.

After all there has always been rules of engagement down through the centuries when two parties or countries were at war with each other. So consider this not strange!




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