The Jewish Passover & Why it’s Meant for the Whole World

@ROliverLuce | 04-18-17

Here’s a question! What do you think “Passover” means? Yes, the first PASSOVER was about saving the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt. It’s about how Adonai delivered the Israelites. It’s about the death of every living first born of every human family. However, it’s MORE than just that!

It’s about God slowly & progressively revealing His gracious love for ALL of the Humanity! It’s also about Adonai gradually moving the Hebrews into action in reaching out with the Word of God to the nations of the Earth about God’s eternal plan of hope and salvation from man’s dilemma of error and ruin. Even with each country’s creation and version of law they established, sin came anyway. Sin is the result of knowing a culture’s laws and breaking them at any rate! No matter what is set (laws) each nation experienced sin in greater and great measure. The increase in sin was also Israel’s problem as well with Adonai’s laws because of their willful disobedience to God’s law of graciousness and His love!

Thus Man’s only hope and salvation is through God’s Covenant with man/woman. God loves all and wants everyone to accept His gracious love when they choose rightly. God first loved us, and He shows His love FIRST that we might choose His graciousness that brings hope! This knowledge is given to the Jews that they might learn His ways and go out and cover the Earth and the seas with the knowledge of His law of graciousness and love that God was progressively giving to them!

In explaining how Passover and Covenant are related, I want to bring up scripture to point this out just what that connection is!

Without Passover, there is no Covenant.

The following scripture in a summary will show the progressive revelation of God’s Covenant and the Passover that will seal the deal on His Covenant of Salvation!

Genesis 3:14, 15 Regarding the Serpent; God will put enmity between the Serpent and the woman, and between the Serpent’s seed and her seed, and we know that women naturally do not produce seed as men do. [TOL, pg08] *[1]

Genesis 15:17, 18 God shows Abraham His Covenant through a dream with the promise of land for his and his seed’s inheritance. [TOL, pg22]

Genesis 17:1-19 God now makes His Covenant with Abraham and promises to confirm it with a son through Abraham’s wife! [We can take this as a type and shadow of the Messiah (God) confirming and sealing the deal on His own Covenant He has made with Abraham, and with Israel, and everyone whosoever will accept God’s graciousness into their lives! We are Abraham’s seed by decree from Adonai! [TOL, pg24]

Finally, with Adonai’s Covenant, there can be a hope and a future for all of  mankind; For everyone! Thus the resulting in a great outreach to the nations with this fantastic hope and a future for all the nations beginning with Israel.

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans that I have in mind for you,” declares Adonai, “plans for shalom (peace) and not calamity—to give you a future and a hope.” [TOL, pg546]

Israel! God’s Witnesses to the Nations!

That all nations might be saved through obedience to His law of graciousness and love that is common to the various nations and cultures of the Earth! The Hebraic vision, that Adonai has given, will do this!

A simple example of Israel’s mission in teaching the Word of Life to the nations!

And here’s an example how Israel acts in wisdom by hearing the Word of God in every circumstance in life! To even teach the Word of the living graciousness of God!

1Chronicles 12:33(32) from the sons of Issachar—men who know how to interpret the signs of the times to determine what Israel should do! [TOL, pg982]

A simple example of why Israel was chosen by Adonai to reach out to the nations!

Deuteronomy 7:5-7(6-8) Adonai did not choose Israel because of their size or greatness in the Earth but because they were the least of all. As He showed His love towards Israel there was always a remnant that responded! [TOL, pg213]

Israel is to be Adonai’s Servant Nation to the nations!

Isaiah 43:8 – 13 Israel is my witnesses to the ends of the Earth!
“Ye are my witnesses, saith the LORD, and my servant whom I have chosen: that ye may know and believe me, and understand that I am he: before me there was no God formed, neither shall there be after me.” ~Isaiah 43:10 [TOL, pg486]

Therefore, whatever Passover means to Israel must also mean hope and salvation to the nations as well!

Genesis 12:3 Adonai shall bless those who bless you, but will curse those who curse you, Israel. For in you, Israel, all the families of the Earth SHALL BE BLESSED! [TOL, pg18]

Exodus 19:4 – 6 Jews becoming kings and priests for Adonai that they may teach the nations the way of peace through the only God, Adonai who is the god of wisdom and hope. [TOL, pg93]


Thus the Jewish Passover was and is meant for the Whole World, but this does not mean Jewish culture and certain ‘added protective’ Mosaic laws are meant for the other nations, except how to accept God’s LAW of graciousness within the context of their cultures.

[1] TOL means Tree of Life bible version.


Salvation Through The Torah & The Living Word & For Those Who Are Still Seeking the Truth!

~@ROliverLuce | 03-23-17


I am responding to certain Facebook questions & entries regarding “exposing missionaries,” how we (both Jews & Gentiles who love Adonai) are ALL missionaries, and how Jews are saved from their daily sins through requirements that is possible only from Adonai’s power of His love. And I will go into detail what I am talking about! Questions and responses are welcome.

Salvation Through The Torah & The Living Word & For Those Who Are Still Seeking the Truth!

Why “expose missionaries?” I will first say many Christian groups do NOT know God as their complete wisdom (not the wisdom without Torah). Thus many do not depend on and go to Adonai for ‘wisdom’ that leads to reaching people wisely (with a pure heart) FOR the TRUTH without pushing nor lording it over people! Instead, many Christian or Messianic Jewish missionaries offend the Jews without listening to Adonai’s voice.

But it’s also true that the ‘heavenly Torah’ [the living Word, from the mouth of Adonai] may be convicting Jews as well. So let us be honest and be content that we know Adonai intimately through the Word and earnest prayer. We’re all sinners. There is a God of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob that does judge and discern for which cause there will be a judgment in the end.

We can be confident of what is says in Romans chapter 2 [please bear with me here!] AND in the “Tanakh” that if we are genuine seekers of the Truth (in word and deed) of which Adonai is the AUTHOR we will find Him who is the Author! BUT, I say this only to PROVE that those who are blind (do not know) to what Adonai has made known (Torah) and who the author of the TRUTH is, will NOT have this confidence in seeking the truth for their life. The Jews have Adonai’s written Torah for their salvation. If they rely on Adonai’s love and grace for empowerment in keeping the Torah, they do well! Because with Adonai’s forgiveness their consciences are cleared even as they are still waiting for THE MESSIAH. However, when a Jew realizes the Messiah, HE must compel himself to accept Adonai’s Word into his own heart as an act of circumcision of his heart! As for many Gentiles, many do give up and embrace their sins and fail to do what is right!

For this cause we are missionaries to the NATIONS; all of us, the Jews first and the Gentiles who embrace the author of the TRUTH, the Messiah who covers our sins through the Covenant of Adonai as we can visualize from Genesis 15.17. In this passage is where Adonai and His Spirit of Love pass through the two pieces of flesh that represent Adonai’s WORD of promise (the Truth)!

To reiterate about those who are seeking the truth without the realization of the Messiah, allow me to explain in closing. The Jews are saved from their sin condition through the Torah and what it means to follow the Torah. It would mean to know that the Torah can only be kept through continually accepting Adonai’s unconditional graciousness and forgiveness of sins daily. Thus repentance of sin is crucial to Adonai’s forgiveness when their conscience comes to a realization of [a] sin, not false guilt.

Understanding the Difference between Hebrew & Greek Hermeneutics

~@ROliverLuce | 08-09-15

Regarding the study of Hermeneutics I am going to introduce two systems or approaches to studying biblical scripture for the believer and doer in Christ!

1. First, there is the study of biblical hermeneutics from a Roman-Greek Christian exegesis.

2. Secondly, there is the study of biblical scripture from a Hebrew worldview or exegesis using the original Hebrew language, it’s Hebrew idioms and ancient Hebrew culture.

It’s the first hermeneutical discipline that was embraced by the Christian church in the year [about] 325 AD. This was the year when the church fathers put together the official bible canon which contains to this day what was termed the “Old Testament” and the “New Testament” books. They did leave out anything obvious that amounted to be Jewish in nature because the Jews murdered Yeshua. For this reason and later another reason, the overt rejection of the “followers of Yeshua” as a Jewish sect by mainstream Jews, anything Jewish was considered evil and not God-breathed and subsequently left out of the canon.

An example of leaving out anything that was starkly Hebrew in nature [generally speaking], would be some books, such as most of the book of Esther was left out. To this day, there is some doubt that all of Esther should have been included among other books like the “book of Enoch.”

But for sure, God is in control! He had to have been hiding many Hebraic details of many revelations of Yeshua and coming events from the Jews while predicting He would reveal and open the eyes of the Jews in a time when His Son [The Word] would return again at the end of the age. That is NOW happening right before our eyes as we discover what the first century apostles knew about the feasts, the Covenant, the marriage process, the details of the book of Revelation from the Torah and the Tanakh!

The second hermeneutical approach is built on the understanding of what the original apostles believed and knew in the first-century church which was actually considered a “Jewish Sect” by mainstream Jews at that time!
Today we are re-discovering the rest of the story of how to understand God’s Word from a Hebraic exegesis, the apostles understood, that even OPENS THE EYES and takes the scales off the Jew’s eyes of understanding in these last days as God had predicted. We as believers have always known our savior. It’s that we now can UNDERSTAND “the rest of the story” of the RETURN OF OUR LORD for His bride through ancient Hebrew eyes!

Briefly there are usually only two levels of understanding the scriptures from a Roman-Greek exegesis. Those two levels are understanding the scripture from a literal meaning only [within the context with certain keywords that are understood by it’s first use in the bible] (or) as an allegorical meaning only. This approach or system is understood by almost all Western style pastors and teachers and orthodox communities since the making of the canon until today.

Again briefly the Hebraic approach is based on a system of four levels which comes from how the inspired writers of the Torah and the entire Tanakh wrote in ancient biblical days. Those 4 levels are: (1) p’shat – direct, simple; (2) remez – hinting; (3) darash – commentary, comparison; (4) Sod – Deep, hidden. Of course with all four levels of approach: Context, the first use of certain terms in the Word are important as is with the Roman-Greek approach. When studying the Hebraic method there is a requirement the interpreter is to agree on. He must agree to a moral standard of unbiasedness which means they can never add nor subtract from the written Word and that all scripture is 100% true as verified through a rigorous copying system. Understanding of Hebrew idioms and distinguishing linguistic features are important as well in understanding what the biblical text is actually saying with its ancient Hebrew cultural background.

This is the difference in understanding God’s Word from our limited view of God’s Word through these many centuries. To not understand God’s Word through the eyes of a Hebrew Yeshua is to deny our understanding.

Now we are ready to move forward to study and discover HOW we can understand John’s writing and the book of Revelation. Perhaps we might take a hint that understanding Revelation means to first understand God’s Covenant, God’s marriage process for His Son, and the seven feasts of the Lord. When we find out HOW to understand Revelation we will be blessed and inspired to further our walk and obedience in Yeshua!!

Now is the time to break-out the Word and spread it to the Jews as well. Most Jews do not even read nor believe nor understand the Torah and most of the Tanakh!

Matthew 24:14 is on order!!

The History & Interpreting of The Bible Between Greek thinking & The Hebrew mindset

~@ROliverLuce | 07-07-15

I am addressing the issue of understanding biblical scripture regarding what some would say in Christianity:
To say, “we have to stop spiritualizing the natural and the naturalizing the spiritual”

The above sentence is actually coming from a Roman-Greek understanding of the scriptures that the Western Church as a whole has been taught.

# First: The Roman – Greek exegesis comes from the approach / perspective of scripture only works or can be understood on one of two levels, “the literal” or “the allegorical” but never both at the same time!

# Secondly: Ancient Greek philosophers were steeped in the methods of writing with working with and on mythological texts. THIS crippled them from understanding the Hebrew mindset how the scriptures should be understood. They thought the Hebrew text would simply be 75% or so of creative imagination with a mere 25% or so about the truth!

In addition, our Roman-Greek fathers of our faith (about 325AD) put together the bible as we know it today by interpreting it from just that, a “Roman-Greek mindset” with anything Jewish being evil since the Jews did kill Yeshua but with the assistance of the Romans in Israel. Since the Jewish apostles such as John and Paul had died off that left the beginnings of the Catholic church to lead the way, in the faith. That changed everything. For anything that was Jewish was considered evil. In the understanding of the Roman-Greek mindset, the scriptures had only two levels of understanding compared to the Hebrew mindset.

To the Hebrews there were four (4) levels of understanding of the scriptures which the Hebrews recognized: (1) p’shat – direct, simple; (2) remez – hinting; (3) darash – commentary, comparison; and (4) Sod – deep, hidden, how paragraphs fit in between. Hebrew hermeneutics also require the interpreter to understand and agree with a moral standard of unbiased translation of course. To not interpret according to your biased vice (sin).

This is but a brief on how to understand the difference between how today’s modern church has been missing most of the deeper things of God and how the early church of Jewish believers knew from their BIBLE, the Tanakh with it’s Torah!

This should NOT tell us we NEVER KNEW our Lord Yeshua in a very personal way. What it does tell us we NOW KNOW THE REST OF THE STORY of God’s promises, truth, and salvation. God did say in those ancient days after His Son was killed that He would put scales on the Jews eyes until the last days even the last hour that the Jews would have their eyes open!!

The whole truth of the Gospel is being open before our very eyes EVEN with the Jew’s own scriptures! For the Jewish Bible is the bedrock to the Renewed Covenant book most westerners call the NEW TESTAMENT. [A side note, I’m realizing now that even believers worldwide do not have the fullness of God’s understanding either but a FEW. After all God is a Hebrew God!!

A Metaphor to Understanding God’s Purpose for Mankind that is Primarily Detailed in Revelation

~ROliverLuce | 03-29-15

There are two God given metaphors that give meaning and describe the structure of God’s view and plans from the Torah, the various books in the Tanakh (O.T.) and the book of Revelation.  Two metaphors that opens up the understanding of the book of Revelation! **

(I.) The first metaphor.
The betrothal/marriage covenant which depicts God’s concept of how HE thinks about us within HIS all encompassing Covenant of Salvation found in Genesis 15:17 for example.

[A.] “The first five books of the Bible mirror the ancient Hebrew Ketubah, or the marriage contract.”

[B.] Study the Hebrew roots of the scripture to understand the symbolism.

[C.] “Through the betrothal covenant, HE intends to remarry HIS people, who divorced HIM in the Garden of Eden.” (He has put the marriage contract in force at the beginning. However, HE had to provide a way to fulfill the covenant, which is where HIS living Word (Yeshua) played a crucial part.)

[D.] As events build to the coming of Jesus:
1. God speaks and communicates again and again of the pure relationship between the bride and the groom.
2. Speaking and communicating of harmonious interactions between husband and wife.
3. Speaking of the details of a ritual of marriage and of bearing children and to bequeathing a good and honorable inheritance which does include rewards building up naturally as a result from relationship.

(II.) The second metaphor is God’s sacred Menorah.
The symbol God designed that actually comes into it’s own because it organizes the framework of chapters and verses in Revelation. And this symbol depicts the structure of the Apostle John’s vision where these chapters and verses hang on for understanding! This God given metaphor is about structure that shows HIS plan for restoring HIS bride to Himself!

The Menorah does show us how God organizes the book of Revelation and much of the prophetic and historical scripture contained in the Tanakh (the Old Testament) supports John’s vision in Revelation it’s self.

**Lost in Translation Rediscovering The Hebrew Roots of Our Faith, vol.1,” by John Klein & Adam Spears, chapter 5, pgs. 100-101.

Book on Covenant/Betrothal entitled, “Lost in Translation Rediscovering The Hebrew Roots of Our Faith, vol.1,” by John Klein & Adam Spears.

Book on Covenant/Betrothal entitled, “Lost in Translation The Book of Revelation Through Hebrew Eyes, Vol. 2,” by John Klein & Adam Spears.

Book on Covenant/Betrothal entitled, “Lost in Translation Volume 3, The Book of Revelation: 2 Brides, 2 Destinies, Vol.3” by John Klein & Adam Spears.

Old Testament Passages Explained for Godless Gainsayers and The Ignorant

~@ROliverLuce | 03-18-15

The Law of Talion of ancient Babylonian times prevailed in the setting up of Jewish Law with their limited but growing awareness of their God who created even them, the Jewish people; Knowing the Creator was and still is a growing experience as it is with people growing fond of each other:

Talion, Latin lex talionis, principle developed in early Babylonian law and present in both biblical and early Roman law that criminals should receive as punishment precisely those injuries and damages they had inflicted upon their victims**.

Deut. 25:11,12: The genitals of a man was considered critical for a or any family name and any Jewish woman knew exactly thus and why it would be consider worthy for her to assist in many other ways. It also can be considered that only a woman of ill repute would do something that she should not do even for an apparent assistance.

Therefore it was considered that any threats to reproduction was to be protected no matter and all were to refrain from using it as a means of their own self defense.

After all there has always been rules of engagement down through the centuries when two parties or countries were at war with each other. So consider this not strange!


Original Principal Effect Endorsing Religion is a Stable Republic Whether Be Islamic or Christian State

~R.OliverLuce | 08-09-14

The original principal of endorsing religion is to support the general assumptions of the group of those Christian religions supporting Jesus as God & the Jewish religions supporting the 10 commandments & 1 God, Jehovah

To the errant Federal judge I say: The constitution does not endorse any 1 particular religion, rather it endorses the assumptions of the group of several Christian religions that support a stable culture as beginning in the years of the 1770’s.

Again, the constitution will not endorse any 1 particular religion whether it be Baptist or Presbyterian or, now, today Islamic Sunni or Islamic Shiites, but instead had and must support the overall assumptions of all the Christian Religions or all of the Islamic Religions which have 2 main and several others.

The real question the errant Federal Judge must ask himself is what kind of society do we want? An American Islamic Sharia society where his wife must cover up or else (or) to continue with our overall American Judean-Christian society. Nations need a single stable culture in order to survive as a nation with borders. We can’t afford to allow a Islamic Sharia Law to corrupt our Christian based Constitutional based culture. He must dispense with the Sharia Law from the halls of government buildings instead of the 10 commandments or the like. Those 10 commandments are actually the 10 instructions in detail (not just commandments to obey) for any society to live free and righteously. The judge must understand the differences here and to not make law. It’s the people who DECIDE whether we wish to enslave ourselves with Islam or live under sound laws that even reasonable atheists use to understand!

Fed. judge rules 10 commandments must go under pressure from the A.C.L.U.