Illegal WH operations: Texas Fed Ct orders U.S. to explain violation of immigration injunction

~ROliverLuce | 03-10-15

“…extensions to 100,000 illegal aliens, while prior to the [FED COURT] injunction, may be in violation of the injunction because the [WhiteHouse] deferral continues. That is why the U.S.[WhiteHouse-DOJ] filed the advisory in the first place, to get ahead of the issue and appear to volunteer the information before it was discovered.”**

This is how liberal-progressive’s evil (perversion), GAINSAYS to fool the public and the courts in gaining favor and expected preference toward their [WhiteHouse-DOJ] side of legal issue at hand.

The final FED Court outcome must be prison for lawless U.S. officials and deportation (eventually) of all lawless foreigners and children who can come under the rightful care of the original foreign countries, i.e. Mexico, etc. Then comes the security of American borders and the struggle to place TRUE JEB LOVE into ensuring our LEGAL IMMIGRATION SYSTEM is used and in some operations UPGRADED in securing the American labor market!

America does not need to ensure a labor market of global labor market proportions no matter how much, certain corporate entities might scream bloody murder for dirt poor labor to be rushed in our country! The American culture is much more important than to add greedy corporations into the MIX who worship at the altar of lib-progressive communism for the sake of contaminating the AMERICAN LABOR POOL with too much legal immigration and the illegals who will come for any labor rate.



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