God’s Plan of Salvation Today and in Ancient Israel that Explains the Payment of Our Sins

~@ROliverLuce | 03-03-15

Even in the Old Testament (Tankh) the Jews knew that their animal sacrifices did not save them, even as the Messiah’s earthly body that was given as a sacrifice did not save us today. It was not the consummation that saves but our trust in the living Truth that would save us and thus demanded a phyical action to show what our heart was experiencing as Abraham’s faith and the act of circumcision was for him!

Yes! It is our TRUST in God’s living Word of promise that saves us and we know that God consummated the TRUTH, for all time, with His Son’s sacrifice on the cross!

This goes for the Jews of ancient Israel as they came to the temple to consummate their TRUST in God who was and is the TRUTH. They did it with their animal sacrifices at the temple for years prior to the day of Christ, the day God gave HIS Word made flesh as the ultimate sacrifice for all sins that we might accept FINALLY His love, His truth, His Word for our salvation and not through our own works of the flesh because the concept of evil demanded a payment that only love from the creator could payoff for each one of us. Only by accepting His forgiving love can the concept of evil be paid and it was paid by the living Word of God showing evil had no further POWER over us if we trust in HIM!


As the following verses below in the Old Testament reveal even the ancient Jews KNEW of God’s salvation!
For it did not come from the blood of goats or cows. But only a remnant would ever get it as even today!
But a remnant can always be in the millions and hundreds of millions today!

Malachi 3:6, “For I am the LORD, I change not; ”
Joel 2:12,13 Return to me with your whole heart!
Rend your heart and not your clothes those who have ears to hear.


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