Salvation through Faith is Works

~R.OliverLuce | 12-08-14

Picture by Rob Luce

Our faith, our trust determines our salvation. It’s more than just a fuzzy warm feeling of words to believe in.

Faith is an active force (James 2:18). Faith does have a lot to do with trust! Faith is works from our Spirit in believing the promises of God that essentially proves our salvation that will lie within us. It will constantly rise to the surface or it won’t! We can rest in His promises and do the works that prove we are in covenant with our Bridegroom to be!

We also remember, that our works from our Spirit are NOT works of the flesh, for we can not be saved from such works of our own motived from the flesh!

Prayer takes us into the spirit where we are encouraged by the Holy Spirit to do those things and those works that we must do from the Spirit and not in our own strength of the flesh which produces death. We want life! We want the Lord Jesus to strengthen us!


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