An Open Letter to Mr Silva & Other Illegal Aliens, and Obama

Initially sent to Mr. Silva, who wrote from the White House

~R.OliverLuce | 11-25-14

Dear Astrid Silva,
and other illegal aliens (foreigners) who wish to redeem themselves for being (undocumented?),

I am responding to your “letter of gratitude” that seems to express your chance to redeem yourself and those of others, I’m sure, you wish to speak for them as well:

“President Obama’s action on immigration offered me the chance to give back — to do right by the law, and contribute to this country that has given me so much.” ~Astrid Silva.

But, I do appreciate your LETTER OF INTENT to redeem yourself, regarding how President Obama’s “Eventual Amnesty Executive Command” helps you out in this regard to do this.

Mr. Astrid Silva, regarding your ‘letter of gratitude’ on your wish to redeem yourself upon entry of the United States of America from your parent’s country of origin, it is imperative that you do so in a legal manner which produces real gratitude, respect, and true honor for the law of the land. This land, this nation called America.

A critical question for Mr. Silva and all those who are of foreign alien-ship without the gainsaying, who want to secure real American honor:
Therefore, are you willing to return with your parents to their country of origin, to redeem yourselves and enter our country (USA)? In this way you would be showing ‘a much better and a more meaningful’ respect not just for America but for our Constitution and it’s laws. Currently we have a President who is breaking our Constitution and we are in a CULTURE WAR to prevent this Muslim-Communist type to eventually be placed into prison or be impeached and pay the consequences of his actions! You and other aliens are simply being played as pawns in a war that only makes your attitude grow in the wrong direction for your life and your future children. Law are meant to be exercised and not to be broken. Law is primarily for law breakers as good people are given habitually to keep due to their spiritually developed attitude of gratitude and respect. Attitude is everything in life.

Those laws include getting into line behind other-foreigners like yourself. This includes the process of screening, learning the American melting pot culture, the language and the Constitution with it’s basic laws. Because you were sneaked into the country by your parents does not make your stay legal. I’m sorry but we must encourage each other in the right direction if we are to maintain a healthy nation culturally and spiritually. We all want to prosper and so does your country of origin!

Therefore, let us say:
Ok, Obama’s Executive Order (E.O.) gives you the illegal-right to break our laws, to jump the legal immigration line causing irreversible evil for both you and America’s future.

So, what about the poor people who are ensuring their spiritual character by doing what is right in keeping with the law of the country they respect. To obey is to show respect. To do something ELSE to redeem is not real respect.

We are humans who are creatures of habit! For what we do today reflects our future behavior, actions, and attitudes. This is why it’s said, “you can not fool God even when fooling all others.” When parents knowingly and ignorantly break a particular law that really means a lot to them for their security, future, and hope. It sets a serious precedence in their disposition of who they perceive themselves for their own personal integrity, and their influence over their next generation, their children.

Incidentally, the term “undocumented person” doesn’t even come CLOSE to saying what that really means except to gainsay over people in shutting up those who defend the law and the Constitution.
Aliens are lawless foreigners who need to SHOW their gratitude and respect and focus on what the law demands in order to be redeemed. One must get in line behind every other immigrant who is lawfully being called to be screened and to learn American law, culture, & language. If you are offended, then kindly stay in your own country. YOU must love it instead!

Help us help your country by helping us to do it from a position of strength without giving the farm away.


Robert O Luce


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