Bitter Parenting Producing Bitter Children Producing Guilt-Ridden Parent-Blaming Produces Carpet Bagging Charlatans

~R.OliverLuce | 12-26-14

With more and more liberal Black liberals failing to believe and raise up their children in the ways of godliness and righteousness, to respect the law and each other, the following attached video will depict those results from the failure of parents. {The Bible teaches us if the fathers and the sons do not turn from their wicked and selfish and evil ways I [God] will smite the land and destroy it even the fathers and their sons.}

With the failure of Black parenting and yes all of our parenting, police are forced more and more to shoot these so-called child thugs and lawless children who are of age to be MEN; Men found wanting as fools always resisting the law, beating their elders, and body shoving immigrant shop owners! It is insane that Black young men are killing young black men and therefore it’s no wonder prisons are full of black men much more so than all other races combined! They are not there because of race. They are there because of ungodliness and resisting not just the law but hating their parents with an attitude of bitterness like their parents before them!

And when their parents continue to blame the law for shootings, THIS {the video of thugs beating cops} continues to increase because of the increase in black lawlessness with un-American communist elements egging it on for their own self interest in gaining control. This ruins the Black race alone without even mentioning what it’s doing to the nation.



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