NewsBrief: Country Seemingly Divided Due to Resentment & Covetiousness

Trayvon Martin’s parents reject George Zimmerman’s apology! Where is the graciousness in this country? We all know Mr.George did not do it ON PURPOSE. Liberal Blacks are still harboring resentment & that is what is polarizing.

We all need the LORD God and His arm of love Jesus into our hearts once again to solve our mutual hatred and getting even.

Getting even is just the tip of it all.  We are a country after each other’s goods and willing to tear each other apart and grab the goods from each other in terms of better pay than thou brother who is White or Black. ENOUGH!!! Let us humble ourselves and be Americans!!



One thought on “NewsBrief: Country Seemingly Divided Due to Resentment & Covetiousness

  1. I believe it was the lack of sincerity in his apology that they did not accept. In one breath he is apologizing and the next he says he would not do anything different.
    How can any parent accept an apology riding on the coattails of “I wouldn’t do anything different”?

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