GOP Ruining America? Commerce Clause Protecting GOV Dictates?; A Story of Events, Lies, Facts, Thoughts

Here are some tidbits of events, thoughts, facts, lies, and the truth.

Event: Democratic Governors tell the media, the House GOP is ruining the economy simply to elect Mr. Romney for president:

Thought: But wait, why would the House-GOP wreck the economy to elect a Romney guy? The economy doesn’t elect a president, the people elect the president. The House wouldn’t elect a president much less a GOP-House. It’s the people who will elect a president. Someone in the Media please remind the Demo Governors of this little forgotten fact.

Fact: The American people back in November of 2010 have spoken loudly with a huge vote to prove it!! They want Obama-Scare repealed NOW. They want congress to repeal all things Obama and his side kick Saint Harry the swinging Reed. They have elected GOP congress people to push back on a liberal congress that will not deal with the coming financial CLIFF!! They don’t wish to see a financial cliff crashing and breaking our country only to fundamentally change America into an eventual communist police state (socialism is eventual soft-communism)!!

Fact: And soft communism must become hard-nosed communism in order to force unnatural forces on humans to do what they do not feel is right or free!! What? Obama favorite mentor is Mao? Look it up on Google it’s true a woman who belongs to his staff said that lol. Wait, she was quietly put to rest in another hiding place from the public!! OMG.

Lies: When does Obama lie? When he speaks to the American people out of both sides of his mouth on all things Obama. It’s also true, it’s all about Obama and the coming dictatorship. But that can only really come AFTER the coming financial CLIFF has come and gone!! Listen to his own words in their context even. Don’t just listen to TV for those short sounds bytes and then run off to watch your favorite TV sitcom or bingo. America is turning communist as you boil slowly in Obama’s cooker! It’s the Chicago way I’m told, lol.

True: The Constitution tells us there is no forced purchase of anything including health care. But we do get to encourage each other to help and give. You will always have the poor. The poor consists of people not wishing to work and those who wish to work and those who are hurting. We know the diff. The Government only uses the poor for excuses in bringing salvation to the world that there might be Utopia. This only brings misery and depravity. There is something WRONG with the current enforcement of the Commerce Clause. To say everyone no matter if you call it a TAX or a FEE for disobeying should never be subject to a commerce clause in the Obamacare case!

Thought: But even the subject in this article I question. It’s about selfishness. The State of New York should never have given exclusive rights to one person (Steamboat Co.). The State of Massachusetts should never have started charging fees to bus companies to run their buses. If roads need to be paid, they need only to be paid for by personal Federal & State taxes only. Taxes and tariff fees are the only items everybody should be required to pay as for living as citizens in this country to support basic necessities such as building roads and maintaining an army. Nothing more than this. The private sector is the way, for it is the American way!

[ Published 07-14-12 at 11:30am]


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