A Prayer for Presidents Who Also Must be Under an Authority in Order to Lead

Full blown ‘Class Warfare’ has been in America since the era of LBJ and the great society in the re-making of slavery. The re-making of slavery through the creation of a dependent class. A class of people with no initiative nor any real meaning for life! A life dependent on God is the only way to real deep meaning for life!

And now Mr. Obama stands accused! Yes President Obama stands accused, even if he believes he isn’t using ‘class warfare’, it’s just his behavior, he raises his voice in favor of a certain class of people being hurt because their rights are being infringed upon. This is the wrong approach in helping and uniting all of us as Americans. We are one country, not several countries. We help each other with God’s help. We don’t help each other by pitting us as classes against each other. If Obama and the liberals are not doing it, then it’s image alone that stands out and makes him and the democrats look evil in the sight of most Americans! It’s the wrong approach and I do understand why Mr. Obama is doing this. It’s true, Mr. Obama, has been found wanton being under a higher authority than himself. Even Presidents must be under authority in order to lead as a mighty man with great intentions. And that would be knowing His God; Knowing his creator well. If all of us men everywhere would consider returning to a living relationship with our God, who is our ultimate Father who did create us, we would be able to see much clearer with a balance in our lives that only comes from knowing God in the Spirit!

We instead must listen to a higher authority who gives us power to do what’s right and think of others in well doing. And yes, we do well in taking care of ourselves and our families too. Only under a higher authority will Mr. Obama begin to understand what our Founding Fathers had in mind. It came as second nature in those days; A second nature that even came as a fault. Because since then we as a nation took it for granite in those days and now look at what we may have become!

And surely our Founding Fathers were imperfect as men of history! But we want to encourage a vision of Spiritual life & liberty in the hearts of each American who will be motivated to do wonders and exploits in the tradition of American exceptionalism in the right way, a way that blesses and prospers all of us in everyway! All this for the glory of God so that there will be real meaning in our country. There can be no higher glory than God or we will only descend into a spirit poverty that will result in what we are experiencing today even, and it will only grow worse by the day!! But allow me to digress and say one of these American exploits was finally getting rid of racism in America for the most part which began even at the time of the writing of the constitution. And we know what I’m referring too in the constitution and what has transpired since. Let us not become embittered with anger over why some of us were born Black and were mistreated. Yes, I get it, I’m not Black. But it’s also true anger and getting even will eat you alive!! There is no space for ensuring the Whites had better not be racist whilst we get our booty without God’s anointing. For God will judge us all, all, even Whites, Mexicans, Chinese, Japanese, and Blacks. Yes, Blacks as well. Never mind “Black Liberation Theology” but instead read and believe the BIBLE as Black pastors speak from!! [It’s an eventual book ordained by God in a foolish way. But only fools will consider it foolish.]

But I call on Mr. Obama, to reconsider what he is doing to our country and the attitude that he is displaying for all to see. We can not afford Class Warfare in this nation! The Constitution demands it to cease and desist! Oh, of course there are many who agree with the President’s attitude and agenda which we call liberalists today. May God open his heart in a way that he will not be defensive! I call on the President to repent not just to become a conservative (for crying out loud), not just to do it for others, but for himself. But that the President will become a mighty man of God who would be under authority to rule with good counsel. A man who will be able to do mighty things that God will put in his heart to do. May the Lord of Authority be with Mr. Obama when he will do it! And when he does, may he beg for many wise counselors to help him either in the office of the president and/or in private life. Life is much more than governing and ruling!!

[Published 07-10-12 6:40pm PDT]


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