Beginning of Liberalism from an 1893 Event

The history of Liberalism from 1893 I believe happened this way from my reading & events I’ve discovered from others.

Today’s foolish Liberal self-fulfilling guilt tripping on America actually began with a meeting of liberal Christian leaders in 1893 when a HINDU teacher got up and pronounced a guilt rap on these very men who were caught in their sin of self-promotion and images of what Great Christians they were, in comparing themselves to unbelieving nations who were poor because of their own religions.

But instead of learning from their misplaced pride and attitudes, they succumbed to the immediate guilt that was placed on them, & gave a thunderous ovation to a self-centered, self seeking and enraged Hindu at the time.  They embraced this man because of their embarrassment!  There were lessons to learn that day, but the wrong one was to react in kneejerk fashion, instead of learning from wisdom of humility and where the living God was to lead them!

From this attitude we now have a sickness that’s based on false guilt which is being pushed on our Government and the American people today, leading to terrible consequences for a nation that has turned it’s back on the living God who created us.


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