Salvation through Covenant with a Living Sacrifice Who Cares

Jesus, the Word of God, sealed the deal on the Father’s covenant.  Jesus’ life was given to seal the Father’s Covenant that we might be saved from our shame, guilt, & misplace pride.  And if we come to Him with an attitude of repentance we have entrance into His Covenant freely forever with a change of attitude and spirit.

Repentance is an absolute requirement to join in Covenant with the Father so we would be saved, from ourselves, through Jesus’ sacrifice which has sealed the Covenant with His own blood.  In Covenant there is no room for us to willfully sin and habitually resist the Holy Spirit.  For in due season the Holy Spirit will no longer strive with us, and will leave us to our own devices in eternity!  There are terrible consequences when we willfully reject the Lord in our lives and Covenant will no longer have any effect on us for we have wilfully rejected even His grace for a mere temporal pleasure or opportunity!

And our “habitual” continual obedience is an absolute requirement for His Covenant.  There is no room for our unwillingness to obey and walk as Jesus’ walked.  But Jesus showed the way & became an emotional advocate for us with the Father when we sin and fall from time to time eveyday.  If we come to Jesus in repentance HE will emotionally advocate & reconcile you with the Father again!!  He knows what we feel and go through, and loves us and wants to reconcile us when we mess up.  There is a vast difference between continued-wilfullness and when we become resistent to His grace at times!!

Again, our life is saved from eternal death through accepting God the Father’s COVENANT in true ongoing repentance when we sin.  We have hope that we can walk in glory daily; glory as unto our living God.


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