Arrest the Liberal Media to Save the Constitution and the 1st Amendment!

~@ROliverLuce | 02-18-17

Here’s yet another AP-liberal style news article projecting what Joe Scarborough and the rest of the liberal media wants us to believe! Their lies as before! We know what they are doing!

What is a Fake President anyway? No such thing. What Joe Scarborough forgets is we now know Joe and the rest of the liberal media hates our Constitution and the first amendment! Joe should stop doing is his Alinsky-type lies against the America people and their push for a N.W.O. tyranny! Stop accepting commands from a Mr. Imam Obama who is also pulling intel strings in DC!

Today’s facts are from truthful polls are 90% of Conservatives and Republicans now believe the Liberal Media does put out fake news and lies and wants to corrupt the Constitution with lawlessness in replacing the Constitution. Couple that with 70% of a middle of the road Americans who also believe in the corruption of the liberal media. And I forget the democrat’s percentage, but it’s up past 50% against the liberal media. It’s time to arrest the enemies of the people, the liberal media. It’s time to throw them in prison for sedition! It is all about the constitution and the first amendment.

The liberal media is guilty in destroying our Constitution in replacing it with a so-called New World Order. This destruction is the issue at hand. President Trump is NOT against the Constitution and the first amendment as you, the liberal media, say!!!


Article title:
“Joe Scarborough calls Trump a ‘fake president’ for calling news media the ‘enemy’ of America”

MSNBC host, Joe Scarborough had some words for President Donald Trump after Trump unloaded on the press Friday.

“Only a FAKE PRESIDENT would declare the First Amendment to be the enemy of the American people,” Scarborough tweeted.

Scarborough’s comments followed Trump’s earlier tweet against the news media in which he said, “The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @NBCNews, @ABC, @CBS, @CNN) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!”

Trump’s words — his harshest yet toward journalists and, by extension, the First Amendment — were viewed by some as autocratic in tone. It caps off what has been another tumultuous week for Trump, and marks the end of an equally stormy first month in the White House.

High-level resignations, reported upheavals within his administration, and ongoing US intelligence investigations have left Trump and his fledgling administration reeling.

The president as of Friday had a 40% approval rating according to Gallup. That’s 21 percentage points below the historical average for presidents one month into their tenure.

News Article Reference:
Joe Scarborough calls Trump a ‘fake president’ for calling news media the ‘enemy’ of America


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