Mr Blackman, We ALL Have the Choice of Bringing Out the Best in Each Other

{ Defending Lawlessness & Resisting law are Poisons for Prison }

~@ROliverLuce | 02-20-17

Mr. Honorable Black man, decide this day what you will bring out; Either BRING OUT the best or the worse in the White & Brown Man. Or you face your evil nature? The choice is yours. Is it not Mr. Alinsky’s choice? But, it is YOURS!

Stop with the “NOT My PreZ Days” and go home to your wives & children!
Start being a blessing TO THEM, your children and wives, and to THOSE PEOPLE you do NOT understand such of the likes of the White and Brown folks.
Enough of the Alinsky lies that do not spread blessings and honor, but envy, personal greed, and selfishness!
Then and only then will the Lord God, your CREATOR, will bless you’re coming in and going out in the days ahead, your days ahead!

Stop turning to the curses and the shame of Alinsky Communism with its rioting, shoving, and chaos for the elite’s personal control!
Alinsky Communism promises only lies and empty promises in the chaos they create using you! It can not deliver because they stand on curses and hatred of what is good!
Alinsky’ism shall only bring a curse on your heads if you continue when the dust settles!
The curse of communism only spreads envy, personal greed, and selfishness!
And it spreads even more than all this, curses that will bring about your destruction in due season and to the country you might have loved!

What we focus on does bring out just THAT! We bring OUT what is evil or what is good in everybody we blame or hate THAT IS ACTUALLY IN US!
We either bring out the best in each other OR we will bring out the worse of each other!
Decide this day which you and I shall do!

News Article Reference:
Live updates: ‘Not My President’s Day’ protests in NYC, D.C. and L.A.
Yahoo News Staff 3 hours ago Co


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