Homosexuals MUST get their own UNION LABEL

~R.OliverLuce | 02-04-15

Homosexuals can be Republicans and have every right. I mean even smokers can be Republicans. And why not? However, both behaviors and I do mean behaviors are adverse to their own bodies. But that’s their concern whether they want to wreak judgment on themselves or not. I like those who smoke. Gay people are fine as well. But they know where I stand and it’s up to them to deal with their own consciences. AND it’s for the glory of God that we prosper in HIM and shun vices that corrupt our own bodies.

As for homosexuals trying to re-fine Marriage that I SHALL take a PUBLIC stand in the PUBLIC SQUARE. I will NOT be cowed nor allow the acceptance of perversion into Marriage for the first time in WORLD HISTORY and against our CREATOR who invented Marrage as a mirror image of who we are of those who accept HIS love and justice. Therefore homosexuals MUST get their own UNION LABEL.


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