Creatures of Habit: Nixon’s Impending Impeachment was Product of us. Now we have Obama!

~R.OliverLuce | 08-10-14

First came our fright of prayer & righteous living under Christ because of our ever increasing misplaced-pride for the most part. Then came the murder of innocent babies in the womb in the “worship” of convenience, followed by destroying personal dignity with government free handouts and dependency (instead of encouraging a climate of jobs) from a government that corrupted millions and most of our spiritually-rich Black people whom ‘both Black & White’ became murderously close to becoming demanding creatures, whom demanded more and flat-out shunning work as a sin without high wages to start with or else! Attitudes that corrupt absolutely.

We are all at fault for leaving our innocence behind as we left our God in the name of His Word Jesus the Christ! How dare we demand our rights with evil attitudes and intent which come only from bitterness at GOD! Let us be true to who we are in our demands and our fists RAISED at God. God still likes us and if we choose to repent He will heal our land, first the Christians (that’s us) and then everyone else gets the temporal benefits!

What happen with Richard Nixon was long coming as we took the convenient road to lawlessness. What destroys a nation within is allowing a little fox to dig under the fence of personal & national protections that come from personal and national-institutional righteousness, howbeit imperfect in our natures as sinners. Yes, we use to use slaves. TODAY they are not except for our bitterness. Yes, we are sinners, ALL OF US including our slaves of yesteryear whom we either cared about or abused beyond listening to God! Are we to become bitter that we shoot ourselves in the face so slavery will go away and our past sins as well. Destroy the Republic just because we are ALL sinners?

Our nation was a godly nation in principle and we NOW have become WORSE than the devil with our incriminations inspired even by wicked AGENDAs from false-guilt and “moral-vanity” a quote from a news source!

The following news clip is just an ordinary proof of our evil fruit, of how our nation increasingly winks at more and more lawlessness not just in government but also in the populous, the American people! That’s you and me, no one else!!! Yes, even we the people have followed evil government actions when dealing with truthfulness in purchasing our houses for instance; It’s no wonder, America experienced a HOUSING BUBBLE that exploded through government ‘agendic’ greed [if that’s a word] begetting corporate greed begetting realitor greed begetting the rest of us! Just one example of how we the people are as evil as the government we put into power. We put those politicians into power that act evil with great misleading intentions like ourselves! That’s goes for atheists as well. No one comes out of this smelling pretty! Ok, so how do we fix this mess without always just blaming someone else OTHER than ourselves and repenting. That’s right, we can’t stop this mess unless our nation repents and the nation can’t repent unless WE REPENT. The attitudes don’t stop until there is a REPENT which is the only RESET BUTTON there is. Oh yes, the other reset is outright war where we all lose everything and death comes to many! Which will it be America? Where is our brains and our God?

The following is a good look at our historical trend of growing national habitual sin since 1974:
Quote: “What has happened in the last 40 years is that we’ve grown immune to the abuse of power. The outrage that fueled the Watergate era is gone; we’ve become so used to corrupt politicians, we hardly raise an eyebrow.”

PS: Humans are creatures of habit regarding lawlessness or righteousness; A lawless president encouraging illegals to break law only corrupts them and the President further. It is a law of nature.

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