Original Principal Effect Endorsing Religion is a Stable Republic Whether Be Islamic or Christian State

~R.OliverLuce | 08-09-14

The original principal of endorsing religion is to support the general assumptions of the group of those Christian religions supporting Jesus as God & the Jewish religions supporting the 10 commandments & 1 God, Jehovah

To the errant Federal judge I say: The constitution does not endorse any 1 particular religion, rather it endorses the assumptions of the group of several Christian religions that support a stable culture as beginning in the years of the 1770’s.

Again, the constitution will not endorse any 1 particular religion whether it be Baptist or Presbyterian or, now, today Islamic Sunni or Islamic Shiites, but instead had and must support the overall assumptions of all the Christian Religions or all of the Islamic Religions which have 2 main and several others.

The real question the errant Federal Judge must ask himself is what kind of society do we want? An American Islamic Sharia society where his wife must cover up or else (or) to continue with our overall American Judean-Christian society. Nations need a single stable culture in order to survive as a nation with borders. We can’t afford to allow a Islamic Sharia Law to corrupt our Christian based Constitutional based culture. He must dispense with the Sharia Law from the halls of government buildings instead of the 10 commandments or the like. Those 10 commandments are actually the 10 instructions in detail (not just commandments to obey) for any society to live free and righteously. The judge must understand the differences here and to not make law. It’s the people who DECIDE whether we wish to enslave ourselves with Islam or live under sound laws that even reasonable atheists use to understand!

Fed. judge rules 10 commandments must go under pressure from the A.C.L.U.

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