Enforcing The Law On Illegals With Grace & Compassion Enables Them To Be Legal

With this introduction, following, I will also explain my personal experience in the later section below and hope that we will engage our culture to always obey the law, especially our government.  The dangers of progressivism have taken us too far in these last 5 or 6 years!
But with grace and compassion in peer pressure with the focus on benefits with each other we shall build a solid society once again without the harsh and dangerous worldview of liberalism.

It’s a win-win for us all. When illegal foreigners are encouraged to return and/or deported back to their home countries it makes them legal as human creatures of habit. And for us it puts us as Americans back towards a focus of legal habits as well. And we should encourage foreigners to return with simple compassion and grace to enable them. Immigration laws are for a purpose for any sane country. We must only allow those in who screen properly to ensure they understand our culture and our ways. Our country was created for a purpose and to honor other countries who have their own purpose such as Israel who happens to be a Jewish state for Jews. And there is nothing wrong with THAT!

For sure, if one group gets away with a wink at law, others will do the same if not demanding that they will not obey laws what they must. Blatantly breaking one law will lead to more of it! Winking at illegals is a principle that will not stop. President Reagan allowing several million in free but look what the democrats did not do!

In the past we can look at President Jackson’s well meaning efforts at bringing peace and prosperity to a region of the United States when both Indians and Americans were self centered. Yes BOTH! Now we have liberals heaping hate on our country for that lawlessness we seemingly reaping. But their real evil has been the focus on how murderous America has been and NOT the focus of what we have achieved in since those days in the early 1800’s! We have achieved a lot in helping to bring some peace and some stability in the world. Of which is now in jeopardy with this current administration with their dangerous progressive worldview.

When we use compassion and grace on each other to be legal in everything we do, we are using peer pressure rightly with a Christian influence. And we are blessed in the long run and our country prospers. This attitude must, must apply to liberals, illegal foreigners, and especially President Obama and his A.G. Mr. Holder or this nation will fall into oblivion!

– – –

In my experience, the truth wins big when we promote the law with compassion & grace in enabling each other to always be law abiding Americans! The truth is our country prospers and experiences peace and harmony when we live within reasonable law (that’s within the constitution) and our consciences, instead of rationalizing and perverting our consciences and whether we enforce or disobey the law. We therefore must encourage and persuade illegal foreigners to obey their consciences to return on their own with our help or be deported if needed! The following is my experience and HOPE we can do this.

I will write this without naming names in order to freely get my message across:
I do know people who have friends who are illegals who sit around talking, how to scam the government (as many American tax breakers do) to get as much (freebies, care, and etc.) as the can. I’ve seen it in their living rooms. Seen it in other places! BREAKING THE LAW ONLY LEADS TO MORE OF IT. And we have both recent Republican and Democratic government administrations egging this on for crying out loud!! This egging on illegal foreigners has been on a steep increase most recently but has been on going since AFTER President Eisenhower left office. However, this problem has now reached an extreme measure.

And now, I have recently met new friends who know illegals who are scared of the our government, but rightly so! Why not! Well, they had their family split up by our GOVERNMENT just recently by kicking the husband out of the country, but not the wife nor the kids!! And it’s crazy. This smells of gainsaying for the illegal liberal operators in our government telling us deportation destroys families! Well of course if they only deport one and not the whole family whether one of them is supposely legal or not. It’s about common sense!! This government should have deported the entire family, but they didn’t!! Its criminal.

Further, I wish to say something about deporting friends we might know:
Instead of turning friends in, we must encourage these friends (or) friends of friends who are illegal to return to their own respective countries on their own. Then come back when it’s possible but as a LEGAL immigrant. There is HONOR when friends push friends to do the right thing in obeying the law especially when an evil administration wants to use their ignorance even in illegal voting habits in this country. Friends should also be willing to help these people when returning if LEGAL. WE DO NOT WANT TO BE A NATION OF MATERIALISTS any longer!! Relationships and building them are now in vogue. We must get back to the early 1800’s as a culture but without slavery obviously. And I say it for the sake of bitter liberal-black card flashers!

These illegal friends and other illegals must return or be deported. It’s the right thing to do. Especailly, if they know the Lord Jesus as Catholics and Christians do, it is critical to make amends with their conscience and with God whether they feel it or not. A sheared conscience makes for more evil. All this goes for us as Americans in living a law-abiding life that reaches out others to bless. We bless each other no less. This is America!

THIS WE MUST DO with compassion that they might live with a clear conscience without being afraid of our government or their own government anymore! IF WE DO THIS, the truth WINS BIG. 🙂 ~R.OliverLuce

Legal immigration helps to educate and teach foreigners to respect & retain the American culture and the language. Further its to screen out undesirables (behavioral lawless ones) that eat at the American culture in deadly but long term ways.


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