Sen Reid hiding behind Fed & State official with a Mobster & Chinese in a land grab

Harry Reid hiding behind Fed & Certain State officials with a Chinese Firm in a land grab

Reid says Bundy and his supporters are nothing more than domestic terrorists bent of disrespecting the government? Gosh, Mr. Reid, how can you say that when you and your buddies are breaking law not following the constitution and attempting to grab somebody’s land for personal financial gain.

Reid says Bundy did not pay his fees nor his taxes to the state. Reid lied, he did pay. Wow, another lie from Mr. Clean Face. Oh but your mobster friend says you are in his POCKET, sir. BACK OFF son, we’re coming for YOU; Recall is coming for you.

Ah, there’s more! Reid says, “Bundy does not follow the law. We are a nation of laws?” WHAT? But Mr. Reid does not encourage following the laws of this country nor does Obama who is a president of a banana republic presently. Again, after all, Mr. Reid had financial gain behind terrorizing Mr. Bundy and his cows!

And no, Mr. Reid, the protestors did not say shoot the children first to the Feds. Oh for crying out loud Mr. Reid. They had to bring their children to show up Mr. Reid. Where would you put your children if you had to bring them to a party to stop an evil government BENT on dictating to you, sir? But I digress, the problem here isn’t the children. The problem is you Mr. Reid and your mobster bosses and those who helped you set up this land grab.

You sir, are going to be personally responsible for the outlawing of liberalism someday. What you are is a criminal hiding behind some media types who do not realize who you really are.  An old bitter man.  It’s SAD!

BUT hey, is it true you are in a pocket of some Nevada mobster? Are we right on this Mr. Reid? Tell us, sir. Tell us NOW! Please sir, dictate to us whose the lawless creep here, sir? 🙂 NO MORE RESPECT FOR EVIL MEN WHO HATE THE LIGHT. Your deeds are exposed. Now we need to press you OUT OF OFFICE forever! God help you Mr. Reid. Uh, that’s related to repenting, but is ego to big. Oh God help Reid, in Jesus NAME who is the man (Jesus) with the plan!!



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