America Returns to their Creator Jesus the CHRIST through normal everyday HOLY DEPERATION

Many question God’s power: How do you know when God will do a wonder?

Western Civilization & Christianity has a sophistication that blocks God’s healing power that can only be seen in so-called third world civilizations, Matt.5:3-11.

When the Creator moves miraculously in raising a child from the dead through the power of HIS directive-wisdom [You can feel it but yet not]. 2Kings4:32-37.

Never copy what the Creator/Father has done in the past but to hear & learn from it.

Always listen to the “I am” Holy Spirit when the Holy Inspiration is real to your heart with HIS great love emanating!

… …

What is God’s love that might be found in us to return HIS love and to others:  1Cor. 13:4-13.


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