Auto-Defaulting with the Great Florida State Democratic Party Folks

Auto-Defaulting with the Great Florida State Democratic Party Folks

Ok, lets start a fresh!
Let’s start a dialog so we both can talk about the truth of each other and not talk hyperbolas.

First let’s do this!

Today {maybe it was yesterday} the FL. State Democratic Party {THAT’S YOU FOLKS} said the following on your website:

= = =
“[ Today the Florida Democratic Party released the following statement in response to Senator Marco Rubio’s vote with the Tea Party to send the United States government into default:

“For weeks, Marco Rubio led the charge to hold the economy hostage and shut down the federal government in a vain attempt to make sure millions of Americans could not access to quality, affordable health care,” said FDP Chair Allison Tant. “Last night, after a bipartisan group of Senators brokered a compromise, Marco Rubio doubled down on his reckless, Tea Party fueled temper tantrum and voted to keep the government closed and force America to default on its financial obligations.

“This government shutdown cost the American economy $24 billion and the default he voted for last night would have ruined the full faith and credit of the United States. Rubio has proven he is more interested in scoring political points with the Tea Party and protecting his potential presidential candidacy than doing what is best for Floridians.” ]”
= = =

It’s true, Senator Rubio led the charge with Cruz in pushing a budget the HOUSE was to sign off without including the funds for ObamaCare?
It’s true for Rubio & Cruz to root the HOUSE on because they agreed with the HOUSE!

[Auto-default is a lie, gentlemen.]

It IS the job of the HOUSE to fund or NOT to fund a program or item in the budget.
It’s the HOUSE’s job to do & control the PURSE!
It’s not the President’s nor the Senate’s job to initiate or edit what HOUSE has done in initiating a budget with it’s funding & non-funding of various programs.
The Senate should sign off what the house has initiated. And so should the President.

[Auto-default is a lie, gentlemen.]

Rubio’s intent was NOT to keep people from signing up for ObamaCare but to defund and eventually replace it for all Americans who hate this sneaky train wreck of a law. We all know it’s not working!
Let’s all be reasonable to replace it with TORT REFORM keeping the lawyers far away from the next new law that will NOT intrude into anybody’s space.

[Auto-default is a lie, gentlemen.]

Come on, let’s be reasonable Democrats. We all know ObamaCare is not right. It’s a terrible law that was PUSHED against the American people in 2009.

[Auto-default is a lie, gentlemen. HelloooO?]

We don’t CARE who comes up with the idea of a wonderful health care for free people everywhere that would also include TORT REFORM! AND WE DON’T CARE WHO THINKS OF IT FIRST.  No one should CARE whose plan it is, whether it’s a DEM’s or a GOP’ers.  Let’s just keep our freedoms While we are at it!!  Soooo, can we now ROLL?  Let’s roll huh?  Let’s do it together INSIDE OUR CONSTITUTION of course! 🙂

But finally!

Putting a lid on increasing more DEBT does not mean auto-default, but simply cutting intelligently with brains intact please.

If we can’t defund ObamaCare because it might DEFAULT the American Government, then maybe we’re all crazy.

How do you guys do it at your own homes?
How do you do it when you’re in deep-debt and you tell your wife & kids NO MORE CREDIT CARDS? Uh… are we crazy here?
We need our real God back SOON!! No wonder we’re all shooting each other with hyperbolas and lies and fibs.  YES, we’re ALL doing it, and there’s the truth being buried too!

Yes, again, auto-default is a lie, gentlemen.



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