Prayer that Brings Things to Pass

With determined power, prayer will achieve great things and do vast exploits. Prayer will see the healing power from our God who is the Lord of Covenant!

Real prayer takes more out of you/me than anything else.

Prayer is a costly exercise. But it pays far more than it will ever cost.

Prayer is not easy work. Yes, it’s work, but it’s the most profitable of all work you’ll ever do. Yes, prayer is not easy milk toast for the weak minded who still makes worldly things their god and plays church in a country club setting! Prayer is bloody costly!!

And prayer united with the Living Word of God from the written, will break any stronghold and advance the Kingdom here on Earth; Advancing the real church{believers walking in Christ without false guilt!!}.

And it takes your patience in waiting on Him and listening to the Holy Spirit speak!!!  Can you pay the PRICE!!!


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