The Influence of the Holy Spirit

• All influences in the Earth have some power that effect us in some way and cause us to respond as well.  An example can be the Spirit of 1776 for that matter. It is an influence, a spirit that does hold sway to many.

• But TEST every influence to see if it is from God.

• For not every influence is godly nor for any good at all.

• But This Influence which I speak of {a Powerful Influence}, is of the Father {our creator} who sent His Son to seal His Covenant; A Covenant with an Influence of power for SALVATON for those who-so-ever will accept & abide by it’s terms; Terms which are spiritual & give life {faith/obedience}. For this SALVATION comes with a seal of His Holy Spirit of Influence to them that accept & do His covenant of love, joy, & righteousness!!

• The Influence I speak of, is the Influence and The Power of the Godhead: The Holy Ghost which is a PERSON of the Godhead; The Trinty; The three in one!!


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