The Difference Between Enabling False Hatred & Hatred of ‘Evil’

~@ROliverLuce | 02-23-17

@BradleyWhitford What Ivanka Trump or President Trump does in bringing back the dignity and the enforcement of ‘law with order’ in America has nothing to do with enabling ‘evil’ hatred.

It’s enabling the hatred against what is wrong in society and reducing it entirely!

‘Evil’ hatred comes from certain people whether liberal or conservative, who give themselves over to the voice of bitterness, self-centeredness, and overt personal greed.

There is one thing that has risen in America over the last several decades. Liberalism has become overt in the rise of lawlessness and the hatred of what is good. This must be turned around. We must return to our Christian roots without engaging in bringing with it the politics of slavery and bringing up past sins for self-political gain over the good of the Country! Conservative people can also become wrapped up in personal greed as well. It’s not the American system but our personal and national sins that destroy us and allows evil in the form of Islam and communism to rush in!

News Article Reference:
Bradley Whitford: Ivanka Trump is ‘enabling hatred.’


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