Inheritors of Salvation & Freewill Trust in Covenant

~R.OliverLuce | 08-13-14

The inheritors of salvation are those who accept the Father’s gracious Covenant of love.  GOD’s own demonstration of HIS love that inspires us (inspiration from God) to join with Him in death to our selves (a covenant action) to control the appetites of the flesh and resist evil (devil) in our lives created to originally glorify God.

God is NOT in the business of creating anymore angels!  Instead He’s creating more inheritors of salvation & freedom with a free moral will to all those whosoever will (John 3:16).

To understand free will and Covenant, is to understand God’s relationship to us and learning to trust (faith) Him. And it also means understanding our freedoms in that relationship, our discernment, and how wisely we reach others for the Kingdom!

Moreover! To understand our freewill is to understand God’s character in the world around us and in the Universe!  God’s character can be clearly seen in the Universe such as, an example, even the trinity is shown and revealed in the Universe!

It’s true, a wise man may know inherently how to interact and reach others effectively for Christ and live wisely with the knowledge of freewill subconsciously.  But at the same time not knowing or believing in freewill as revealed in scripture and the world around us, throughout his life.  So he will articulate a theology that’s not consistent with his life and living his life of freewill in Christ, with the notion there is no freewill in Christ! But, as always, knowing the Word of life within the whole counsel of God spells spiritual freedom and power and clear discernment in living the life as Christ would, however imperfect we are!
[Freewill implies respect for others when interacting with others and/or reaching out to them for Christ in wisdom.  If free will is all around us, so is freewill in salvation with the help of inspiration from God.]

// Example of Free will:
Note how God treated and interacted with the Egyptian Pharaoh with Moses:
~Exodus 10:1 And the LORD said to Moses, Go in to Pharaoh: for I have hardened his heart, and the heart of his servants; that I might show these my signs before him:
{The Lord God had hardened Pharaoh’s heart, after Pharaoh already had chosen his attitude; Had chosen his way. For God had to awaken the apathy out of the Children of Israel as was [also] revealed in the desert.
As in the proverb: You might take the Jews out of Egypt but it’s very difficult to take Egypt out of the Jews!}
~Please note 1Samuel 6:6 regarding the questioning and the EXPLANATION of the word “hardening” in Exodus 10:1.

God has put us in CHARGE of our hearts and He knows when we get mixed up when feelings get in the way. HE’s Holy intelligent! He’s a wonderful God for every moment and decision in our lives!  He inspires us to GREATNESS!



FoxNews & Shep Smith Dictating to GOP in Accepting Gaysex into Marriage!

[These people who want to be known by their sexual activity, who are addicted to this kind of sexual behavior need help. And I might add giving help with compassion. To promote and give sexual behavior a special class of protection is only enabling foolishness. ]

Very personal behavior remains at home. We come to work to work, not to advertise our very personal behaviors and even to recruit.

Shep Smith of Fox News is browbeating the GOP into submission, to go along with Obama’s subversion of the definition of Marriage! Gaysexuals have their partners. They have their benefit-money from BIG Government. Leave marriage alone UNLESS you want to marry your true opposite sexual partner who you will listen too & love whether you feel like it or not lol. MARRIAGE is COVENANT!


Mr. Shep Smith please back off and be quiet! You have no idea what you are speaking of. To subvert marriage with gaysexual behavior will bring even further judgment on you, me, and America! Society will suffer, it will. It’s a can of worms.

Of course everyone has the right to marry. But to change the definition of marriage is nothing more than an evil way to subvert our country in accepting weird sexual behavior (see a doctor) and its desire to recruit children in schools, and to subvert our other American institutions! Very personal behavior of any kind, whether we consider it ‘weird’ or ‘normal’ has to be kept private. To flaunt our personal behavior sexual or not is unbecoming. It’s not redeeming. So this has to be stopped; STOP continuing this push for a special protected class of behavior. Again, this kind of behavior should stay at home and not be flaunted all over creation for craziness to rule! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD let’s use some common sense here.

People without any common sense are taking over the country it would seem. Or is it Liberalism has an obsession with sexual behavior? Where are the wise? Where are the people who have some kind of wisdom? Why do they refuse to stand against this evil? Or why is it when men and women DO stand up against this, our courts ‘create law’ to crush the will of the people? These people who want to be known by their sexual activity, who are addicted to this kind of sexual behavior need help. And I might add giving help with compassion!! To promote and give sexual behavior a special class of protection is only enabling foolishness. Has America really thrown its common sense into the toilet, or maybe the wild winds of change and lost its HEAD!!