A Group of American Capitalists are selling out our country on the cheap

It’s true this particular group of capitalists [see reference] are behind the RINO congressmen pushing for illegal foreigners to become free and easy illegal voters and eventually “illegalized” American citizens at the expense of Americans and American jobs!

Isn’t it true illegal is illegal?  Why are we NOT enforcing legal immigration.  Yep, immigrant means a legal new American who just came to our country through a legal process!!  Our leaders in the WhiteHouse are breaking the law!

Capitalism is a great thing! A system that’s the best system in the world. But it operates best in the long run when capitalists are Christians meaning they do their work with themselves in mind and OTHERS as well. If we are not careful these capitalists will tear our country apart just as liberal policies are doing NOW!

It’s looking like these capitalists are selling out our forefathers for a pot of illegal stew. Instead of willing to train Americans with legal patience for jobs these people are acting just like our Liberal/Progressives who hate our country and pushing for communist dictates with hopes of deleting freedoms and saving animals from killer humans!

This is NOT an overstatement about our liberal friends, but I do want to communicate that our fellow American capitalists are also killing our country on the cheap!  America comes first so capitalists can thrive!!



Marco Rubio’s Compromise is a Real Solution to Immigration Reform Re: Illegal Children!

For the first time I believe Marco Rubio is communicating a sane compromise for our overall immigration problem particularly dealing with the illegals in this country. For minor children only (who were minors when they came with their illegal parents), who to no fault of their own, will be given a certain legal break in a certain fashion after graduating from a high school so they can continue their studies.

The legal break for only these children will enable them to later go through the system for a green card as everyone else!! This is great. But it’s obvious in the article the Democrats want these illegals as voters and will OPPOSE Rubio’s compromising solution.

Rubio’s solution is a sane solution to an insane problem. We do not want illegals being used as voters for the Democratic Party to retain BIG-GOVERNMENT power nor continue our downward spiral towards lawlessness in our country!! Lawlessness and not enforcing our laws is a serious issue in our country today!!



Dems Teaching Illegals How To Circumvent The Law To Vote

[ LET IT BE KNOWN FROM NOW ON: No more slave labor prices from Liberal-inspired farmers. They should start paying living wages to living Americans & the rest of us should be willing to pay American-market prices for long range prosperity for all of us ]

It’s true we can’t prove Dems are outright showing illegals how to vote, but everyone knows their actions & agenda does aid in helping illegals to vote!
Nevertheless, the Democrats are teaching illegals to VOTE under guise of helping those who can’t afford a picture-ID to vote with.
The GOP and the Tea Party do want voter-ID so there is NO fraud, and forcing illegals to go to the back of the line behind their fellow Mexican ‘legals’!! Let it be known from now on Liberal-inspired American farmers must pay ‘living wages’ to Americans in picking fruit & etc., and the rest of us will be willing to pay American market driven prices for fruit & etc. as we should without justifying the current slave labor wages!! Slave labor wages ARE CRIMINAL!!

Yes it’s true; Liberals / Democrats do NOT want voter-ID so there is fraud in a round-about-way. And these same Liberals wish to continue slave labor wages which again are CRIMINAL!

For crying out loud, the [Liberal] Government gives goodies away every day! So why not give FREE picture-IDs to the so-called poor too, liberals? Why not, you justifying giving the STORE away to everyone else who are stuck on these handouts without any reasons for it! Come on, FREE picture-IDs for those who can PROVE they are Americans who can VOTE.

Now THINK people, THINK!! Those of you who love your BIG Evil Government god who you believe will save you from a coming judgment. Oh yeah, the jig is coming! And we are NOT talking global warming either.

In perspective: We have gone from preventing Black people from voting to the other extreme of allowing illegal people to vote under the guise of “Let everyone who is poor vote.” This is a cover-up lie to allow Demo-voters who are illegals from China & Mexico and beyond! It’s called a win-fall vote for Democrats who keep yelling in the media LOOK what we are doing for you illegals. The Media has become the STATE MEDIA. It’s time will come soon enough to be outlawed  (legally) for sure in due season.

Ref: http://t.co/gf3AUXO8