The DARK Side of America is Progressive Hyperventaling of Created Issues

{The Overblowing of created issues for Federal control, i.e. guns.}
~@ROliverLuce | 06-13-16

As reported by gun controllers (reference below):
“Obama is right?? Inaction in the face of mass shootings is also a political act?” [Say the gun tyrann-ists!]

What is needed is action to steal the people’s guns by force??

To simply shut down Muslim shootings, to shut down “incited” crazies shooting people, to shut down thousands of (released) criminals & gangs, to shut down illegals from killing Americans?

Wisdom knows what the real agenda is all about, here!

And so do those of us who see the problem through the wisdom of common sense!

To simplify what’s going on:

America’s lax gun policies?
We have too much tyranny that is ignoring our constitution!

Murders & suicides plummets after Australia confiscates guns?
It’s not exactly true but a lie from our own beloved DARK progressive controllers here in America!

So are we to understand and believe liberal-progressives that we must live under their rule only?  Oh really??

Current mass shootings ARE  (?caused simply by citizens owning guns?) NOT a national problem in this country!!  But yes, we do have a NATIONAL PROBLEM which is fast becoming an emergency;  There is an evil outcome that is coming from some place else.

That someplace else is the hyperventilating-government and administration of the now Muslim President of the United States.

For the current mass shootings are caused by government hyperventilating and TALKING-UP the problem (not down) with an ill-obsession and focus on taking away guns for stealth reasons against the constitution!



Liberalism Bashing Nurses, Tip of the Iceberg on Lawlessness

{ The Outlawing of Liberalism must be in our future }

~@ROliverLuce | 09-18-15

Not only are “Liberal media inflation’aries(1)” bashing NURSES, the WHOLE IDEA of ALLOWING liberalism, to run amuck with their demands in sending America to hell, is crazy!!  Just allowing progressives to remain in AMERICA or to even lead the United States has been a growing DISCOVERY of DEADLY BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS!  We are, even, now looking at the hordes of zombie-Muslims invading Europe and soon our own country with the Democrats allowing thousands of Islamics into America.  But more importantly Liberalism HATES our [American melting pot] CULTURE, our language, and our WAY of LIFE to the point of even stating they must over tax the country with spending and handouts to the point of crashing our country for communism!  The Lord Reid of the Senate has said this in various videos never before seen on TV except on YouTubers. Check them out!

BUT, it’s OUR own FAULT that we have all left our LOVE for the truth and walked away from Christianity and Yeshua our LORD towards other gods in our lives destroying our families like the liberal black people who show no love for their children for their self-hatred projected at everyone else and for all of us for that matter!!
And I’m NOT talking about being religious either. Being religious is a COP-OUT from living the truth from the Word of God (bible). Attending churches are to promote HOW we are to live and love each other. NOT to play religious games such as drawing crosses over ourselves and then live selfishly.

It’s time we are born again FROM allowing the flesh to rule over our spirits and let our SPIRITS rule the flesh instead with Yeshua’s LOVE!

(1) Inflating & promoting America’s sins to the point of destruction with perversion’ary & evil ideals.

Rubio’s Town Hall Reply Reflects the Spirit of Lawlessness & Commitment in America

{America at Risk with NO Visionaries in Leadership}
In reply, Rubio didn’t hesitate to tell everyone in the town hall what can’t be done!

~ROliverLuce | 02-26-15

The Rubio town-hall reply and others like him believe in relenting to the lie America can NEVER deport nor locate illegal foreigners much less keep them from coming, keep telling us this! But as the former President Eisenhower has done, he had shown the country it can be done using under a thousand border agents. Several million illegals were deported and sent back to Mexico within the year in 1954.

Even common sense is able to see this as foolishness! Why? Because deportation does not mean illegal foreigners DO NOT HAVE to be deported within a year or two or three. It can be done through a period of years with a low profile of outlawing businesses of hiring illegals. And gradually raising the prices of fruits and veggies for example followed by pay raises for Americans who can then make a living. Stop using illegals as pay slaves!!

This whole issue is about “lawlessness begetting lawlessness” by allowing illegal foreigners and making them legal by dictate or doing nothing, and giving government services and candy (so to speak) that encourages the current flood of millions more into our country. All this by ignoring our LEGAL immigration screening system that also should be used to keep a check on our own labor market.

We are more than able to rebuild the process of fixing our illegal-foreigner program, constitutionally!
So in locating and deporting [illegals] is to first outlaw the hiring of illegals by any American companies with expensive fines with the use of everify! We must support the American labor and sales markets and not the global markets. Globalism always come LAST without America becoming an isolationist.

Then outlaw the government from giving out services and goods to foreigners which simply eggs foreigners to rush in like a flood and those who have been doing THIS knew very well what they were doing! Therefore it comes to a stop!

Then allow reasonable profiling by the police when there is reason to suspect a person may be an illegal and/or a foreigner without legal status to verify. Remember, if we the American people get stopped for being suspected of being an illegal we can proudly display our pride of country and patiently verify our status. And why NOT? We should be proud the police are doing their job in securing our county’s financial future if you will!!

Upon these findings they (illegal foreigners) must be arrested with American kindness but with boldness without false guilt in deporting them. Kindness? We are assisting the foreigners to do the right thing and we DO NOT NEED to be abrasive about it. Why should we in doing the right thing? I say this to shut the mouths of liberals who call good evil and evil good in gainsaying against what is right.

Again, enforcing the law and order has nothing to do with guilt. It’s not evil to assist others in helping their own countries instead of becoming lawless people in our own house here in America.

So on the global stage, America must help other countries and their populations from a position of strength and NOT FROM A POSITION of national guilt and instability through bad policies being pushed and supported by political groups that subvert and pervert American freedoms and responsibilities.

                                              = = = = =

As to Senator Rubio’s statement: Allow me to break down the issues Senator Rubio has touched on regarding retaining and supporting illegals and lawlessness from his statement!

Issues A through F relating to Senator Rubio’s recent town hall statement.
(A:) “I don’t think anyone can commit that to you,” Rubio said.
(B:) “You have 12 million human beings in America,
(C:) most of whom we don’t even know who they are
(D:) and some of them whom our country’s not going to tolerate rounding up
(E:) and sending back.
(F:) That’s not a realistic proposal.”

Let’s examine each part of Mr. Rubio’s statement here which many other light hearted leaders are telling us what can’t and should be done in their thinking. The following issues one at a time:

Issue (A:) I can understand why many leaders can’t commit to being visionaries as statesmen in supporting the law through deportations and outlawing hiring! They have lost their vision for this country with fuzzy ideas that sound easy based on false guilt and the easy button. NUTS! There seems to be a lack of statesmanship in American leadership today. Commitment means a lot. Commitment means a stable country.

Issue (B:) 12 million illegals is nothing compared to the 24 million or more that must be deported and encourage to leave to live legal and prosperous lives in their countries of origin. President Eisenhower was able to deport several million within a year or two using way under a thousand border agents alone!

Issue (C:) If most of these illegals can’t be found is not a problem! We do not NEED to deport everybody in a short time such as a single year, two years, three years! We deport as you find. We outlaw hiring of illegals as you increase the acceptance of the law. We need to gradually teach Americans to obey the LAW again and never again MODEL the behavior of lawlessness again so help us GOD!

Issue (D/E:) Some people may hate the idea of deporting good looking young people, babies, the poor, and people who are crippled for examples. It’s ok to deport when we work on the countries of origin to help out and getting the attention of their families to help instead of waiting to be PULLED into our country illegally as well. Some children can be adopted when many Americans come forward who demonstrate responsibility!

Issue (F:) It is a realistic proposal contrary to what Mr. Rubio and others tells us! As I’ve stated in the other issues above, it can be done over time. It’s foolish to attempt do operations that take time to rush it. It’s only those who don’t want to fix our problems rationally are the ones who speak that it can’t be done. Many told us going to the moon was crazy. But did we do it?

We never give up in stabilizing and retaining the rule of law and righteousness in our country. Do do so is to make provisions for lawlessness and to cut corners and we spiral downward into an evil culture that accepts anything that corrupts our consciences.


Facts: Let’s Not Continue to Fool Ourselves; Islam Wants to Rule You. Deport Them All by Force

~R.OliverLuce | 01-08-15


According to @ACLJ (American Center for Law & Justice) today’s deadly terror attack in Paris is horrific and underscores the global threat from radical Islamists. But I would interject and say, from radical Islamists? The ACLJ goes on to say, this massacre is further evidence of the pure evil of jihad.

Well this is EXACTLY right, but lets get one thing CLEAR ACLJ
What we are UP AGAINST is not SIMPLY “radical islamists.”
WE are up against the entire Islamic movement according to their own Holy Books of which are: The Quran, the Sira, and the Hadith!!

The peaceful loving Muslims of Islam are only peaceful loving when it’s Muslim living with Muslim in their political enforced Sharia that is supported by the Quran, the Hadith, and the Sira supposedly in an Islamic country. But if Muslims are in a foreign host country jihad is the rule to overthrow the nation’s current government with. The enforcement of Sharia is the will of Allah and his perfect prophet. Both violent tactical action, stealth victimhood, & legal jihad is the rule depending on which of three stages Muslims find themselves in.

These peaceful loving Muslims are engaged in all kinds and levels of jihad (one of which is the Womb-vote jihad) against the host STATES of Europe and the United States. This of course includes the violent jihads that actually begin during what Muslims would refer to as the second stage in overwhelming the host nation when their numbers are large enough to sustain such political action. This goes way beyond taking over the streets JUST TO PRAY! For these Muslims never take to the streets when the country has become Islamic.

These violent jihads are executed by their Sharia enforcement military in response to various kinds of excuses. For in the Quran and the Hadith these excuses are labeled as worse than their killing in response. LQQK in the Quran and see!!! The peaceful and loving Muslims support their Islamic tactical military what we call radical terrorists. And it is well known for them to stealthy deny their support for violence and at the same time support the violence. Both are true in their own minds as it says in their Holy Books. For this is the will of Allah and his prophet.

In order to realize the true threat without going around with a glazed look on our faces we must know what we are up against in order to factually stop this threat and deport the Muslims, but if it’s late in doing so, then it will be war for your very life; Read the Quran, the Hadith, and the Sira either in the Arabic or the Arabic-to-English version to understand the nature of WHAT you and I ARE UP AGAINST. It is a political system with a religious arm determined to engulf the Earth with Sharia. And this law will not excite you in any way.

Research References:
A taste of Islam; True nature of Islam; A dualistic Islam~B.Warner:
{Start location at 5:17; Dr. Bill Warner’s Book references at 0:03.}”
Intense research:
{Time mark: (29:25) for a quick look at where you will see the crusades on the map.}”
An example verse:”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The Clash of Races in American Culture & Who is Grateful to Trust God Who Unites

~R.OliverLuce | 10-17-14

The clash of human races in America began when America gave up her right to be a true nation with one culture, one language, with laws, and secure borders, by some (not all) Americans who bought the black man from another black man from a foreign continent whom England had taught us well to do.

Well, cultural bad habits DO blind us all then and cultural bad habits DO blind us still, today! It does blind us! Look at what we are doing NOW!! We will be judged for murdering millions of our babies someday in the future much more harshly than Islamic, Arabic, and European slavery ever was. Wait and we shall all see it.

Now concerning slavery and it’s removal from our sociey: There are two status’ by which Black Americans were rejected by their skin color, but are now accepted as American citizens today!

First it’s the conservative black (yep he’s usually conservative here) who is grateful which means HE is thankful that he has been accepted institutionally and by most people to live free and have a job with an attitude of forgiveness and desires to lead by example as an adult.

Now it’s the Liberal Black man (yes, usually a liberal) who has allowed bitterness into HIS life after being accepted as a free American citizen, which means he can not and believes he was BORN THAT WAY (as homos think as well) to be thankless and to hate those OTHERS for their past sins and against those who worked hard all their lives for a prosperous America they could part take as well.  But because of bitterness, it will not allow this man to take part in this prosperity by choosing to remain unforgiving and hateful.

After all, it’s a liberal black woman who said once, “We must keep on hating because these people are evil and will never change.” The judgment that woman has given is the judgment she pronounced on herself! And when the jig is up for all time (God coming for final judgment) it will be final!! This kind of attitude is usually egged on by such things as BIG government dependency which seems to only prove to themselves (liberal blacks) that they can’t make it because of the evils of another race who started the American experiment that will always make terrible mistakes but has proven to be redeemable! When BOTH races return to their God who gave His Word (Jesus is that Word) to save us from ourselves, then we will BOTH live in harmony even as a double-cultured country too!
Oops, did I leave out the Hispanic culture? The truth of the matter is enforce our single American culture to survive as a nation of states.

As for both camps (both races) LIFE was never meant to be fair, but to be thankful to God we are still alive to grow our SPIRTS unto the Lord our Creator for final judgment in due season.
It’s the SPIRIT that gives life to our flesh.  The flesh was never meant to be in control. Never.

Destruction of America as DEMs & GOPs Fight Over Foreign Cultures Destroying Melting Pot

By R. Oliver Luce | 07-11-2013

The FALL of Rome! Reading just like the FALL of America with illegal aliens flooding in without any assimilation or catching up with assimilation!

The destruction of America will be laid at the feet of stupid men who threw away their wisdom for a mere pot of hot soup, political soup, men who called themselves democrats for freedom when in fact their “manufactured [godless] righteousness”, otherwise known as “false guilt”, led them into agendas made of subtle white-lies that became their downfall for them and their entire country.

For our Liberal countrymen believed the lie that the U.S. Constitution of the United States was no longer appropriate and this was the end as the hordes flooded in from the Middle East and the South of the border with their own cultures and laws that eventually created GREAT mayhem!

The Republic of Rome of North America has fallen!!  Islam with it’s horrific Sharia and Hispanics with their own self culture made in Mexico without regard to an American Melting Pot!


Congress Shocked They Can’t VOTE, While Ike Deports Illegals To Save Wages

Congress Shocked They Can’t VOTE, While Illegals Destroy Melting Pot
By R.OliverLuce | 06-03-2013 

Two congressmen have recently stated, no one has a guarantee to vote and now someone out there is agreeing with these guys they may be technicality correct!  What?

They go on to say that, the 14th, 15th, 17th, 19th, 23rd, 24th, and 26th Amendments deal with voting-rights issues but say nothing of the fact we can vote.
And some others are saying, it may be correct that there are NO explicit provision(s) in the Constitution, stating there is NO guarantee of the right to vote.

Who else has the time to nit-pick this?  This is the disease of LIBERALISM when they (liberals & others who think the same) have to nit-pick in order to pervert the Constitution.  But in this case it’s probably just nit-picking for the sake of it because they or whoever can’t find a way to pervert and change our Constitution with evil intent with well meaning intent. Weird huh, that’s liberalism without believing in Godly common sense.

Nevertheless, it’s implied is it NOT?  Do we have to ALWAYS state the obvious when it’s so obvious as being implied!  Have we lost our Godly common sense in connecting the dots.  Come on congressmen, stop this nit & pick stuff and lets move on and do something worthwhile.  Maybe RE-START the ongoing process of deporting all 95% of illegals from this country along with sealing the border.  Oh, yes we can, if President “IKE” deported a couple of million and sealed the border, then in 1955, with only 1,072 border agents, it can be done without LIBERAL-sabotage.  Come on congressmen LETS DO OUR PART in protecting the AMERICAN FARM MARKET (not to be confused with a Mexican Farm Market) and stop inviting illegals in to undercut American farm family wages.  They use to be full American family wages in 1955.  It’s time to assist Mexico in helping their economy only from a position of strength without giving the FARM away (excuse the pun).

Ah yes, if illegals are not deported but Citizen-ized instead then it will be the end of the United States of America. It shall be the United States of Mexico with hundreds of millions crashing the gate doing 98! The melting pot (The Legal Immigration Process) for American culture is gone.


Demonizing, Comparing Immigrants With Stealthy Un-Assimilating Muslims

Demonizing, Comparing Immigrants With Stealthy Un-Assimilating Muslims.
By R.OliverLuce | 05-03-2013

The shooting of President McKinley in 1901 was accomplished by a lone Polish man.
As AlJazeera reports the American media demonized a whole class of people who were Polish immigrants at that time. AlJazeera then went on to compare the demonization of Polish immigrants with the demonization of the so-called Boston Bombers who are of Chechen descent. AlJazeera media feels the comparison is correct and therefore is wrong to blame Chechens in general. Of course, AlJazeera is ignoring the fact Checkens are almost ALL Islamic. Lets be clear here (and not clear as Liberals think, when being clear). The Polish people were never a terror group nor a terror-religion (Catholicism). So, yes, the Polish immigrants as a whole was wrongly demonized by the American Media at that time of 1901.

However, we can not compare Polish immigrants nor the killer of President McKinley to the so-called “Boston Bombers.” Why? Because the “Boston Bombers” who are of Checken descent, actually represented a whole class of Islamic-Muslims who pursue Sharia Law onto our America system of law! Islam wants to install Sharia Law on America. However, they know they can’t do that now. So instead they are pushing for installing Sharia on just themselves, thus proving they are not assimilating into the American Culture! Sharia Law contradicts the Constitution in almost every way, and will demonize our own Constitution by it’s very nature in time as they out produce Muslim babies 8 to 1 to ours. And on top of this issue many “assimilated” Americans continue to murder (abort) their own babies as we speak! Who knows how many babies are being born to Muslims today. It’s been reported that it is 8 to 1 in Europe! Are the Muslims truthful when reporting who is in their households when the Government comes around every 10 years. Muslims are forbidden to lie to each other. But it’s god’s will to lie to us who are “assimilated.”

To reiterate the “Boston Bombers” not only are they of Checken descent they are of the Muslim faith. The SAME faith that’s prevalent in Arabs and people from the Middle East, who are in America. These people are from such countries [that are Islamic] as the nation of Checknya and others, i.e. Saudi Arabia. And it’s this faith, this culture that wants to dominate not just Europe, not just us, America, but the whole earth!
It’s a strategy. The United States today faces the same Islamic strategy for the destruction of our way of life, as it’s currently happening in Europe. Lebanon once was a symbol of greatness and freedom with it’s shining cities in the 1950’s. It’s now a sad result of what Islam has done to a Christian country. Islam used terror, out-producing babies, and Sharia Law to overtake Lebanon.

Islam is not a peaceful religion. It’s a hate-driven culture with a hate-driven religion with a god named Allah with an image and a thought-process of a demon.
Ignoring excuses, LQQK at the fruit and be wise. We can no longer listen to ‘stealthy’ evil gainsayers any longer. All cultures are NOT EQUAL.

* Reference:


Myth of the Moderate Muslim & the Effect On Finances?

The Myth of the Moderate Muslim & the Effect On Finances?
By R.OliverLuce | April 23, 2013

It is said that Islam is a religion of peace.  And first off, it must be said, that there are those who will disagree with what I’m about to reveal in this article.  What I have written is contradicted by those who cheer for Islam and the moderate Muslim!  Mainly it’s those on the LEFT who believe and do openly support the leadership of Islam and the Moderate Muslim in America & in the West overall.  For Islam does keep on stating their desire to live in peace and never ever want to take over a country like the United States and deny the people their rights and freedoms!  Well, there you have it.  Will the Moderate Muslim really rule the day and recant the teachings of the Quran and Sharia? Will they truly show the way to true Muslim love and peace without following the Quran and Sharia?  Time will tell whether or not we might need to deport and defend our liberties in the future!

Find out how’s Intel doing financially:

Moderate Muslims are people who follow & obey the teachings from the Quran and Sharia Law.  If Sharia Law has not been instituted yet in the foreign country the Moderate Muslim might find himself in, they are expected to push, shove, & use the host country’s laws against it, in order to install Sharia.

This is the beginning of one of their prong attacks (so-called peace method of attack of their 3-prongs) in taking over the host country.  The United States will not be the financial leader in the world any longer when Islam begins their slow take-over using American freedoms to institute their sharia law and ultimately their culture.  Islamic culture will tear the constitution apart, and it will prevent people to NOT freely and morally to develop financially again as we know it.  Islam by it’s very nature is evil and destructive centering on dictates from their religion of hate.  Women for one will not be allowed to become entrepreneurs.  And Islam does not have any interest in American financial institutions as such.  Islam by it’s very nature is a political system supported by a religion that is against financial businesses as we know in the West.  Financial success in the West is based on Christian morals which Islam will never sustain.  For one, it’s a dictatorship by it’s, yes, very nature!

The free-financial capitalist dream America has enjoyed was a direct result of Christianity in America during the 1700’s and the 1800’s.  It was also the reason why South Korea surged so dramatically from the 1970’s until today. It was the overwhelming surge in people becoming Christians which allowed the fantastic financial development that has occurred in that country!  Look at all the high technology & car companies in South Korea!

Usually the Moderate Muslim will have no inclination for violence at all, and will not claim it’s (the violence) righteousness in public to non-Muslims.   But they are instructed to embrace the full-truth from the Quran and Sharia, especially in taking over the country they are residing in, and to lie to their non-Muslim hosts.  But of course, it’s a sin to lie to another Muslim.  At any rate, it is written, that once a single Muslim happens to step onto a foreign nations soil, it now and must belong to Allah in due time. Along with this teaching, all non-Muslims must be converted to Islam with no exceptions in the long run.

Find out how’s Intel doing financially:

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