{Revised} “Robin Husain Hood” in Reverse; A Health Care Crisis?

Breaking News from YahooNews! ‘Robin Hood in reverse’: CBO report on GOP health care plan supports Democrats’ charges? What?

Top Liberal Democrats say 24 million will lose their health insurance if the GOP plan replaces the A.C.A. which is the Liberal-Democrat’s current affordable plan; A Demo-plan with many unrelated hidden laws.

What’s new here?
Obama gave us a broken government-dictated health system that does NOT work! Instead of being affordable it’s NOT! A creepy care system with anti-Constitutional laws embedded. New hidden-laws unrelated to health are placing burdens on the American people and their freedoms.
The GOP goal is to fix and do away with the broken Liberal-Democrat N.W.O. Health system. It will mean a many Americans will be dropped during the interim and those people will simply get into plans that work without government interference!
At the least, the GOP must have THIS as their goal, or we might well have Liberal tyranny once again!

Consider where ALL this BEGAN!
It began with these Liberal-Democrats enacting a plan called ObamaCare that did lead to over 30 plus million losing their healthcare plans! So much for so-called “Cadillac” health plans for factory workers as well.

Oh, and what about that ‘failed’ A.C.A. (ObamaCare) website where no one wanted to risk using it, where hackers were euphoric to join?

AND let the private sector finally allow everyone to get health insurance across state boundaries! Let’s GET THE GOVERNMENT OUT OF THE WAY for good.

~@ROliverLuce | 03-13-17

YahooNews: News Article Reference:

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After Train Wreck? Trump defends his ban on Muslims amid fierce liberal backlash

@ROliverLuce | 01-29-17

A fierce backlash, from the liberals of the Democrat party who lost the 2016 election. The America people want to be safe!

The only train wreck is those hundreds of protesters and liberal lawyers making a scene in the middle of busy airports over a few Muslims caught coming into the country! We are in another kind of COLD WAR with Islam pushing for Sharia dominance worldwide.

Banning Muslims is Constitutional according to the Muslim Hadith, the Quran, & the Sira in light of The Constitution!
No Matter what slight versions of these three holy books.
All Muslims must serve Allah as the only god. And his servant Mohammad is his prophet whereby all Muslims must emulate in various ways in their lives.

It’s only the liberal elements and other misguided people in our society who are fierce against the new American President who has been elected to stop this present Muslim invasion of North America. Mrs. Hillary’s liberal forces are attempting to STOP the ‘will’ of the people and their States!

President Trump is making good on a plan to SAVE the Republic from lawlessness and the invasion of Sharia. It is good that Muslims are stopped in their tracks and sent back from various airports to their own countries where Sharia is the LAW of the LAND THERE. Not here in America!

It’s all about our laws [Anti-Muslim laws of 1952, the Constitution.],
it’s all about our Constitution [No room for Sharia],
it’s all about WHY the Founding Fathers
initiated the founding of the U.S. Marines to fight the Muslims and quell their dangerous quest for world domination and world commerce.

The problem why Muslims look and sound innocent is due to their simple humanity.  They have feelings as well as other Americans.  But those feelings side with a sinister of a system of belief that is both political and religious.  This system comes from Islam’s holy (in their view) trilogy.  And they do have Imams that preach and teach them how and when to carry out Allah’s will accordingly.  Thus all Muslims must perform those dictates (in various personal ways) from those books that form the basis of Sharia (law).  This they do in pleasing their God, Allah.  When they enter another host country they must adhere to the ‘holy’ scheme of overpowering that host nation but in various stages according to how the will of Allah is best suited.

An example of a cultural jihad is taking over the streets and praying.  Another example would be groups of Muslims attending an American school and telling the school they are offended at a Christian cross or an American flag.  Every sane person should understand this kind of behavior is rude, no matter the religion.  It’s common sense to leave the country they are offended at.  When in Rome do as the Romans do!!

These jihadi stages depend on the Muslim’s growth in numbers.  The Muslim’s jihad activity also depends on how weak and useful the host nation’s population appears to them.  Muslims in each stage will grow progressively bolder with each type of cultural jihads.  Violent jihad is taken up by Muslims who are willing to be the soldiers of Islam for the glory of Allah.  The rest (the citizens of Islam if you will)  are the quiet but willing supporters.  Violent jihad can be used as a distraction from the cultural jihads that are being conducted.  Conducted by the peaceful Muslims who support the terrorist warriors.

Actually the advancement of Sharia depends on how quickly the other Muslim nations can push their numbers into the host country in question as well as how quickly Muslim families can produce babies.  Muslims are known for having 8 or more children per family.  And it also can be referred to as a jihad for the cause of Allah.

It’s all about  Sharia (law) in a creeping fashion in America!

The DARK Side of America is Progressive Hyperventaling of Created Issues

{The Overblowing of created issues for Federal control, i.e. guns.}
~@ROliverLuce | 06-13-16

As reported by gun controllers (reference below):
“Obama is right?? Inaction in the face of mass shootings is also a political act?” [Say the gun tyrann-ists!]

What is needed is action to steal the people’s guns by force??

To simply shut down Muslim shootings, to shut down “incited” crazies shooting people, to shut down thousands of (released) criminals & gangs, to shut down illegals from killing Americans?

Wisdom knows what the real agenda is all about, here!

And so do those of us who see the problem through the wisdom of common sense!

To simplify what’s going on:

America’s lax gun policies?
We have too much tyranny that is ignoring our constitution!

Murders & suicides plummets after Australia confiscates guns?
It’s not exactly true but a lie from our own beloved DARK progressive controllers here in America!

So are we to understand and believe liberal-progressives that we must live under their rule only?  Oh really??

Current mass shootings ARE  (?caused simply by citizens owning guns?) NOT a national problem in this country!!  But yes, we do have a NATIONAL PROBLEM which is fast becoming an emergency;  There is an evil outcome that is coming from some place else.

That someplace else is the hyperventilating-government and administration of the now Muslim President of the United States.

For the current mass shootings are caused by government hyperventilating and TALKING-UP the problem (not down) with an ill-obsession and focus on taking away guns for stealth reasons against the constitution!


Ben Carson Gaining on Mr Trump and Donald Explains Why!

~@ROliverLuce | 10-14-15

But first it must be said that we all must realize that these anti-constitutional(1) liberal Democrats ARE afraid of the Muslim’s dual evil-cover [See Dr. Bill Warner on this subject] as to why they NOW hate BOTH Mr. Trump & Dr. Carson.

The Muslim evil is only controversial because American Liberal-Progressives are afraid of the Muslims, therefore, refuse to read the 3 Muslim holy books

“Republican front-runner the Real Donald Trump says the Real Ben Carson has been gaining on him in recent polls because the retired neurosurgeon has taken a page from the Trump playbook: making controversial statements that draw media coverage.(2)”

Of course Carson’s and Trump’s statements re: Muslims are controversial because Americans are realizing the danger of normal Islam and it’s mobile worldwide style citizens moving into the country, our country, who all must support all types of Jihads whether violent or the cultural types such as school issues and street-commandeering for prayers! These Jihads are dictated through all 3 holy books at various stages when it’s advantageous to outwit the host nation. [Read the all 3 books and save yourselves!]

Americans want the push for Muslims to stop and reversed. Muslim refugees belong overseas where they can play with Sharia tyranny there!

The source of the trouble with all Muslims come from the trilogy of all 3 holy books, the Quran, the Hadith, and the Sira from which the demon seed ideas come!

(2) Reference:

(1) Anti-constitutional in breaking the law, not enforcing the law, and breaking the constitution especially regarding allowing millions worldwide to flood our borders without understanding the consequences and actually using illegals to prop up certain agendas.

Confusion in Israel Slowly Brought on by U.S. Leaders Capitulating to Islamic Tyranny

An attack on Israeli army post by right-wing Jewish settlers brings fear of a new threat? Yes, confusion brought on by the evil United States of America. Our leaders have slowly but surely brought this on by their slow attempt at appeasing Islam through the giving of land away to the Middle East Islamics who are at war with the entire world whether we believe it or NOT! Remember as Islam advances worldwide to dominate the earth, YOUR creator is busy EATING Islam from behind through miracles, visions, healings, and salvation (in God’s love, Jesus) from the demonic hold of Islam. Millions of people are disillusioned with Islam to say the least!


The attack on the Israeli Army post as a surprise to Israelis** everywhere really shouldn’t be a huge surprise. After all, the Israelis’ own government for years now have been caving to the Americans idea of what peace might be and being shoved around to accommodate the Muslims in the Middle East who are hell bent on destroying Israel and every living Jew on the earth using the Palestinians as pawns.


The U.S. has done well in assisting and giving military and other support to help and protect Israel’s right to exist. But this must NOT come at the expense of FORCING laws, in making housing illegal for the Jews in the West bank when originally they were given the land by the Brits. Even so, it’s their land by historical facts not just from a biblical document point of view but from all the activities since the 1940’s and even further back than that as modern history does prove.


Palestinians were never a people group UNTIL the war for Jewish independence when the Jews had to beat back the Islamic nations surrounding them began initiating a war to shove them into the sea. It was the Islamic nations that SHOUTED for the Palestinian Muslims, Christians, etc. in the area to get out before those nations attacked! It’s the Islamic nations that refused to help the so-called Palestinians from day one until now. They are simply pawns in a long war to gainsay and push all Jews out of what they call as their land. Their land only because once a Muslim touches anyone’s land, it becomes theirs in time either through out birthing the population or through terror and war. It’s in their wicked Quran. It’s evil as to why I dare call it WICKED.

** Quote from the article: “The attack [on the Israeli Army post] came as settlers vented their anger at the fact that soldiers and police had overseen the demolition of five houses the previous day — houses built illegally by the religious settlers — that were the subject of an Israeli court order to be removed.”

** Title of article: “An attack on Israeli army post by right-wing Jewish settlers brings fear of a new threat” ~by Paul Alster

Nevada Rancher Threatens ‘Range War’ Against Overreaching Liberal-FEDs

by R.OliverLuce | 04-10-14

Feds are again using red herring save-the-mouse to trample the American people.  Either liberal / progessive evolution saves the ‘desert tortoise’ or it dies off because of liberal-evolution. Incidently, it’s a ‘circuit animal’ meaning it moves from area to area!! Nevertheless, [for example] if a fish dies off due to a drought, common sense must dictate FOR people and NOT against people! America is rushing headstrong into poverty like India. We are becoming worshippers of animals as do the Hindus! STOP THE MADNESS.

“Back to Christianity with a Vision of Ingenuity,” from God, for a people helping and communing with others and inventing tools in assisting!

The following Hannity interview which I am introducing to you, is an excerpt from Fox News Hannity’s interview with the Rancher being bullied by the progressive/lib owned federal government who are using red herring to grab yet more land from normal everyday Americans! Public land is just that public land. Using turtles who feed there is yet another example of using save the wales” to gain tyranny over the common people. More particularly here in American and now the state of Nevada! When it comes to using the idiom, “save the whales” concept it’s all about throwing out evolution and going for more and more dictatorial power over the American people. This is how I read it and so does common sense!

Let people save the animals in their own yards, let private businesses and charities save animals if that be and it shall happen! BUT otherwise let evolution run it’s course of certain animals dying off for crying out loud. Evolution is only convenient when it serves their own liberal interests!! But more fundamentally, let freedom remain. Everyone, tell the progress-Lib owned Feds to back off and leave government to us, the true Americans, who knows what freedom really means.

I’m saying vote every living progress-liberal out of power from all levels of state and federal government forever here. There is NO excuse to limit and to control from liberal fear of a world coming to an end in their own worldview. They have rejected God and common sense! It’s all about the drug POWER!

The following is the excerpt from FoxNews Hannity:

BUNDY: That’s what we do. We turn this resource into a renewable — a usable commodity good for man.

HANNITY: By the way, when your cattle graze there, that keeps the price of meat down for every American consumer.

Let’s take a look, American land owned by our government, we’re talking about 28 percent of U.S. landmass, up to 640 million acres the government owns here — which by the way, why do they own all that land?

Let me ask you one more question, Cliven. You talked about a range war with the federal government. There is a lot of people out there, now that they are taking your cattle, that are fearful this is ‘another Waco’ situation. Ruby Ridge has come up in some articles. What do you mean by range war? How far are you willing to take this?

BUNDY: Well, you know, my cattle is only one issue — that the United States courts has ordered that the government can seize my cattle. But what they have done is seized Nevada statehood, Nevada law, Clark County public land, access to the land, and have seized access to all of the other rights of Clark County people that like to go hunting and fishing. They’ve closed all those things down, and we’re here to protest that action. And we are after freedom. We’re after liberty. That’s what we want.

HANNITY: How far are you willing to go? How far are you willing to take this?

BUNDY: My statement to the American people, I’ll do whatever it takes to gain our liberty and freedom back. [Next liberals will come for you!]



74% of Americans detest what is happening to us; What is happening to our country!

Why is Obama boasting?  He’s practically stating, he can do anything he wants.  Big Liberal Media supports his behavior in threatening congress with unconstitutional executive actions and his other actions in preventing the enforcement of law across the nation, i.e. freely allowing all illegals everywhere free services and goods without being arrested and advertising in Mexico of free food stamps in the U.S. once they arrive!  Are we willing to STOP these threats and illegal activity by our own president with the support of liberal elements of the Democratic party? THIS THREAT?  Impeach him and ignore Big Liberal Media and those in congress who support his illegal presidency! This president is NOT above the law.

It’s time for unrelenting mass civil actions to impeach Obama and shutdown this anti-American MEDIA promoting unconstitutional lawlessness and conspiring with the President of the U.S. in the destruction of said constitution and our laws.

Civil wars were waged for causes less than THIS.  But this takes the cake for George Washington and those who are willing to shut down boasting gainsays who hate America, hating America people!!!


The Liberal Media and the King:

74% of Americans detest @BarackObama bypassing congress:

NY Times says Obama has the right to circumvent:

Obama in action circumventing congress:

Brazen Tyranny, Attacks the Supreme Court Today!

White House BACK off ! It’s the Constitution Mr. Obama. These judges are NOT ‘Liberal Judges’ creating LAW right now.
Obama and everyone else knows this. And this FATCAT is getting a big laugh out of this! But of course the FATCAT means business.

040212: Today’s News: “Obama warns ‘unelected’ Supreme Court against striking down health law!” {See how this guy works it!}

GOSH, it’s the constitutionality we’re dealing with here. The judges here are NOT making LAW as Liberals usually do, according to THEIR agenda. But, it’s the CONSTITUTION STUPID! Yes, he knows it. The Secretive Food Stamp President knows it!

With all his actions since Jan, 2009, he’s doing tyranny. This guy has got to be impeached! Not only that, let’s bring in the Marines & walk him out of the Whitehouse for crying out loud. He’s brazenly anti-American with a strutting walk too boot! Pride comes before a FALL. And that’s a GOD THING.

It’s the Chicago way and it’s going to STOP!

Ref: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/04/02/obama-confident-supreme-court-will-uphold-health-care-law/#ixzz1qvh8ovLe