No Wonder Obama has Chosen to Remain in DC! We have an Intel Coop!

~@ROliverLuce | 02-16-17

WHAT A MESS!! Imam Obama leaving a huge mess behind that is attempting to take down the next President of the United States, President Trump!

The current intel leaks are being caused by a so-called ‘Shadow Government’ setup by Mr. ‘Imam’ Obama and his loyalists in the Intelligence ops! President Trump had better ACT FAST on this serious criminal action! It’s criminal! The Obama loyalists are at the bottom of these illegal intel leaks that seems to be after the destruction of the Trump Administration! We have an Obama intel coop!

Trump must reverse Obama’s illegal Executive Order!

ACLJ News Video Reference:


After Train Wreck? Trump defends his ban on Muslims amid fierce liberal backlash

@ROliverLuce | 01-29-17

A fierce backlash, from the liberals of the Democrat party who lost the 2016 election. The America people want to be safe!

The only train wreck is those hundreds of protesters and liberal lawyers making a scene in the middle of busy airports over a few Muslims caught coming into the country! We are in another kind of COLD WAR with Islam pushing for Sharia dominance worldwide.

Banning Muslims is Constitutional according to the Muslim Hadith, the Quran, & the Sira in light of The Constitution!
No Matter what slight versions of these three holy books.
All Muslims must serve Allah as the only god. And his servant Mohammad is his prophet whereby all Muslims must emulate in various ways in their lives.

It’s only the liberal elements and other misguided people in our society who are fierce against the new American President who has been elected to stop this present Muslim invasion of North America. Mrs. Hillary’s liberal forces are attempting to STOP the ‘will’ of the people and their States!

President Trump is making good on a plan to SAVE the Republic from lawlessness and the invasion of Sharia. It is good that Muslims are stopped in their tracks and sent back from various airports to their own countries where Sharia is the LAW of the LAND THERE. Not here in America!

It’s all about our laws [Anti-Muslim laws of 1952, the Constitution.],
it’s all about our Constitution [No room for Sharia],
it’s all about WHY the Founding Fathers
initiated the founding of the U.S. Marines to fight the Muslims and quell their dangerous quest for world domination and world commerce.

The problem why Muslims look and sound innocent is due to their simple humanity.  They have feelings as well as other Americans.  But those feelings side with a sinister of a system of belief that is both political and religious.  This system comes from Islam’s holy (in their view) trilogy.  And they do have Imams that preach and teach them how and when to carry out Allah’s will accordingly.  Thus all Muslims must perform those dictates (in various personal ways) from those books that form the basis of Sharia (law).  This they do in pleasing their God, Allah.  When they enter another host country they must adhere to the ‘holy’ scheme of overpowering that host nation but in various stages according to how the will of Allah is best suited.

An example of a cultural jihad is taking over the streets and praying.  Another example would be groups of Muslims attending an American school and telling the school they are offended at a Christian cross or an American flag.  Every sane person should understand this kind of behavior is rude, no matter the religion.  It’s common sense to leave the country they are offended at.  When in Rome do as the Romans do!!

These jihadi stages depend on the Muslim’s growth in numbers.  The Muslim’s jihad activity also depends on how weak and useful the host nation’s population appears to them.  Muslims in each stage will grow progressively bolder with each type of cultural jihads.  Violent jihad is taken up by Muslims who are willing to be the soldiers of Islam for the glory of Allah.  The rest (the citizens of Islam if you will)  are the quiet but willing supporters.  Violent jihad can be used as a distraction from the cultural jihads that are being conducted.  Conducted by the peaceful Muslims who support the terrorist warriors.

Actually the advancement of Sharia depends on how quickly the other Muslim nations can push their numbers into the host country in question as well as how quickly Muslim families can produce babies.  Muslims are known for having 8 or more children per family.  And it also can be referred to as a jihad for the cause of Allah.

It’s all about  Sharia (law) in a creeping fashion in America!

Social Media May Be Dangerous To Your Freedoms! Or is it Something Else?

@ROliverLuce | 01-19-17

Social Media ‘could be’ dangerous to your freedoms if we continue to believe everything ‘we feel’ is not fake news. Or even that we retain our own echo chamber kicking out those ‘we feel’ have the lies and half-truths. The real issue I contend instead is ‘we the people’ slowly leaving the basis of all truth!

[What is ‘gaslighting?’ The ZDNet Article I’m writing about (herein) is attempting to describe a social reaction to a new term.]

With the advent of many American people leaving ‘the basis of truth’ found in the Bible, the Republic has gone astray leaving open the possibility of a vacuum that brings in chaos! This author is advocating that ‘Social Media’ encourages the absence of truth by its nature of allowing anything posted as news for example! However, I contend it’s all about leaving our first love, of the Bible, that held Americans together. Of course, Americans are not perfect from any perspective.

Of course, an absence of foundational truth does bring in destructive elements, like Alinsky-liberalism in filling the vacuum we see today in our Republic. For example a President and a party filled with Alinsky-communist liberals with their Muslim cohorts and their Islamic Sharia (laws) that stand against the values of the American Constitution.

People who believe in government control with a religious (like Islam) wing that drives and supports control can never understand the Biblical basis of the American social system. It’s also the basis from which we get the American Constitution.

The following quote[1] I’m providing from this ZDNet Article is simply common sense from which I have alliterated above. And from what I have written at the beginning of this article of mine, the real issue is walking away and losing our sense of the truth from the Hebrew-Christian Old Covenant and the Jewish-Christian New Covenant books. We are now venturing into uncharted territory. America based on lies and hearsay and candy coated news articles. The fake news and the lies will lead to the fall of the United States of America as we know it. America enslaved in the end.

Quoting the ZDNet Article [1]:

“We need to read beyond the first 200 words and all become critical thinkers, question every single thing we read on social media, read the story from as many sources as possible, and learn to recognize which sources to disregard and classify as the enemies of American journalistic values, which are dividing and lying to us.” {From the ZDNet Article.}

And as the author, of the ZDNet Article, says in particular:

“I will refuse to be ‘gaslighted’[2] through social media. And I hope my readers will as well.” {From the ZDNet Article.}
[He is saying to become free thinkers, thinking out of the box (Social Media). Yes, if you need too. But the REAL QUESTION is, what is your basis of thinking? The only way a free Republic can endure is by embracing the God who created this entire world. This God has his laws and common sense that promises a better society that encourages people who are self-restrained and civil with each other.]

[2] The definition of gaslighting described:

The description of the author’s definition of ‘gaslighting’ follows:
“We need to go old school [like]. As American citizens, we need to shed our Technology Augmented Autism [meaning] to become free thinkers and to choose our sources wisely.” {From the ZDNet Article.}
[Sue we can do this!  Again, the real problem is leaving the basis of truth, from the Bible, and believing anything that ‘sounds’ right.]

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
[1] ZDNet Article Title & Link Reference:
Article title:
“How social media is crippling democracy, and why we seem powerless to stop it”

“Tech-assisted gaslighting is destroying truth, justice, and the American way. Can anything be done?”

ZDNet Article Link:

Outgoing Obama CIA Director Brennan Hates Trump’s Tweeting

@ROliverLuce | 01-15-17

CIA Director John Brennan today is ‘ripping’ into President-elect Trump’s policy toward Russia for warmer relations. And Trump is tweeting about it! Oh my G(osh)!!
What is wrong with the outgoing, with the newly Muslim convert, CIA director who supports Obama’s ill-advised agenda of countering Russia with an Alinsky-Islamic agenda that favors worldwide Islamic objectives that hopefully drives the Liberal agenda of domination through tough world regulations.

The problem the CIA Director Brennan THINKS has nothing to do with tweeting about a dangerous relationship with Russia. It’s all about defending the failure of Obama’s liberal agenda, Brennan supports.
In the long run, Mr. Brennan favors Sharia over the Constitution in America and of course the rest of the world! Brennan, now a Muslim, thinks Islamic dictates is good at steering people for the liberal New World Order (N.W.O.). The N.W.O. will save America from themselves? This N.W.O. is evil.

But I digress in the fact spilling Brennan’s Muslim connection is premature because most Americans are yet to wake up to what the CIA is doing to the United States and ‘We the People!’ Most people do not know Brennan is a new convert to Islam!

Can we say, “It’s good this CIA guy is leaving his post.”


Reference article quoted from AP as follows:

Outgoing CIA chief “rips” into Trump over tweets, Russia?
[An Associated Press article of course!]

WASHINGTON (AP) — Outgoing CIA Director John Brennan ripped into Donald Trump on Sunday for “talking and tweeting” about possibly easing sanctions against Russia, saying the president-elect lacks a full understanding of the threat Moscow poses to the United States.

“I think he has to be mindful that he does not have a full appreciation and understanding of what the implications are of going down that road,” Brennan said on “Fox News Sunday,” a show Trump routinely watches.

“Now that he’s going to have an opportunity to do something for our national security as opposed to talking and tweeting, he’s going to have tremendous responsibility to make sure that U.S. and national security interests are protected,” Brennan added.

Trump’s transition team did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The extraordinary televised lecture to the incoming president highlighted the bitter state of Trump’s relationship with the American intelligence community just days before he is inaugurated as the nation’s 45th president. Trump has repeatedly shrugged off intelligence that’s convinced Republicans and Democrats that Russia tried to help him win election.

He’s publicly called for a better relationship between the U.S. and President Vladimir Putin’s government, and suggested in an interview with the Wall Street Journal on Friday that he’d consider easing sanctions imposed by President Barack Obama as payback for the alleged election hacking.

Trump also has suggested that the intelligence community is out to get him — including by the leak of a document containing potentially damaging, but unverified, financial and personal information on Trump. Trump has likened the situation to “Nazi Germany.” Brennan on Sunday called that comparison “outrageous” and said the intelligence community wanted the president-elect to know that the document was circulating among some news outlets.

But an array of revelations has shed more light on the Trump-Putin relationship. Ret. Gen. Michael Flynn, who is set to become Trump’s national security adviser, and Russia’s ambassador to the U.S. have been in frequent contact in recent weeks, including on the day the Obama administration hit Moscow with sanctions in retaliation for the alleged election hacking, a senior U.S. official says.

After initially denying that Flynn and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak spoke Dec. 29, a Trump official said late Friday that the transition team was aware of one call on the day the Obama administration imposed the sanctions.

Vice President-elect Mike Pence, also in an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” denied that Flynn and Kislyak discussed anything relating to the sanctions.

Pence said he talked to Flynn about this on Saturday. “The conversations that took place at that time were not in any way related to the new U.S. sanctions against Russia or the expulsion of diplomats.”

Repeated contacts just as Obama imposed sanctions would raise questions about whether Trump’s team discussed — or even helped shape — Russia’s response. Russian President Vladimir Putin unexpectedly did not retaliate against the U.S. for the sanctions or the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats, a decision Trump quickly praised.

Pence on Sunday also denied that anyone from the Trump campaign contacted Russian officials before the election.

Brennan on Sunday roundly denounced Trump’s approach to Russia and other national security threats, suggesting the president-elect has much to understand before he can make informed decisions on such matters. Trump’s impulsivity could be dangerous, Brennan suggested.

“Spontaneity is not something that protects national security interests,” Brennan said, saying twice that the matter is “more than being about him.”

“I think Mr. Trump has to understand that absolving Russia of various actions it has taken in the past number of years is a road that he needs to be very, very careful about moving down.”

There are costs to casting doubts on the credibility of the national intelligence community, Brennan added.

“The world is watching now what Trump says and listening very carefully. If he doesn’t have confidence in the intelligence community, what signal does that send to our partners and allies as well as our adversaries?” Brennan said.

“It’s more than just about Mr. Trump,” he said.

Associated Press Writer Steve Peoples contributed to this report from New York.


@NBC @YahooNews A Legendary Civil Rights Leader Attacks an American President-Elect

@ROliverLuce | 01-14-17

@NBC reports: Rep. John Lewis says President-elect Trump is not a legitimate President??

Ah, ok, then the ‘Legendary Civil Rights Leader’ has no right to be acting like an anti-American Black man.

So it’s NO WONDER President Trump said what he has said!

We all can’t have our way ALL THE TIME, can we, John Lewis?
Obama’s Islamization of America to replace freedoms with Sharia in time is going to stop.
Why cry over it? John Lewis’s freedoms are at stake as well!!!

John Lewis’s behavior in time past have been legendary. Today he stands in the way of the American Constitution and our freedoms!

Furthermore, there will be further revelations forthcoming (SOON) on who is Representative John Lewis, Democrat, the legendary American for freedoms for everyone, The Blackman, the Whiteman, and everyone else. But Mr. Lewis must continue to prove his character as a legendary leader; checking his attitude before God. Because no one is “once saved always saved” from a one-time era or event. Mr. Lewis must do more than TALK. He must influence and go to work to improve his own people!

America is all about win-win for all sides. BUT, we have elements in our society who hate America, and it’s Constitution!!
But, Alinsky Communism with its Islamic support will not prevail in this country, ever.


Premature “China experts” reacting to Tillerson should back off!

~@ROliverLuce | 01-13-17

Rex Tillerson is speaking in ‘off-the-cuff terms’ in answering the REAL question; Should America be tough on reigning in Chinese aggression in “The South China Islands?”

And besides, lets hear what China has to say about this un-issue today:
Quoting, “China’s foreign ministry has, however, played down the tough talks by Rex Tillerson over territorial disputes.” Nevertheless, we know what China wants! They are apparently getting away with stealing at the expense of a global economy! Ok, there you have it. Even China gets it to some degree. China knows Rex Tillerson wants a fair but tough deal in the South China Islands with everyone winning. Not just China!

As for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson being rather pro-Russia? What’s wrong with reaching out to them? So quoting Rex Tillerson; “Trump’s transition team has said it is “premature” to say whether Russia will be a defense priority for the new administration and Trump has indicated he will attempt to befriend Putin.” Again, what is wrong with reaching out along with a sense of strength? Strength is something Mr. Obama does not believe America should have, which is revealing to some.

There are a few indications Putin may be a future democratic friend. Consider the following: Putin has proved he has stood against our former lawless President most of the way!! Putin has shown to be a real man in leadership with his actions regarding Syria, howbeit America does clash with him on many occasions without Obama in the mix.

Thus, is Russia the problem? The Democrats are using ‘Fake News’ for the most part in saying they are hacking! But the whole world is digitally hacking America! No! Rather it’s the Communistic Liberals (Democrats) who are the problem here? Lying, over and over again using many false issues, fake news, and abusive regulations, is the serious matter ripping the country apart for an Alinsky Communist agenda! For the Democrats are involved in pushing communism on America for the long run. Democrats are the problem we are facing today in America. The problem is NOT coming from OUTSIDE, but from within our country!

NOW, in dealing with the issue of the Russians. And what Mr. Tillerson and President-elect Trump thinks about doing business with Russia is summarized here: In the words of Rex Tillerson, “…we need an open and frank dialogue with Russia regarding its ambitions, so that we know how to chart our course.” ”
Enough now! We need to get the CIA, yes the CIA out of governing the people from behind the curtains with the elite Democrats and Republicans cheering the CIA’s stealth push in taking down President-elect Donald J Trump!

Article: China may strike back if US blocks Beijing’s access to disputed South China Sea islands, experts say?

Banning All Muslim Refugees from Entering the United States

@ROliverLuce | 12-22-16

Barack Obama Dumps Registry, N.S.E.E.R., for Immigrant Men from Muslim Countries, making it difficult for President Trump to set up his registration plans.

This is GREAT NEWS for banning ALL Muslims from entering the United States and later deporting the rest out of the country.
Citing Muslim behavior coming from the Hadith, the Quran, and the Sira.
Citing the 1952 law outlawing Muslims from living in the country.
Citing the Constitution that is at war with the elements of Sharia (Muslim Law).

It means America must observe and do as our Founding Fathers have done with Muslims (remember the Leathernecks) after reading the Quran (the 1790’s).

It means we block entry into the country all Muslims. And also the deportations of all Muslims currently in the country. There is a danger at our gates and within as Muslims can never treat other nations well given their beliefs and actions. However, deportation still means deporting them with dignity but with force, if certain elements of Islam decide to commit violent jihad in resisting.

Barack Obama has, again, re-affirmed his loyalty to Islam by this action today in scrapping the required registration for immigrant men from Muslim countries.  Some might say he’s doing it out of good reason for which we could go into detail at another time.  But the fact of the matter he has been consistent in his support for Islam and Muslim refugees more so than American citizens,  Obama is willfully forgetting the fact Muslims are not to be allowed in the United States per the 1952 Anti-Muslim law.  The American Constitution is also at odds with Islam legally and socially!

With all this said, America is afraid to say anything about his Islamic behavior because he’s still in the Whitehouse. I’m sure there was a way to deal with this eight-year crisis seven years ago. Besides, he knew he was limited in destroying the country. He knew he could not do more damage than he has already due to the limits of what Americans would accept and those around him and in the government. There still is a large enough remnant of Americans who would stop him from running wild than he has.


Billy Graham Issues STUNNING Statement on Donald Trump… No One Expected THIS!

By R. M. – October 17, 2016 {Without all the advertisements!}

Trump is on target for what he promises to all Americans. The left isn’t that happy about the way he introduced the campaign, and told everyone that he dreams of big and safe America. Hillary’s supporters and the media came up with everything they could ever think of in order to get Trump out of the game. Not so fast, people! Your audio doesn’t mean a thing.

Even Graham told everyone how he sees things, and that brought joy to everyone who cares about this country. Unlike people who hate Trump, he said a few good words that surprised us all. In a good way, of course. In your face, haters!

They are epitome of hypocrisy. Most of the people decrying Trump give a pass to Bill Clinton, when as president he committed adultery with an intern. They continue to give a pass to Hillary, who protects her husband despite allegations of rape.

And they ignore serious crimes Hillary committed when secretary of state. On the other hand, conservatives, who believe in such virtues as forgiveness, have been willing to look passed Trump’s remarks. We have enough common sense and decency to know everyone messes up, now and again, and needs our understanding and forgiveness.

From Conservative Tribune:

While the media couldn’t understand why, Rev. Franklin Graham did. He wrote a stirring Facebook post that moved Trump so much that he re-posted it on his Facebook account.

“A lot of people are slamming evangelicals for supposedly giving Donald J. Trump a pass,” Graham began. “That’s simply not true. No one is giving him a pass. I’m certainly not, and I’ve not met an evangelical yet who condones his language or inexcusable behavior from over a decade ago.

“However, he has apologized to his wife, his family, and to the American people for this. He has taken full responsibility. This election isn’t about Donald Trump’s behavior from 11 years ago or Hillary Clinton’s recent missing emails, lies, and false statements,” Graham continued.

“This election is about the Supreme Court and the justices that the next president will nominate. Evangelicals are going to have to decide which candidate they trust to nominate men and women to the court who will defend the constitution and support religious freedoms.

“My prayer is that Christians will not be deceived by the liberal media about what is at stake for future generations,” Graham added.

The left don’t understand this, because they are mostly secular humanists. They are unable to appreciate such a powerful virtue as forgiveness, because they don’t believe in a God who can forgive our every trespass.

They are under the delusion that you must be perfect or else. Either you live up to their warped standards or they’ll throw you under the bus. That’s what happened to Alec Baldwin a few years ago, when TMZ accused him of a homophobic remark. All his liberal buddies were quick to disown him, despite any real evidence.

The left will never be able to understand, because they refuse to. They simply have their own agenda to protect, at all costs, and cannot conceive the ability to grow or change.

Pro-Hillary Americans can’t understand that Trump is what this country needs. They are aware of his potential, but still refuse to admit it. Well, we know that, and we support Trump. Nobody cares about your opinion, Dems!

Reference with all the advertisements:

Liberal Hispanic Chamber CEO is Afraid Trump Will Enforce Laws

U.S. (liberal) Hispanic Chamber CEO states, President Trump will be catastrophic to America??

Translation: Trump will enforce the LAWS and reward those who are LEGAL which leads to good citizens who know English & American culture.