Updt: Emergence of Hitler’s Gay-Pedo Brownshirts; Truth Must Be Worshipped and No Other!

The Spirit of Truth today is under attack as if God is being destroyed!  This is the emergence of the “age of Hitler”: First it’s today’s Progressive Homosexualism & now it’s Liberal Pedophilism raising their tyrannical heads; Brownshirts pushing, screaming, beating, & threatening normal people everywhere!

It’s not enough to be left alone in their own homes doing whatever non-behavior they do.  Now they want to advertise and proselytize their deviant sexual behavior out in public for all to see in grabbing our babies for recruits with great glee in their eyes. And yet if that were not enough it’s the ugly truth of changing the definition of the word marriage for the first time in world history. The only real reason to do this without resorting to “Homo Unions” is to PROVE to everyone that God accepts them by lying, “God made them that way.”  They know it’s behavior and not skin color, and they know, we know it’s a lie from the pit. And the jig will soon be up.  It’s so sad for them, because it’s all about obsessive lust for the wrong sex when it comes to sexual actions.  They allow their p-feelings be god instead of the truth.  Truth must be worshipped and never anything else, not even unbridled lust.

A simple reference here with many others out there:

The age of allowing Hitler to rule again is here, first Gay-sex and now Pedo-sex:


Peaceful Islam Threatening the West with Their Coming Global Caliphate

Muslims again are reiterating their true stance; To take over all of Asia, the entire West , and wiping Christianity off the face of the Earth:

The Global Caliphate is here on the increase to rule the entire West as well. Meanwhile, as the so-called Caliphate may or may not be growing there is something eating at Islam from behind!  A huge worldwide underground radical Holy Spirit revival sweeping Muslims and even Red Chinese alike in asking the living Jesus who is God’s love into their hearts with wonderful signs and wonders and miracles!! As it says in the Word of God (Bible) when everyone has been told of the love of God and shown the love of Christ, then God the Father will send His Son of Love, Jesus back to the Earth; Matt.24:14.  The Islamic leaders are being eaten from behind by the Creator Himself.  And there is nothing they can do about it as long as there are people who continue to seek the truth and the only living God;  The great ‘I AM’ is the one and only true God.  He has sent His love to a dying world in sin, who is Jesus the Christ!!

Most Muslims** know something is wrong with Islam and are watching for the real truth and life. And many, but many, are earnestly seeking it with their whole hearts.  This is where, again, Islam is being eaten alive from behind.  No matter how evil rules, there is nothing Islam can do to prevent free Muslims from seeking the true God who happens to be their lovers. The true God gives love and life and forgiveness.  God will not condemn until the end comes.  Here is where judgment will be pronounced upon those who willfully rejected the truth and love of God in their lives!

[ **The only true peaceful Muslims are those who do not really believe the Quran who believe something is wrong with Islam.  They are the ones who are ripe for truth and love that will liberate them! ]