To Save a Republic with Prayer Through the Word & Bravery

~R.OliverLuce | 01-23-15

This is our attitude that we pray and intercede with SHOES on our prayers to take the stand in the PUBLIC SQUARE without abrasiveness nor guilt but with the Word of Knowledge mixed with WISDOM that we will see evil put down and righteousness promoted in God’s good timing!

In order for a free people to secure their Republic
who may consider themselves as the righteous who go by MY NAME** will humble themselves, turn from their wickedness & religious sins, and seek ME** then shall I** heal their land.

And further more, the righteous will then have the power to win many over to righteousness that a republic might be saved; That many will be at peace.

And they shall also gain HIS strength and HIS power to stand against evil principalities and powers in the public square that STAND AGAINST the Kingdom of God, and the Lord will prevail in all seven mountains. This is bravery that men will stand in the gap and over rule evil with God’s Word of Strength.
The truth will prevail and truth is a person.
2Chr.7:14 {NASB}

The people rejoice when evil men are put down! This we shall earnestly intercede towards before God!
Proverbs 29:2 {NASB}

We can be numbed by evil men who have been promoted.
Psa.38:8 {NASB}

The people cry out and are badly crushed by foolish evil, yet God will not listen until the people turn!
Job 24:12 {NASB}


Calvinism Can Simply be Milk to Believers in Christ. Older Christians are Stunted in the Wisdom of the WORD

~R.OliverLuce | 10-27-14

Stunted in my Growth?  No! Can’t be!
I simply ignore God’s confirmation of His Word in Creation, that’s all.
Yep, you’re stunted.

By R.OliverLuce

Calvinism can and should only be associated with new Christians who need the milk of the WORD yet in order to understand the truth and how it relates to real life in Christ Jesus.

The milk of the Word means those Christians who have not grown enough to experience Christ in their lives to gain the wisdom to handle the Word of truth in tough everyday situations.

Well, some Christians have been stunted in the belief that Calvinism is the truth for all time not understanding wisdom to go on building precept upon precept in order to see more clearly in their everyday lives. It is true as it says in the Word of God, that we once were seeing through a glass darkly! But now we see much more clearly with the help of the Living Word of God!

Those Christians who are stunted are simply doomed to high ivory towers of intellectualism with wonderful sounding proverbs that may not have the experience of the Father’s Covenant of salvation in action! That action must come in real world situations where God can act and deliver and interact personally with YOU as an “inheritor of salvation” that only Calvinistic angels can only dream. God surely is not in the business of creating more angels.

God is creating more “inheritors of salvation” whosoever will choose His love over any other distraction and god (toys or agendas) of this world! If you and I were born into this world, the Earth, then we have BEEN CHOSEN from God the Father to become “inheritors of Covenant” if we choose HIS Word of Life to LIVE inside of us. Then HE is able to give us LIFE and STRENGTH to live with Him and overcome THIS WORLD ruled temporarily by Satan.

Praise His majesty the Lord!

Mark Driscoll Comments on Pastoral Loneliness; Vulnerabilities Lead to Spiritual Power & Love in Ministry

Pastor Mark Driscoll said, “Your pastor [at any level] may be the loneliest guy in your church, and unless you are him that probably doesn’t make any sense at all.”  Pray for him!!

I had a Dad who was a pastor and here I can relate some.  I don’t know very much but I think I know prayer:  Here’s a thought (among many) to pray with… pastors and everyone else!
“It’s true; many pastors don’t know how (or have troubles) in being vulnerable in sharing themselves with others and still trust God for respect from people in their own ministry. But we can be empowered (in God) to embrace humility and vulnerability ‘with’ our ministry as Jesus did. Our embracing our vulnerability is part of our ministry in contributing to ‘the increase’ of the Kingdom!!
We can do this by knowing who we are fully in Christ who is our sacrifice for the Father’s Covenant of salvation Gen.15:17!!

Respect from others may or may not come, but through our Faith God grants us through His living Word the ability to stand and face the ministry in power & effectiveness, whether in perceived weakness or in perceived empowerment seen from others!   This is how I think wise pastors don’t worry about what their own people or others think about them.  But they do continue to be concern for their people and how they relate to them personally without pastoral pride. Growth in love, purity, & ‘wisdom’, for all, is the thing!!

[I pray this all makes sense to some pastors. I had a father who was a pastor and only ‘realized’ his needs and passions after he went to be with the Lord in 2004. ]